Does He Like Me? Here Are 26 Signs He Does

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Does he like me?

It’s the age-old question that was on your lips as you pondered with your girlfriends at the back of the classroom whether your crush was vibing on you too, and decades later, nothing has changed.

Whether you’re in your teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, or beyond, you might still find yourself wondering if the guy you like is into you. Maybe he’s an old friend. Maybe you’ve been chatting for a while on a dating site. Or maybe you bump into him in your local coffee shop each weekend say hey. No matter who he is or how you know him, it can be challenging to know whether it’s just friends or something more.

So… does he like me?

He likes me…

He likes me not…

Does he like me back?

Just get me off this rollercoaster already and let me know either way!

Maybe you thought a guy was interested in the past only to put yourself out there and find out he was playing you or already had a girlfriend. And this left you feeling rejected, embarrassed, and second-guessing your intuition. You’re afraid you’re going to get burned again, and you want to be a hundred percent sure you’re on the same page before you let yourself catch real feelings.

I completely understand where you’re coming from, which is why I want to share with you some of the subtle behaviors and actions men will display when they’re romantically interested in a woman.

Although we struggle more to make sense of our emotions and display them than you ladies, we’re pretty simple creatures at heart. So if we like you, chances are we’ll be making it obvious (while delusionally thinking we’re playing it oh-so-cool).

How do I know if he likes me? Here are the signs to look out for.

1. He texts you a lot

If you’re wondering does he like me through text, pay attention to how and when he texts you.

Whether through texts, dating apps, or social media, when a guy likes you, he will text you often, and it won’t just be after 10 PM.

You’ll hear from him during the day, and he won’t be afraid to reach out first or double text you.

But resist the urge of being swept up in text marathons too soon and remember my Little Love Step #5: Pace the progression of your connections.

Before you say it, I know what you’re thinking: if he’s not interested, why does he contact me at all?!

For so many different reasons. He’s bored. He wants his ego stroked. Or he’s trying to make another woman jealous.

2. Does he really like me? Watch his body language

The next time you’re around this man, observe what he’s communicating with body language. But don’t expect him to do the same things you do with your body when you’re attracted to someone. Men have their own way of showing that they’re interested.

Does he lean in when you talk?

Find excuses to touch your arm, hand, or hair?

Does he touch his face?

Stand close to you?

Part or lick his lips?

Does he stand up taller than usual?

Does he turn his body to face you?

These are all signs he likes you! So the next time you’re wondering does he like me, get out of your head and pay attention to how he’s acting. He may not say it in words, but his body will tell you everything you need to know.

3. He smiles a lot when we’re together – does he like me?

how do i know if he likes me

Feel-good hormones are released in our bodies when we like someone, giving us a rush of excitement, pleasure, and happiness.

So when a guy likes you, he will tend to be happy, goofy, and giddy when he’s around you. Think big smiles, lots of laughter, and general good times—even when you’re just hanging out and not doing anything particularly exciting. He’s simply happy being in your company.

4. Pay attention to his eyes

While eyes are certainly part of body language, they deserve their mention here as you try to discern: does he like me?

Does he maintain eye contact to the point where you feel you’re having a staring contest? Do his eyes light up when you enter a room? Does he frequently blink at you as if dazzled by your majestic beauty?

You may want to get a little closer to this guy to check out one thing: how dilated his pupils are. Researchers at the University of Kent found that people’s pupils dilate when they see a photo of someone they’re attracted to. And it doesn’t matter if they’re clothed or naked: same result. So check out his eyes to see if his pupils are big black saucers.

5. He mirrors you

You take a sip… he takes a sip.

You touch your head… he touches his head.

You cross your legs… he crosses his legs.

Mirroring behavior is a scientifically proven illustration of attraction. It may be a subconscious communication of flattery. Likely he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. But if the guy you’re talking to mirrors you at least a few times, he probably is interested.

Test it out! Do something unexpected like cross your arms or lean forward and see if he follows suit.

Editor’s note: Ready to attract love with a proven strategy? Watch this free video to learn the 7 powerful steps

6. How do I know he likes me? He might be awkward around you

If he’s a shy, introverted, lacking in confidence kind of guy, he might become incredibly awkward around you if he’s attracted to you.

