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"You helped me understand what men were really saying, and this had a profound effect on the quality of men I was choosing to go on dates with, and after a few months of dating, I met my now-husband, and four months later we’re married."

-Carolina, 43

"We're eloping the last weekend of August! You pushed me to get out there and find this guy. It worked because I had you, you were my best friend, my big brother in the background telling me NOT to settle."

-RC, 42

“With you, I felt like I had the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to find love. I’ve now met someone incredible and it’s thanks to your guidance”-Shannon, 52

"I came out of a terrible marriage and felt hopeless. After following your teachings, and learning how to become a high value woman, I met the man of my dreams. If I can do it, anyone can."

-Lindsay, 40

"The biggest thing I got from your program is building the relationship you have with yourself. The personal power that I gained from this is what I gained the most."

-Agnes, 39

"I've been married then divorced and since then I've done a TON of dating, but haven't been very successful. When I found you and the Little Love Steps, everything changed. I'm now exclusive with this wonderful man and it's just so easy and fun."

-Krista, 43

"I followed your strategies, walked up to him at the gym, and now we're dating. This program built my confidence to attract a great guy - and now we're integrating the kids"

-Denise, 38

"Your program helped me tremendously to heal from a broken marriage to now attracting an amazing guy."

-Elaine, 54

"I'm blown away because my man keeps saying things and acknowledging milestones that have happened because I listened to you and followed the Little Love Steps."

-Maureen, 60

"I've been divorced for 3 years and this whole dating game was exhausting before I found your program. Now I've met a guy, he's handsome, he's fabulous and I'm absolutely crazy about him."

-Pinar, 54

"I've learned a lot from you, and I'm currently at LIttle Love Step #3, so I went out with my girlfriends, we were dancing and talking to guys, and it just felt totally natural. Now I'm feeling so much more confident and I'm using your strategies. Thank you for the mindset shift."

-Abigail, 32

"I was doing it all wrong before I found Adam's program. I joined it and learned all of the Love Steps and that's how I was able to find my guy. He fits my love vision and I'm thinking he's the one"

-Star, 55

“My dating life was a hot mess before I got started. Through the community of incredible women, I finally grew into my own strength and was fortunate to meet someone great, his name is Geoffrey”

-Stephanie, 35

"I was feeling lonely at a concert, so I got the courage to go up and dance with a guy. I did all of this because of the assignment Adam gave me in Love Accelerator."

-Karen, 52

"I was married for 30 years and my husband passed away. When you had me create my love vision, I got focused on my journey to find love and now I've found it."

-Tammie, 62

Men Love Confident Women is a MUST READ for every woman who attends my Millionaire Matchmaker events. Adam teaches EVERYTHING they need to know about meeting men."

– Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker

patti stanger
barbara corcoran

Women need to realize that men are attracted to confident women. It’s just a matter of how you present yourself. Adam’s book teaches this concept exceptionally well – I couldn’t recommend it more highly!"

– Barbara Corcoran, NBC's Shark Tank Investor

"He's the kind of guy that I never would have had the courage to allow myself to date, but I could hear [Adam's] voice in my head saying 'you should never settle for less than what you really want'. We're now getting married."

-Beth, 58

"Your videos have turned me from a clueless single person, to now being able to date easily and have fun."

-Linda, 45