5 Things Men Think About Women (But Won’t Say)

5 Things Men Think About Women (But Won't Say)

Adam LoDolce

This article was written by a professional love strategist. If you want to learn the 7 Little Love Steps, click here.

In a desperate effort to understand what men think about women, you might fantasize about swinging a hammer at a man’s head, cracking it open, and watching in awe as his innermost thoughts spill onto the floor.

[Please don’t do this. There are better ways.]

thinking man

Sometimes he really is thinking about nothing.

It can be extremely frustrating not knowing what men think about women… or what they think about you in particular.

You can drive yourself crazy replaying conversations and situations in your head…

You: Hey baby…whatcha thinking about?

Him: Mm. Nothing.

You: [later] What does that MEAN, “nothing??!” No one thinks about nothing!!

If the male mind is as puzzling to you as a Rubik’s Cube, you’re going to love this video and article.

In today’s video, I’m going to give you what men think about women in five easy bite-sized nuggets. Now, I’m betraying my people a bit, because these are things that men are thinking, but in no way want you ladies to know they’re thinking them.

These are the things that will get us kicked, punched, and generally put on your shit list.

So don’t tell them I told, you, ‘kay? Thanks.

Once you know the deeper psychological reasons behind why men think the way we do…and what men think about women… it’s like discovering a secret door into your guy’s brain.

There’s plenty of benefit for you once you know these five secrets men think about.

Knowing what men think about women can save you the agony of getting sucked into a toxic relationship because you’ll be on top of what’s going on in his crazy twisted head and can get out before you get hurt.

Even better:

It can allow you to relax and leave space for men to truly be themselves. Once you can let go of trying to be a mindreader and figure out what’s going on in that 8-pound hunk of thinking muscle, you change as a romantic partner. You’re more cool and less stressed.

That will make any man uncontrollably addicted to you.

Who doesn’t want that, right?

Check it out and leave me your feedback below!

Your Coach,





Summary: What Men Think About Women Isn’t Always Earth-Shattering

woman nagging man

Bugging him to express his feelings never works.

Here’s the Catch 22. Women struggle to understand what men think about women…and sometimes waste a lot of energy trying to guess or make their dudes tell them.

What are you really thinking? Not “nothing.” Tell me. TELL MEEEEEE!

Guys hate this. They cannot stand a woman poking at them to “talk about their feelings.” And yet, many of us suck at doing so. We know you’d leave us alone if we were better communicators, and yet we don’t know how to be.

And here’s a secret: a lot of the time we really are thinking nothing. I mean, not 100% black hole or anything, but do you really want us to say well, I was thinking that I needed to go home and do laundry or I was regretting eating that bean burrito last night.

Sometimes we’re embarrassed that we aren’t thinking something profound that we could proudly share with you, so we say nothing.

Hey, it’s better than lying and saying, oh baby, I was thinking about how much I utterly adore you.

C’mon. You don’t want us telling you what you think you want to hear, do you? Wouldn’t you rather we be honest, even if we have nothing of consequence on the brain?

And sometimes we’re thinking something that is going to piss you off. Truly.

The whole does my butt look fat thing? There’s no winning that one. So if we know what’s good for us, we’ll keep our big traps shut.

Still, you asked, so I’m going to tell you what men think about women…even if it pisses you off.

So now let’s look at what men think about women, but won’t say out loud.

1. Why is She So Emotional?

emotional woman

What men think about women is that they’re emotional.

You cry when the grandpa hugs the kid on the toilet paper commercial.

You rage like crazy when we forget to put the toilet seat down and you fall in at night.

You coo and talk baby talk to puppies.

It’s true; sometimes we just don’t get why you ladies are so emotional.

Adrianna Mendrek, the lead researcher on a study at the Université de Montréal, found that women were more emotionally reactive to negative images than men, due to their higher levels of estrogen.

Men, on the other hand, proved to have a lower sensitivity to negative imagery due to their testosterone.

So is it any wonder we get accused of being insensitive by you? It’s absolutely true! Don’t discount the role of hormones in the emotional reaction to things. You’ve got it and we don’t.