He’s trying so hard to make a great impression when he’s around you that he ends up putting on a “performance” in an attempt to please you. Maybe he rehearses stories to share or jokes to tell you. Perhaps he’s into BIG, bold gestures to get you to notice him. Or maybe he struggles to look you in the eye or ends up being super clumsy when he’s with you. These are all signs of awkwardness.

7. He makes an effort

does he like me

Have you noticed the guy in question has done something different with his hair, bought a new shirt, or started wearing more aftershave? If he’s making an extra special effort with his appearance, it’s a sign he’s trying to impress you because he likes you.

And effort can show up in lots of ways. Does he make an effort to make you laugh, take you somewhere fun to hang out, or help you when you need it?

A man’s actions will tell you so much more than his words ever will.

8. Does he like his phone more than he likes me?

Unless someone has died, get up and LEAVE if a man answers his phone while on a date with you. You deserve so much better than that.

We all spend way too much time on our phones these days. So when a guy is with you, and his phone stays locked away in his pocket, this means he’s more interested in you than his phone, which is a GREAT sign. His attention is on you. Those DMs can wait.

9. He doesn’t talk to you about other girls

No one likes hearing someone they’re attracted to talk about people they’re dating or have dated in the past. If he’s talking about other girls, this is a major red flag that he doesn’t like you. And if he drops his ex into the conversation a lot, chances are he’s not entirely over her.

Don’t excuse this behavior by thinking he’s trying to make you jealous. Good guys won’t ever do this—it’s a sign he’s trying to manipulate you.

If a man genuinely likes you, he will focus entirely on YOU, not other women.

10. Listen to what he’s saying

When you’re around a man you like, you may be so nervous that you overlook what he says… but you should pay attention.

Beyond it just being a common courtesy to listen to someone when they’re talking to you, what he’s saying can give you some clues as to where his heart is at.

That dress looks beautiful on you.

Does he tell you that you look nice or otherwise compliment you? Pay attention! Too many women brush off compliments because they aren’t fully open to receiving. Stop for a moment. Hear the compliment. Accept it and say thank you.

Men do not compliment women they’re not into (unless it’s their mom). If he’s complimenting you, it’s because he’s paying attention. If he’s paying attention, he’s interested.

Ah, cool, I’m really into acro-yoga too!

Wise up, girl! This man is trying to show you that you have things in common. The Similarity-Attraction Theory says that rather than opposites attracting, often its similarities that do, so if this man is pointing out all that you have in common, it’s for good reason: because he’s attracted to you!

Yea, I’m not doing anything this weekend…

Um, hello? Most people wouldn’t own up to having a blank calendar, so clearly, he’s letting you know he’s available to go out. He might be unsure if you’re interested in him, so he hasn’t pulled the trigger to formally ask you out. But what are you waiting for? If you like him too, make plans with him.

11. How do I know if a guy likes me? He wants to know EVERYTHING about you

Is he always asking you questions? Do they go beyond surface-level small-talk and move the conversation to a deeper level?

If he asks you more than, “how are you?” or “how was work?” and opts for more interesting, open-ended questions, it’s because he’s genuinely interested in getting to know you more intimately.

He wants to know who you are on a soul level, what your biggest dreams are, how your mind works, your quirks and flaws, how you got to where you are today, and where you hope to go.

If you end up in really long, deep conversations, and he’s listening to everything you’re saying, there’s a strong chance this man likes you.

12. He finds excuses to touch you

how do i know if a guy likes me

Have you been thinking, does he like me more than a friend, or has he already friend-zoned me without me noticing? If so, this sign will tell you everything you need to know.

Now, I don’t mean inappropriate, unwanted touches—those are CREEPY, and don’t be afraid to tell him to back the hell up. But if the two of you have built up enough of a connection or you’re on a date and sparks are flying, there are times when he might instinctively touch you in a subtle way, and this is a sign he’s into you.

For example, he might lightly graze your back as you walk through a door he opened for you. If you’re sitting next to each other at a table, he might gently brush your leg with his. Maybe he’s into palm reading and will ask if he can read yours.

I’m telling you, these subtle touches are no accident. And if you like him back, don’t be afraid to subtly touch him back.

13. He treats me differently from everyone else – does he like me or hate me?!

Maybe the guy you’ve got your eye on is part of your circle of friends, and you’re not sure if he’s being friendly like he is to everyone or if it’s something more.

