Why Men Love Confident Women (SERIOUSLY…We Do)

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Men Love Confident Women

I’m singing this message from the rooftops. Why can’t anyone hear me?

We’ve all heard it before: Women LOVE Confident Men.

But this begs the ultimate question, is the feeling mutual? Do men also find confidence attractive?

If you’ve followed my previous videos, you probably know my opinion on this matter. BUT, in this video, I make some very key distinctions between confidence in men versus women.

So here it is, my spoiler alert: men really do LOVE confident women.

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And in this video I’m going to explain why confidence is so important for a woman and how you can begin building your own confidence starting today.

Watch this video to learn Why Men Love Confident Women.

Do you agree that men love confident women? Share below in the comments section.




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8 years ago

I love this video! You’re so right, confidence is very different for women – I like the differences. THank you!

8 years ago

LOL – you’re funny – this video also really made feel great. thank you

8 years ago

*Dies laughing* I almost choked on my water when you busted out with ASS! I’m sitting here at work listening intently to your advice and thinking ok..well I think I am pretty confident in who I am as a person. Then I hear “Boobies! ASS! Boobies!” And I started laughing out loud in my office completely breaking the TECH SILENCE of the room! Thank you! I needed that today. ~M

8 years ago

I’m so glad you said that said no one is confident all the time. Phew! Pressure is off. Lol.

Maybe you could do a thing on vulnerability. I’m not sure if I know what that is in the context of meeting potential dates. As jaded as this is to say, not everyone is safe to be vulnerable with. Once I know someone, I can gage better where the level of trust should be.

8 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

You’re welcome, Adam. 🙂

8 years ago

Thank you Adam! That video was just what I needed.

8 years ago

Thank you Adam. This video msg was great!

8 years ago

I like how you showed the difference in confidence 🙂 thank you for this video 🙂
it was a challenging thought for me making me thing what kind of confidence i show to the guys around me and why people always tell me that I’m intimidating…maybe I’m showing the wrong confidence?

8 years ago

I really enjoyed this video’s topic I have noticed that now that I have been going to the gym talking to new people guys are approaching me more because I have the sense of knowing what I want and who I am. Even got asked for my number which I was shocked at first when it happened lol

Vivid Imagination
7 years ago

Here in Croatia most members of the male gender are interested in women with big curves and small brains. And moral criteria are highly twisted/disturbed, it’s all about Serbian folk music, excessive drinking and promiscuity (for majority members of both genders). Plus, porn movies for member of male gender and revealing far too much of the skin for members of female genders. During my life I met very few men that are looking more than just good looks in a woman. Men with whom is pleasant to associate with and actually you can have a meaningful conversation. I agree, confidence… Read more »

6 years ago


4 years ago

Confidence is do different in case of women and so important. This video is so helpful. Thanks for sharing.

2 days ago

Loved this. Thanks Adam

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