Men look at how women get emotional at something and wonder why because we can’t see ourselves getting emotional about it. You’re sobbing, watching Jack cling to the piece of wood or whatever Rose is on after the Titanic sinks, and we’re laughing at his blue lips.

Clearly, we are from different planets.

Now if a guy is smart, he will never ask you why you’re so emotional. Yes, some of us are dumb enough to ask are you on your period when you’re extra emotional.

I know, I know. Those guys are jerks. So insensitive.

Just realize: you are like an alien to us. We are fascinated by what makes you tick (just like you are with us). We want to know what angers you and what makes you weep…mainly so we can avoid doing those things.

If you want to know what men think about women, it’s often what’s going through her head? What’s making her have that emotional reaction?

You can share with us why you’re so emotional, or keep us in the dark. Your choice.

2. Give Me a Hint That You Actually Like Me.

man flirting with woman

You may not give him signs that you like him.

Jared meets Missy at a party. They talk for 20 minutes or so, then suddenly Jared ends the conversation and walks away. Missy is left confused. She thought they’d hit it off. What gives?

When a woman is a little bit nervous or shy, men can mistakenly assume she’s not interested, even if her body language is saying she is.

Missy just didn’t know what to say or how to give Jared any hints that she was available, so he walked away too quickly. She might have thought that smiling and asking him questions was doing the trick, but he wanted more proof before he made himself vulnerable by asking her out.

Men like Jared are looking for that little piece of evidence that you are interested in them. Yes, we have delicate egos sometimes. We want to be 100% sure you are into us before we ask you out because the absolute worst thing we can possibly imagine is that you will reject us.

Him: Well, I really enjoyed our little conversation. Would you want to go out sometime?

You: Uh…I would…except I’m married.

So make sure you’re getting the message across. Touch him now and then on the arm or the chest. Compliment him. Laugh at his jokes. Find a way to let him know you’re available.

3. I Love You…But That Woman Over There is Also Pretty Cute.

wandering eye

If he looks at other women, don’t take offense.

Ug, I know how much you hate it when your guy looks at other women.

But please understand it does not mean he’s going to cheat on you…or break up with you…or sleep with her.

I’m going to once again pull out the evolution card. We men were designed to spread our seed far and wide. Monogamy changed that because now, instead of being cavemen having dozens of cavebabies with multiple women to populate this brave new world, we are boyfriends and husbands who remain with the same woman for years or even a lifetime.

We’re in relationships built on love and trust, not reproduction.

And yet…that deep impulse to spread our seed still exists somewhere.

Now, I’m not telling you that all men cheat because they don’t. What I am saying is that there’s a biological function happening when we see an attractive woman. We get a chemical high when presented with an appealing female. We are usually smart enough not to act on it (like she’d give us the time of day), but of course, if you catch us doing this, you will hit us with your purse.

When you understand what men think about women, you can see that we are simply appreciative of beauty. It could be in an art gallery. In nature. Or in a bar. Sorry. We don’t discern among types of works of art!

I have not met a single guy, regardless of age or relationship status, who can’t help but check out a beautiful woman. Don’t blame us… blame evolution! It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a simple look and that’s all.

4. Dear God, Stop Complaining!

woman complaining

Guys don’t like it when you complain.

You: Jeez. My hair is so flat. I feel gross today. I just want to stay home in yoga pants.

Him: Gaaaa! You look fine. Amazing even. Stop complaining!

Please stop complaining about your looks. You are beautiful, and we’re with you because we are attracted to you. We all have days where we don’t feel 100% but sometimes, ladies, what men think about women is that they complain. All. The. Damn. Time.

Don’t be that person.

Editor’s note: Ready to attract love with a proven strategy? Register for this free training to learn how to find him.

I realize that the media — and even social media — plays a huge effect and messes with your mind. It tells you that you’re not beautiful so that you will go out and spend a bunch of money on the products they’re trying to sell.

Fashion magazines make you feel fat (despite the fact that those models are Photoshopped to look skinny and perfect). Celebrities look flawless on the red carpet (despite you not knowing that they ate only cabbage and beet juice for a week before the event).

