Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

"Build the World's Premier Love Education System and Empower 1 Million People to Attract Healthy Relationships"

The Sacred Seven Love Strategies Values

1. Make Our Clients Say "WOW"

We delight our clients beyond belief and guarantee an exceptional experience with our programs.

2. Deliver Radical Results

Our work matters, and it makes a dramatic positive impact on people's lives. We make 10X the impact in 1/10 the time of any other programs on the market.

3. Move Fast and Optimize Later

We are a rapidly growing company that makes quick decisions, tests ideas, and fails quickly. Change is our only constant.

4. Be Sincerely Candid

We are incredibly honest with each other and our clients to share our truth. We are authentic, transparent, and only work with people we trust.

5. Do More With Less

Keep an open mind, get creative, and stay lean.

6. Be an Independent Problem Solver

We live by principles, not rules. Stay autonomous and solve problems with a "client first" mindset.

7. Make Work a Positive Passion

Work is play, and although every task can't be immediately gratifying, we love our work because we know it's helping people build what matters most in life: a healthy love life.


Our client’s happiness is our success

Our strategy is simple: help our clients create the love lives they desire.

At Love Strategies™, you won’t hear any mainstream pop culture dating advice. We deliver proven strategies to help our clients get real results.