Does he hug you when he meets you? If so, does he hug everyone else?

Does he always make an effort to spend solo time with you? And does he do this with the others?

Is all his communication inside of a group text, or does he send you private texts too?

Moving from being friends (especially when you’re part of a bigger crew) to something more can be tricky. Ask others in the group for their insights on how he’s treating you… or even ask them to talk to him to get the skinny about how he feels.

14. You bump into him often

You never ran into this guy until you started wondering does he like me, and suddenly he’s EVERYWHERE.

He’s picking up his dry cleaning when you’re dropping yours off.

He’s at a party where you didn’t realize you had friends in common.

He’s frequenting your favorite coffee shop.

Unless he’s going overboard in popping up where you are (stalker much??), he may be trying to get your attention by being near you.

Use the opportunity to make a joke of it:

We’ve GOT to stop meeting like this!

Are you following me?!

15. He tries to make you laugh

It’s no secret that men use humor as a way to impress women they’re attracted to. This comes naturally to some of us, while others need a little more practice at open-mic night. But whether he’s succeeding or not, if he’s trying to make you laugh, it’s probably because he likes you.

It’s a real ego boost when a woman we’re attracted to finds us funny, and we can’t get enough of seeing you smile and hearing your laugh.

16. He tries to impress you

Yea, I like volunteering with sick kids in my spare time…

Notice whether he toots his own horn a bit. It could be because he wants you to notice him and his general awesomeness.

Now, there’s a fine line between a guy just trying to get you to know a few cool things about him and being a total narcissist, so use your judgment here to decide which one he is. Generally, if he’s bragging about money, possessions, or women, these are red flags.

17. He teases you (in a friendly way)

Teasing is a great strategy to let someone know you’re interested. If you’re wondering why a guy is constantly poking fun at you, it might be because he likes you but doesn’t know a more sophisticated way to let you know.

Think back to grade school when Bobby always pulled your pigtails. He was totally into you, wasn’t he? Hopefully, this guy’s got better game than Bobby did, but the message is the same: he’s telling you he finds you attractive and wants your attention.

18. He opens up to you

If you’re wondering, does he like me, pay attention to how comfortable he is being vulnerable with you. A man who is willing to open up, share personal details, and express his emotions with you is a man who trusts you. Men won’t open up to just anyone, especially when it comes to those more challenging emotions that we’ve been taught to hide at all costs out of fear of appearing weak.

If he’s able and willing to open up to you, he has a connection with you that he doesn’t have with many people.

19. He remembers things about you

Next time you’re pondering does he have feelings for me, think about whether he remembers things you tell him or not.

A man who likes you romantically will always actively listen during your conversations because they genuinely care. The best way to spot the difference is to notice if he remembers the things you tell him.

For example, if you tell him about a big project you’ve got going on at work with an upcoming deadline, does he check in nearer the deadline and offer you words of encouragement?

Or if you tell him you hate watching scary movies, does he remember this when you’re picking a movie to watch and say, “don’t worry, we’re not gonna watch that cos I know you don’t like scary movies.”

These are classic signs that he’s paying attention to what you’re saying and remembering little details because they’re important to him; you’re important to him.

20. He does little, sweet things for you

signs he likes me

Does he go out of his way to do nice things for you?

I mean, does he ask you how your kids are or remember your lunch order because it’s what you get every time you go to that deli? Does he offer to carry your shopping bags, open doors for you, or lend you his jacket when you’re cold? Does he offer to pay for coffee on your first date, text you to make sure you got home okay, or send you a bunch of flowers on a random Tuesday morning just to let you know he’s thinking of you?

These are all examples of tiny, sweet gestures that show you this man cares about you enough to go out of his way to be kind to you.

21. Does he like me if he gets jealous when I talk to other guys?


We get jealous when we think we’re going to lose something important to us. So, if he’s always looking over when you’re chatting to other guys or asking you about dates you’ve been on recently, this could be his jealous side making an appearance.

If there’s a guy you like who isn’t making a move on you and you want to know whether he likes you, dating other guys can be a brilliant way to get him to act sooner rather than later. Of course, don’t play games or toy with him, but keep your options open and date lots of guys until one of them makes it crystal clear that he wants to be with you exclusively (otherwise known as Little Love Step #6).