So we get that sometimes you don’t feel beautiful.

However, it can be very frustrating when we find you incredibly attractive, but you don’t see that in yourself. Remember: men love a confident lady, and moaning and groaning all the time does not make you seem confident at all.

So screw the media and anyone who makes you feel that you’re not beautiful enough, because you are! And accept our compliments! We don’t throw them around carelessly. If we tell you that you’re beautiful, say “thank you”, not “noooo, I’m hideous!”

5. Oh Baby, You Totally Want Me.

what men think about women

Men may think women want them more than they do.

A study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin found that men tend to over-perceive sexual interest from a woman. This goes back eons, and is because they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to reproduce.

Think about it: if a guy is overconfident and makes his move — even if she’s not exactly giving off reciprocal vibes — he won’t miss out on the chance to mate. Now, he might not actually score, but if he didn’t try, he would never know, right?

So what does this mean for dating in the 21st century? Essentially, guys who go around assuming that all women want them will actually have more opportunities to get laid.

Yea, sounds a little douchey, but you know you’re attracted to that overconfident guy sometimes.

Women, on the other hand, have evolved to under-perceive sexual interest. Meaning, you don’t think most guys are into you when they really are.

When my girlfriend and I are walking down the street, I’ll tell her that a guy was checking her out. She never believes me! But I see the looks and I know. But she under-perceives what men think about women, and you probably do too.

The evolutionary reason that you probably don’t notice when a man is interested is that you don’t want to have sex with the wrong guy, risk getting pregnant and potentially raising a kid on your own. So you only pay attention to signs of sexual interest when it suits you, aka you’re into him as well.

So if you’re sick of men going around thinking they’re hot shit, then you can blame Darwinism and evolution 🙂

Conclusion: You Might Not Always Want to Know What Men Think About Women

Look, to be fair, there’s a ton of things that women think about men that you don’t want us to know. So don’t freak that what men think about women isn’t always butterflies and unicorns. We’re gross. We’re crass. We think what’s on our mind, even if we don’t always say it.

And you need to let that go, by the way. Let go of your desire to always know what’s on our minds. Because sometimes you won’t like it. And then you’ll be sad or mad, and we won’t know what to do about that. We tried to warn you!

Understand that men and women think about things and process emotions completely differently. And that’s okay. That’s what you like in a guy: the fact that he sees the world totally differently than you do. Let him have his perspective, and you keep yours.

Is there something else in what men think about women that you wonder about? Share in the comments below and I’ll do my best to address it.

5 Things Men Think About Women (But Won't Say)

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5 years ago

To men: Say what you freaking mean! There is nothing worse than guessing and getting all worked up wondering if you are about to drop a bomb or something. Learn to say, “Hey I’m having a crap day and it has nothing to do with you” or “I have some things worrying me and you can’t fix any of them but it isn’t about you.” We turn ourselves inside out and backwards wondering if we did something “wrong” because we love you.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Amen sweetheart!!!! I am going through the same thing right now!!!! He’s driving me crazy!!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

When they’re like that, it is because they are not as adept at communication skills as we ladies are. Don’t take it personally, establish that you haven’t done anything to upset him by politely asking them if they are OK. Reassure him that you love him and give him space to sort himself out and recover from whatever it is that is bothering him. In that time, find something to occupy yourself away from him, and to keep your mind from worrying about what it might be. Show him you care so he doesn’t feel neglected, but don’t pester him… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  WiseBabe

WiseBabe, Your overall approach is highly commendable and it seems that you have a basic knowledge of how to communicate with him. A lot of communicating with us is basically ‘NOT communicating with us. Leaving each other alone is massive in male to male communication and carries many different messages depending on the situation. It is a commonly held belief by women that women are so much better at communicating than men. I have heard this many times but I disagree with it. This in my opinion is a totally biased and subjective myth. Yes women are great at communicating… Read more »

Jessica Stein
5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

God, I wish guys could get a clue!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jessica Stein

Omg I feel you! Sometimes we wish that guys could read our minds…..but other times….Haha no.

