Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

"To be the world's most results-oriented love education company."

Core Values

1. Impact

Our work matters and it makes a dramatic impact on people's lives. Long-term sustainable results matter most.

2. Radical Honesty

We are incredibly candid with each other to cut through to the truth. We are courageous enough to have difficult conversations.

3. Integrity

We are authentic, transparent, and only work with people we trust.

4. Freedom and Responsibility

We admit mistakes openly, listen to feedback and seek to understand the truth before reacting with emotion. This openness allows us to work creatively and be autonomous with our responsibilities.

5. Passion

Work is fun, and although every duty can't be immediately gratifying, we love our work because we know it's helping people attract what matters most in life: love.


Our client’s happiness is our success

Our strategy is simple: help our clients create the love lives they desire.

At Love Strategies™, you won’t hear any mainstream pop culture dating advice. We deliver proven strategies to help our clients get real results.