22. He respects your boundaries

If you’ve been dating a guy and you’re wondering, does he like me, bring your attention to his level of respect for your personal boundaries.

For example, if you’ve told him you don’t kiss anyone until at least the third date and he’s trying to kiss you on date number one, this is a red flag. On the other hand, if you’ve been open about wanting to wait until you’re in love again before you have sex, and he tells you he respects that and doesn’t pressure you into anything, this is a sign he respects your boundaries, and he respects you.

A man who likes you will always respect your boundaries.

23. He gets nervous

I don’t know why women don’t think men get nervous around them! When I first started dating Jess, I was nervous. Every. Single. Time. I. Saw. Her.

Eventually, that faded away (thank goodness), but it’s perfectly natural for a man who’s into you to exhibit a bit of jittery behavior.

Maybe he talks 90-to-nothing around you. Maybe the cat has his tongue.

Or maybe he deliberately ignores you in a group but is constantly making eyes at you.

Maybe he spills his drink. Trips on the sidewalk. Face-plants into a door.

If you think his behavior isn’t normal, you’re probably right. And the answer to the whole does he like me question? Already answered.

24. He encourages you

A man with your best interests at heart will support and champion you to be your best self and achieve your biggest goals and dreams. Whether you want to go back to school, travel Europe, run a marathon, or start a business, he wants you to do what you love, and he wants to see you kill it.

So if he’s always one of the people encouraging you to follow your dreams, this is a vital sign he likes you.

25. He wants to solve all your problems

It’s not that he thinks you’re helpless and unable to take care of yourself—he knows you can. But he wants to help you any way he can and fix any potential problem you have because this is what we do. It’s hardwired into our DNA. We want to take care of women and protect them from potential danger.

So if you like this guy too, step into your feminine energy (Little Love Step #1) and let him help you now and then.

26. Does he like me? Pay attention to his friends

does he like me

If he introduces you to his friends (and family), this is a red hot sign that he likes you as more than a friend. Men won’t introduce random people to their nearest and dearest.

Friends who know the guy is into you may treat you differently than they would if you were “one of the guys,” i.e., just a friend.

They may back away from the two of you if you’re out together to give you some alone time. They may talk him up to make sure you know what a great catch he is. And they will also be damn sure they don’t flirt with you.

If you know them well, you could even take one aside and ask if the guy likes you!

Does he like me? Quit wondering and ask him!

If you’re into online quizzes, take the does he like me quiz right here and see if it’s the real deal.

If he’s displaying a ton of the signs above, and you like this guy too, don’t be afraid to make the first move and ask him if he wants to grab a cup of coffee with you. Keep it casual, and don’t put any pressure on the outcome. If it turns out he doesn’t feel that way, there’s no love lost. Embrace the rejection, be proud of yourself for going for it, and move on to the next guy.

Dating and relationships require us to be vulnerable, so the earlier you master this skill, the stronger your connections will be. I know it’s scary, but what’s scarier: putting your heart on the line and risking rejection or staying so guarded that nobody ever gets to know you?

Are you wondering whether a guy in your life likes you? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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Kate smirnes
6 years ago

Why is it when you do find a nice guy he always have THINGS TO TAKE CARE OF BEFORE DATING WHAT IS THESE THINGS ??

5 years ago
Reply to  Kate smirnes

I know right! I asked out a guy and he said, I would but I need to focus on home work!!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Kate smirnes



So hi
4 years ago
Reply to  nuryn

I agree

Karleen Dressing
2 years ago
Reply to  Kate smirnes

Maybe like divorce, I am in same situation. We really like each other chemistry is there, but can’t afford an affair either

6 years ago

It is really important to find the right person. You should know who loves you.
This article is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

So what does it mean if a guy asked for my snapchat but doesn’t snapchat me?
he only looks at my stories…. and his friends always stare at me (even “my boy” does too)

And I don’t know if he likes me….I wish I did!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sabrina_Gomez

he likes you but doesnt want u 2 know

5 years ago
Reply to  Sabrina_Gomez

he probably does like and is just too nervous to snap you. ;p

Catherine seel
5 years ago

This guy carnt keep his eyes off me and smiling at me a lot if I’m in a crowd he will notice and give a big smile he also gives me a lot of freebies

Looking for love
5 years ago

My male co worker who is also married makes lots of prolonged eye contact , no expression. Is friendly.when i catch catch him looking he looks away. I have the hots for him. He hasn’t made a move but does mention his wife around me is he instated?