5 years ago

Adam, #3. I suspect you already know you’ll get some flack on this point. There is taking a quick look at a beautiful woman, heck I do it myself…but then there is can’t stop looking or staring and the “head on a swivel stick guy” that looks like he wants every other women around BUT you. The guy who wants to go for a walk with you just so he can gawk at other women and not look like a pervert. It’s overkill and it’s disrespectful. None of that is acceptable in my books. I have more control over myself… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

I totly agree!!!! I only have eyes for my man, and don’t notice others because I love him soooo verry much. ( well when I am in love, and have a man. ) Why can’t Guys do the same?

3 years ago
Reply to  giszmoe2

No that’s not okay and I would kick rocks too that’s fucked up that any man would want there girl friend in bed with someone else nope fuck that i would just say yes then beat her ass then tell them now you can sleep with my ex

2 years ago
Reply to  giszmoe2

Exactly what I feel. I don’t look at even attractive people since I’ve been with my guy. That’s because I love him so much. Why can’t it be the other way around too?

5 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

My response to the swivel-head move is to start saying things I think are attractive or not so attractive about her, in a fun way. Throws him off, then he finds the humor more interesting and maybe even a little riskee. It’s the same as going through his porn n picking what I want to see, it catches him off guard. Lol

4 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

Your comment is so spot on and written with such humour LOL x. What I find helpful is actually to compliment the beautiful woman he’s turning his head for if she is indeed beautiful. No harm there, I am beautiful myself. When men are losing their heads over me, I expect him to enjoy it, feel proud that I chose to be with him, and to smile about it – after all, I am not going to run off with another man simply because he looked at me. Finally, when I see a really, really attractive male, I check him… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  WiseBabe

When I am dating a guy and a pretty girl goes by I point her out first. It usually shocks them I’m that blunt but that’s just me lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

Love your comment absolutely true!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

Last line…A man will make other women jealous… Whereas aboy makes his woman jealous…..Totally agree

5 years ago

Women are afraid to tell a man just how much they are attracted to him.

5 years ago

I really like this guy, but he is a hedonist and wants any woman that wants any type of sex, with no strings attached. We were just beginning, what I thought was a good monogomous relationship, but then he brought up that he wanted me and another woman to get it on, in front of him and for him to join in, which I am not open to, so I dumped him. Is this a normal man or am I being to closed minded (as he says I am)? My FANTASY IS ME WITH TWO MEN, BUT THIS IS ONLY… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Edris

I have only met men who admit to have this fantasy.
It doesn’t bother me at all, as long as they respect me saying no ,and as long as they don’t try to push me into it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Edris

No that’s not okay and I would kick rocks too that’s fucked up that any man would want there girl friend in bed with someone else nope fuck that i would just say yes then beat her ass then tell them now you can sleep with my ex

5 years ago

Agree with every comment so far, as Lisa said, I wish men would tell it like it is instead of women having to guess what they are thinking, or wondering if we have done or said something wrong. And like Jackie said, a man should do such that other women are jealous of what he has (last sentence) instead of making his woman jealous. Jane said we are afraid to tell a man how we are attracted to them, reason being that it sometimes will make them run for the hills. Hence, brings up the new trend of men for… Read more »

5 years ago

I love all the comments. I have dealt with all of these 5 scenarios. It seems no matter what way we women try some men never seem to be happy. We like you alot, we like you a little. We have sex with you, we don’t have sex with you. We share our feelings, we don’t share our feelings. Men, just tell us what you want and what you are looking for. At least we can make a conscience decision whether or not we are willing to ablige you. I’m just saying …… I get the feeling in gonna be… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Debbie

A study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin found that men tend to over-perceive sexual interest from a woman. and this all questions arealso in A beginners guide to rice purity

5 years ago

I don’t like that men string women along. If you are not interested at all, or a losing interest, please just come out and say it and save both the tension and/or the pain.

5 years ago
Reply to  sherry

amen!! but as soon as the man feels he’s losing her her will then pull her back in and then to let her go after.

