Our Story

Adam LoDolce is a professional dating expert and the founder of Love Strategies™.

Over the past 10 years, he’s reached over 100 million women with his unique approach to finding long-lasting love.

He’s also been featured on TLC, MTV, PBS, Glamour, and Cosmo as one of the world’s leading authorities on dating & relationships.

Adam LoDolce’s story

Hi, I’m Adam LoDolce, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

I grew up in the suburbs of Boston with a loving family and a great group of friends.

But when I got to college, I noticed that meeting women didn’t come naturally to me, and quickly my self-confidence took a hit. I gained weight and found myself overwhelmed with nerves just to have a basic conversation with a woman. The problem continued after graduation, but I figured that a fancy job title and a cool motorcycle would fix it.

It didn’t.

The struggle continued. I would sit at home thinking to myself, “what is wrong with me?” I knew I had a lot to offer the right woman if she got to know me, but I had ZERO ability to make that first connection.

So I decided to take some action and change my life.

The epiphany

With nearly everything in life, you're taught to work hard to achieve our goals. Whether it's getting in shape or getting the dream job, you're told: effort pays off.

Want a better job? "Put in more hours."

Want to get in shape? "Eat better and exercise more."

Weirdly though, when it comes to attracting love, society tells us a different narrative.

Want to find love? "Wait for it to happen."

Or better yet, "Love will come when you LEAST expect it."

Unfortunately, for some people (including myself), waiting wasn't working. I was trying NOT to expect it (not sure how one does this?), but all I had to show for it was lonely Saturday nights eating Ben and Jerry's on the couch.

Something had to change, and it had to be drastic. I knew I needed to take massive action to see a massive transformation, but how?

So one night, I put down the ice cream, looked myself in the mirror, and decided to commit one year of my life to improve my social skills and building my confidence around women. Whatever it took, I was going to figure it out.

I did my research and learned that most of the "dating experts" out there had little-to-no "real world" experience and just preach manipulative mainstream advice that didn't work. Most of them were single themselves and struggling to find love. It didn't make any sense.

After diving deep into the science and psychology of attraction, spending countless hours learning the most cutting edge research about love, confidence, and social skills, I decided to get out the door and start authentically meeting women.

Over the following year, I faced more rejection than (I think) any man on the planet. But I persevered and realized that dating and socializing is a learnable skillset. Love is something you can learn to attract.

Within a few more years, I found that other men were asking me for dating advice. I started coaching these guys and found that my approach to building dating confidence was extremely effective. A few of them bought me drinks, but then one guy even offered to pay me (what?!) for another coaching session.

It's at this moment that my career as a love strategist began. I realized I was onto something special, and I had something unique to offer: authentic dating advice that gets tangible results. So I quit my job and became a dating expert helping men build confidence around women.

People thought I lost my mind.

I became sort of like Will Smith in the movie Hitch, only I had an actual repeatable process for helping these men build the confidence to find love.

Word got around, and the media picked up the story, and my name got out quickly as being the "go-to-guy" for anyone struggling with their love life.

I was recruited to be an 'MTV's Made' dating expert, helping a shy guy find love (he did!), and publications like CNN, Men's Health, and the New Yorker were featuring me as one of the world's leading experts on finding love.

I was also invited by many top universities across the world to lecture to the students and staff about how to build confidence to find love. I had the honor of speaking at over 300 colleges across the country and reaching over 100,000 students and professors nationwide.

The switch

After four years of coaching hundreds of men on how to find love, I built a reputation for understanding men and their deepest desires in a relationship.

Then, in 2012, Glamour Magazine published an article telling my story to its readers.

Within minutes of the release, I received hundreds of emails from women asking me questions like...

“So, why do men disappear?”
“Tell me, how do I attract a quality guy?”
“How long should I wait before sleeping with him?”

And it was at this very moment that I realized that I had the answers they were looking for, and it was NOTHING like what they were reading in magazines like Glamour. It was the real deal, raw information they’d been seeking.

I began responding to each question with a step-by-step strategy on how to attract the guy she wanted confidently, and weeks later, I would get back a response saying, “it worked!”

I started looking into other dating experts for women and realized that no one talked about the most fundamental building block of attracting men: confidence. It seemed like all the dating coaches for men talked about it, but the dating coaches for women were only teaching short-term manipulative tactics to “trick a guy” into falling in love. Most of it was garbage, and the rest of it MIGHT work but would only get short-term results.

My goal was to help these women find long, lasting love.

I immediately started my new company, Sexy Confidence, and posted a few videos on YouTube discussing the importance of sexy confidence.

The “sexy” represented the power of feminine energy.

The “confidence” represented the importance of deeply valuing yourself in a relationship.

Within a few months, my videos went viral, reaching millions of women around the world.

So I stopped working with men and focused 100% of my energy on becoming a dating expert for women to help them attract long, lasting love.

I continued releasing weekly videos reaching over 100 million women worldwide. I also released premium coaching programs for women and am honored to be responsible for tens of thousands of healthy relationships and marriages. I even became a celebrity dating expert on TLC’s Kate Plus Date, helping Kate Gosselin find love.

Every day I wake up to hundreds of emails and comments from women who are feeling more confident, attracting higher quality men, and building relationships that last. This all stems from the methodology we’ve developed over the past 10 years.

The final switch

Over the eight years of running my coaching practice under the name Sexy Confidence, I realized that the name hindered our growth.

Word to the wise: never, ever put the word “Sexy” in your company's name. It complicates things to no end. Here were the two biggest problems with the name:

#1. Social media algorithms (and people) were confused because they thought we were selling lingerie
#2. Sexy Confidence was only one step over the overall strategy of finding love. In fact, it’s still Little Love Step #1 (out of seven)

That’s when I made the final switch.

It became clear that my coaches and I weren’t only “dating experts,” we were love strategists.

The launch of Love Strategies

In 2020, I launched Love Strategies as our new name, because it became clear that the women who were successful in finding love always had a clear step-by-step strategy.

I help women be more intentional and thoughtful about their love lives. To pursue the RIGHT type of man, and be deliberate about removing the WRONG men from their lives.

We decided to focus all of our energy on two core programs to help our clients find a healthy relationship:

The Emotional Attraction Formula helps women use the 9 emotional attraction triggers to attract high-quality men on a deep emotional level.

The Love Accelerator is our premium dating coaching program designed for single women who are serious about finding love over the next year. It’s a much more significant financial and emotional investment, but it’s worth it when you finally marry the man you deeply desire.

Our methodology is based on 10 years of experience as a dating expert for both men and women, as well as the most cutting-edge research in science and psychology. The Little Love Steps™ are a simple, yet powerful method to attracting the man and the relationship you deserve.

So, did the dating expert find love?

On New Year's Day 2015, I met the love of my life, Jessica. We were introduced through mutual friends and instantly connected. No one informed her of my profession until she finally asked me on our third date (hey, if she doesn't ask, I'm not going to mention it!).

She needed a moment to digest the information, but quickly, she loved the concept and embraced this strange life of helping women find love.

And I must say, I hit the jackpot with this woman. She not only meets the love vision I created for myself (Little Love Step #2), but she's beautiful, fun, and the most supportive woman I've ever met.

We are incredibly happy and living our best possible life in Somerville, Massachusetts. We spend our weekend's kitesurfing, going on hikes, doing escape rooms, and exploring new restaurants around the city. The relationship we've developed is something I truly wish for every client on our roster, and we work hard every day to make that a reality.

Your Love Strategist,

PS. If you’re ready to learn the Little Love Steps™ to attract the relationship you deeply desire, check out this free training.