Don’t get with a married man !

1 year ago

Please don’t marry him! If he doesn’t care about his wife he probably won’t care about you. There are plenty of better men in the world, you just have to look for them.

5 years ago

so..theres this guy in my german class. i catch him staring at me a few times throughout class and sometimes he looks away and sometimes i look away first. sometimes he walks right by me when leaving the class and sometimes if he is leaving we will make eye contact for a few seconds. he hasnt talked to me at all and he seems shy but i dont know what to think. help!!

4 years ago
Reply to  LB03

my friend told me he loves me and he wont stop saying it and he is one of my good friends! idk what to do or what to believe, does he like me, does he not. he always has his friends come over and say he loves me idk what to think

1 year ago
Reply to  Giana

Do what you think is right. If you aren’t attracted to him then tell him you aren’t interested but you want to stay friends. If you are attracted then tell him how you feel.

5 years ago

There’s this guy, we were at graduation and tbh I did look very pretty! Everyone one did. I couldn’t help but see him starting at me the whole time, and whenever I looked at him he looked away and at a teacher or something! it’s just he acts so comfortable around me. He does weird things! Like, farts, burps. I just don’t know why?! Idk if he likes me or not and I really want to know, because I like him a lot <3. Sorry…

1 year ago
Reply to  Emma Smitthens

If you see something in him that you like then he might be for you. Tell him how you feel when you two are alone. If he says yes then your all set! If he says no, keep your head high and say “I understand” and try to change the subject

Lexi Lee
5 years ago

My heart ove on from my ex when we broke up three months ago. My ex came back and it’s been a mess since because I love him but don’t know how to move on. This was in my friend group, we started talking after my ex and i broke up. That’s when we first met too. I ended up telling him I like him and he wasn’t sure exactly how he felt but we ended up talking more and flirting more. More confidence grew between us. When my ex came back, I told him I was going to give… Read more »

5 years ago

There’s a guy that I like and we text as well as meet up all the time. He is always teasing me and sometimes says over text that he “likes to tease me”. Does he like me? I’m so confused…

5 years ago

There’s a guy that I like, and he’s really cute and sweet. He’s always super nice to everyone, but I feel like he’s extra nice around me, but I can’t tell if it’s just because he knows I’m a sensitive person and he wants to make sure I’m ok or if he’s actually into me like I’m into him. Help please!!!

5 years ago

Mine, has a girlfriend, but he’s not paying attention to her anymore. He is distant with me, he treats other girls in a close and trusted way. I’ve catch him staring at me so many times, even touching my arms ‘accidentally’. When i talk with him, he appears to be lost somewhere, he talks in nervousness. Also I see him everywhere, Gad, that’s nuts! I’m loosing my mind confused thanks to him XD

5 years ago

Hi guys! I am in seventh grade, and there is a guy who may or may not like me, but I have been crushing on him BIG TIME for about five months… His friends say he complains about me, but some of his other friends act kinda weird around me and one of them always says hi to me when we are going between classes, but only if this guy I like is next to him. Neither of us have social media, but we do text. He teases me and acts kinda jealous when I talk about one of my… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  WaitingForLove

lol i’m in seventh grade too. But here’s my advice… talk to him about how sometimes his friends aren’t really nice and stuff and ask him to make up his mind. Try becoming better friends with him. I mean if you guys text then idk why he’s so rude. Also get your gals to *hint*

5 years ago

hi….recently we have childhood gathering…only both of us didn’t get married yet…when we was childhood i know him but didn’t have any crosser friendship..just normal talk(every rare)…but tis gathering make me having feel on him…i first thought he also having same feel on me…then i try talk personally in what sup…i the one message him..he will reply if not busy…but whenever i say…like “i just think about u…thats y message”…he straight away will ask y ..n will let me know where he was…n all info will be given ….but when normal cause..he also normal…..i had ask him ..if u feel… Read more »

5 years ago

The guy I’ve been into for like ever does literally all of these things, and we even talked for a little while, but he told me he’s not looking to get in a relationship, BUT he complains about being single all the time. Like, WHAT?