Gilda Cobretti
5 years ago

I’m always afraid to tell a guy how much I like him.. I think women always get told not to tell a guy for the risk of running the guys off..

Desiree Hinojosa
2 years ago
Reply to  Gilda Cobretti

Actually I messaged a guy 1st since I was interested in him. He probably feels the same about you but is just too shy to tell you. So shoot for the hoop you might just make a shot!

Donna Lynn
5 years ago

Two things: 1) I just want to date and get to know you, frig, we just met, we’re not married!!! And 2) I’m really into you, but he’s hot….hey, we feel like that too, and I for one am not going to deny it. So Adam, here’s one for you to answer: Why do men try to move so fast? I like to date a lot of guys, and over time, eliminate the ones I don’t want. I’m looking for my one, I’m very honest about that, however, then they all want to be “the one”. My problem is that… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Donna Lynn

First off People were created by God not evolve from a fish. The fish Theory shows that person was an idiot. When God created man man asked for a woman go back and read Genesis. Then God created woman. Woman send when she ate of the forbidden fruit. Putting man over woman’s head the leader of his castle as they now say today. Man was created to be the breadwinner of the family woman was created to be the man’s help meet. Which if things were done God’s way put people back men work women stay home and clean house… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  giszmoe2

Seriously? It is chemistry, science … not God that dictate how men and women connect. It is a vibration of energy that attracts “like” energy. What you put out, you get back. It is not philosophy it is physics! Men are simple minded and logical. Being as direct as possible will get the point across, just as asking questions and getting answers eliminates any mystery. Any woman that gives up her life for a man is making a big mistake. What is attractive to men are confident and independent woman with a life of their own that does not depend… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Hmmm. The ‘catch-22’ in that is that the purpose of women comporting themselves with men, in most instances, is to secure a long-term, love relationship – – – in which, necessarily, she will “depend on him for her happiness”; no? Of course, you are absolutely correct (!) – – but consider what that implies about LOVE, the very definition of which will inherently demand that you WILL depend on the object of your affection, for your happiness. Accurately, in so many cases, that means that love is the disease that will kill your mate’s sexual attraction to you.

3 years ago
Reply to  giszmoe2

What a load of tosh.
The bible was made up by random big headed, sexist men.

I’m so glad that I have common sense!

4 years ago
Reply to  Donna Lynn

There are good men out there, but like every good thing, they are snapped up quickly, so we often get the rejects left on the shelf. Having said that, you may want to determine why you seem to be attracting the same guy over and over again. Where are you meeting these men who seem to be crafted in the same factory, to the same specification? Chances are that you may be fishing in the same pond and expecting to catch a different specie of fish. Don’t ever give up, instead change your strategy. Broaden your horizon and date away… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  WiseBabe

Wise you are. Sometimes it is so easy to give up when it seems as if you are unlucky in love. I do believe that I will find the right man for me , but it can way on self-esteem.

5 years ago

Thanks for these comments and all the rest. So insightful, Adam. I want to say to men to “let me have my uncomfortable feelings, let me say how I feel, my feelings are important, validate them, then I can move on. Take me off the ‘you’re so wonderful’ pedestal, please.” (It’s a big drop when I fall…aaaahhhh, she’s ‘human’ after all.) “Don’t try to ‘fix’ it if I am just verbalising a problem I may have at work. I can do that myself. A hug is welcome and you don’t need to say a word, if you don’t want to.”… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Christine

“Don’t try to fix it”
So true, but so hard for men just to listen and validate. It really goes against our instincts.

5 years ago

For me.. I don’t understand why men on the first meet are so handsey .. stop touching me in places reserved for a more intimate relationship.
I believe the biggest thing for me is, do what you say you’re going to do. If you say you’re going to something do it. If your not going to do it and it’s just bullshit. Don’t put the words out there. Expectation is a relationship killer.

5 years ago

Men need to GROW UP and stop being so damn complicated. And I am here to tell you gals, if you think your man is faithful? Think AGAIN!!!! I have been one of the guys all my life. I am a gym rat and I am always the one they are comfortable talking to but NEVER one they want to date. I have spent my whole life being ignored and rejected by men. I am 51yo and been on ONE date in over 13 yrs. The ONLY men who have ACTED like they are interested in me have been MARRIED!!!… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Patti

I sadly agree. I keep hoping there is an honorable man out there. I’m middle-aged so don’t know if I will live long enough to see a man worthy of respect and devotion. Not saying all women are saints, just saying I have known a few honorable women, but still have not met an honorable man.

5 years ago

Hahaha, that was great! Thanks Adam! Things I don’t say to men: 1. I’ve thought, ‘Uh oh, his dick is small and ineffective.” Ineffective being key. But I wouldn’t tell a man that. I’d avoid another date, saying we’re incompatible. Size does matter. Under 6″ means a man best master technique. But I wouldn’t tell a guy that. 2. I don’t tell him when he’s a fashion misfire. But I have asked what image did he think he was projecting? Why did he choose that vibe for the date? I’ve changed plans because a date was dressed as a slob… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Natalie

Love it!

5 years ago

Communication iis key. If the man is not communicating with me or our thoughts & feelings..whether good or bad, are not shared amongst one another..How is the relationship to prosper.? Talk to me, not your buddies bc if Idk I can’t do anything about it. This is true love..the communication & compromise from both parties. It seems like I give my all & then some & never even get 1/2 in return. Can someone tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong? I’m tired of being manipulated & abused. Thanks

4 years ago
Reply to  Rashell

Seek healthy relationships of trust, and set boundaries from the very start without sounding or behaving like a Regiment Sargent Major. Don’t give anything to anyone with the expectation of receiving something back, but give because you want to and you feel good about giving. If you find that you are not being fulfilled, then have an honest open conversation with your man about the problems. If he’s immature and not ready to be a man, then do yourself a favour and divest from the partnership. If he misses you and wants to try again, set boundaries and keep him… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  WiseBabe

Wisebabe, you are very wise!

3 years ago
Reply to  WiseBabe

Wisebabe, ur very wise!

4 years ago

Why are guys so Flippin’ WEIRD!?!?!?

4 years ago

My husband broke down the “Nothing” that is really on his mind, and once he did, it all just made sense…FINALLY! LOL… He said it isn’t literally nothing, but it’s so random and of so little significance that it’s almost embarrassing to admit what is really going through his head. For example, we have a really cool raw wood, exposed beam ceiling in our bedroom, he says his “nothing” is actually more like him in depth analyzing the patterns and striations of the wood grain, or wondering how many dots are on the 1×1 square of wall he’s mindlessly staring… Read more »

4 years ago

Thank you so much, Adam, for so clearly articulating a man’s thoughts, regarding item #3. However – – it is fraught with unintentional contradictory truth. Shall we begin? “Like she’s give us the time of day”. Oh, my; how revealing! And NOT a compliment to the woman you’re with! Or to yourself!! So, in other words, the woman you’re with is a bargain-basement pig, who would *have* you – – while the apple of your eye is someone who wouldn’t “give you the time of day”! VOILA! Revelation. What you’re telling us, really, is that looking at other women automatically… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Disgusted

Thank u ❤❤❤ someone normal

2 years ago
Reply to  Disgusted

I have to agree here. Women are also motivated by attraction, right?! We aren’t blindly going around being with men that we don’t find attractive. It’s a little outdated and honestly lazy, to see all of these dating coaches and experts pull out one study that fits with their agenda. ‘Men can’t help but look. We were designed to spread our seed’. There are studies that show in fact, it’s more beneficial biologically for women to have more partners than it is for men. If you have a look in to the literature it’s there. I think the reality of… Read more »

3 years ago

Men just because women know what caring and what real love really feels like doesn’t mean that is being emotional, we just have a heart, but you men don’t! Especially the one who wrote this article does not have a heart! Who is ever dating this guy is an idiot! When this guy turns 40, he will be all alone!

Akira chan
3 years ago

I like it..i like everything that i read..