4 years ago

So there’s this guy and I only see him once every fortnight, but he is really nice and his voice goes all batman around me. I don’t know if we’re really good friends or he actually likes me! He might like someone else but I have never seen another girl around him and whenever he see’s me (once every fortnight), he talks about how lifes going for a while (he initiates the convo cuz i’m shy) and then he just walks away and starts playing handball. Is he nervous or what? I’m so confused!

4 years ago

Guy can have easy feeling with a good looking woman.

4 years ago

We work at the same company just different departments, there is an age gap between us me being older. Im a pretty outgoing person and i talk to everyone. He is pretty much quiet and keeps to himself and only talks to the guys in his department, some people take him as being mean. But i think he’s an introvert. In the beginning when we first met in the cafeteria where i serve food, he was quiet and reserved. I would catch him staring at me from the side of my eye, when he ordered his food he wouldnt say… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Katelyn

miss beasly pls stop.

w & Li
1 year ago
Reply to  Katelyn

He likess you

Naomi Celeste Reynoso
3 years ago

There’s this guy who shows me signs that he likes me but then I don’t think he likes me. For example, he tells me his personal stories at times and when I talk to him about something important, he looks straight into my eyes and doesn’t look anywhere else. And he’s also athletic like me but more on the “popular” side. I just don’t know anymore. Can someone help me figure this out??

2 years ago

As men I think we tend to spend more time and willing to commit time, money and effort to be wit the girl if we’re really into someone.

#6 is something hard to get rid off, being nervous can break our chances, haha

2 years ago

My friend/co-worker always looks at me during work. He always stands next to me when were talking to people and we hug each other a lot. He also teases me and tries to scare me (teasingly of course). My other friends don’t do this so, does he like me?

2 years ago

I know he likes me all the signs are there but he friend zoned me! We dated back in high school over 30 years ago! We even lived together for a couple of years and were engaged! I broke it off cuz I thought I was too young ! We lost contact for 18 years now we’ve been in touch for over three! He is my best friend! He was there for me when my mom passed and my husband of 20 years walked out on me! I was a wreck and he stuck around and now I’m good !… Read more »

Your Mum
2 years ago

Oh my god. He likes me.

2 years ago

You know what you’re talking about!
Very applicable to the place I’m at☺️
Thanks so much for sharing!!

1 year ago

I agreed with this article. Good job!

1 year ago

Ok so there is this new kid at my school and he is the most hot thing I’ve ever seen! He can’t stop looking at me, he slowly walks closer and closer to me, he laughs every time I say something humorous and when I’m playing a sport he encourages me! But then again I get butterflies in my stomach and I want to tell him how I feel but I’m to fricking nervous ;-;

1 year ago

Nice tips! Thanks!

1 year ago

It is really important to find the right person. You should know who loves you.
This article is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

8 months ago

I got 4 correct signs. No wonder I always though about him.

8 months ago

This guys is 2 years older then me. We work together and he’s friendly and a gentleman, and also teases me and is a little pain, but he’s like this with everyone. When we work together he specifically asked to work next to me, helps me out in the group, and is around me. When I went wasn’t working and went to visit I heard him talking to his friends about me and my shifts. I casually asked him to hang out with my friends and he didn’t go and I’m too nervous to do anything. He leaves to go… Read more »

7 months ago

Yeah. it is true. But women always said that she is not happy when men shows them attraction.

l @ me
5 months ago

ok so i liked this guys since seventh grade and he gives minimal signs but alot do show like his friends call me his gf he is pushed into me hes awkward and very smeggsy but hes not my friend and we barley know each other i wanna say smth but idk what to say like hiii ,but when i do he like leaves my conversation with him and just stares blankly at me and its so awkwarddddd im mostly making the BIG moves and im moving soon and i dont know if i should confess

Jeannette Ferch
3 months ago

Efforts toward conversation daily hi how are u always around close by in my gym space eye contact me during workouts but has not asked me any personal questions or asked me out on date where most men do to see if taken or single. What would be reason pretty sure he’s interested wants to always talk give me his attention one day even worked out in front of me my bench instead of going to his bench my eyes got full view of him my eyes were sore.I tried my best not to eye him but it was so… Read more »

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