3 years ago

Good luck with justifying number 3 to your partner. I’m a man, I sympathise. But many women just cannot accept an instinctive glance at other women.

3 years ago

I think men have lost it lately. Their appeal, I mean. I would be very sad to think a guy I was attracted to didn’t find me attractive, but it angers me that the first thing they talk about is sex, in an entitled way. It seems to be a new way of relating to women. It is not attractive. No, we’re really not that into you.

3 years ago

I’ve dated this curvy girl before, and she never stopped asking me why I was doing this, or why I just sit there and stare. Eventually, I said that I was thinking that we should both lose weight, which was partly true, and she agreed, so she lost some weight, and we were happier. A year later her dad didn’t let me marry he, so we had to break up. Lot. Lauren, if you are reading this, I love you!

3 years ago

It is offensive when guys look at other women. They shouldnt be looking period. Its just a stupid excuse. It is hurtful and what about out daughters. Do men want their daughters growing up thinking that its ok for her boyfriend or husband to look at other women? I do not. Why is it ok for men to look at other women but as soon as another man looks at his woman its arms up? And how would men feel if women looked at other men all the time like they do women. Ots fucked up and honestly if they… Read more »

James White
3 years ago

So many comments about how a man should communicate with women, however I can tell you it is not that we are thinking about nothing. It is more like “your not the one I want to discuss this with because of the energy it would take “. Men know that when they are asked about what they are thinking it has little to do with their thoughts and more about the insecurities their woman hold. Just leave them alone they are not your child.

3 years ago

Nowadays unfortunately many women are going for another woman instead. How very disgusting that is. Gee Wiz, very obvious why so many of us straight guys are still single today. Right? Right.

3 years ago

Hey, can anyone tell me the right thing to do, please. So I met this guy for about 2 weeks now and I can feel an extreme connection with him which is really great. We’ve been to 3 dates in 10 days. I can feel that we we’re hitting it off. But suddenly, yesterday he just messaged me in the morning and that’s it, completely gone all through the rest of the day and then he did it again today :(. I’m confused if he’s ok or not or what happened to him. I left him a message and i… Read more »

3 years ago

This article should be called 5 Things an extroverted Alpha Male Thinks About Women. Seriously ladies if you want to have an emotionally intelligent conversation with a man who’s sensitive to how you feel, stop just being dominated and pursued and find your self an introvert.

2 years ago

It exactly how am feeling sometimes

2 years ago

So men do not care to hear about a woman’s feelings or insecurities. He also wants to be free to have a roaming eye while assuming she is hot for him 24/7. Surely there are a few enlightened men in the world? This list suggests that literally everything men think about women is negative, disloyal, selfish. Sad.

2 years ago

Always love Adam’s videos and information. Very very helpful, and I have saved a lot of time that could’ve been wasted with men who should never have come near me (poor guys!) and men I should never have started to date or gotten my hopes up with. And if there’s no man in the picture for a while I truly enjoy the calm and peaceful issue-less life. I retreat and regroup to give some thought to what will happen next. The last man I dated, in two dates, never asked me anything about myself, and talked a lot about himself… Read more »

2 years ago

I beg to disagree that women are more emotional than men. Men are plenty emotional, if you factor anger and rage in as emotions. Are men likely to get all weepy at the drop of a hat? Probably not. But men can throw pretty nifty hissy fits just as much as women. Are women likely to be stepping on eggshells because they never know what is going to set her man’s temper off? You bet. For this reason I put to you that men are just as “emotional” as women. It’s just that their default emotion is different. Oh and… Read more »

2 years ago

Sometimes I wonder if he truly loves me and what he thinks bout on a daily basis

Pamela Wright
1 year ago

“R” is totally confusing to me. One minute he’s texting, phoning, acting all interested in me again. Then a few weeks later….crickets. Nothing. Every time he gets his heart stomped on he comes running back to me to sooth his battered ego. He’s not a total jerk and I really care about him and would take him back if he would just make an honest effort. But on the other side of the coin I get tired of being his go to girl to boost his ego. I do the no contact every time he ghosts me and before too… Read more »

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