5 Types of Men You Should NEVER Trust

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When you’re meeting and dating new guys, it can be tricky to know who you can trust.

He might say and do all the right things and meet your love vision (Little Love Step #2), but what if it’s just a well-rehearsed front?

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What if he doesn’t really like reading feminist literature or crocheting ponchos in his spare time and is just trying to get you to fall for him? What if the red flags are clear, but you end up missing them because you’re blinded by his wit and charm and biceps?

In my experience, there are five types of men you can never trust. It doesn’t matter if he likes grilled cheese or snow globes as much as you do – if he’s displaying any of these traits, he’s likely to be untrustworthy.

Check out the video to find out who these men are and stay clear of them.

So, if you can’t trust these men, who can you trust?

How long do you have to know a man before you start to trust him?

When is it safe to start letting your guard down?

If someone hurt you in the past, it can be tough putting your faith in someone else again out of fear of being betrayed.

Check out the video for my trust formula, which I share with all the women in my exclusive coaching program, Love Accelerator.

Use this formula to guide you anytime you start dating someone new.

And remember, if your intuition tells you something is off with a guy, trust it.

Your Coach,

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5 months ago

You nailed on the guy who is attached to his phone!

5 months ago

Funny….but all true!

5 months ago

I dumped the guy who never puts his phone down. He swears up and down there is no one else. I don’t believe him. Don’t want another liar in my life. Meanwhile he scrolls thru my phone which means he has something to feel guilty about

5 months ago

You nailed it. Yes dated and married and ignored my gut. He was not just a cheater but horribly manipulative. Lesson learned!

5 months ago

This video was very helpful.

Manjula Dammanna
4 months ago

I liked what you said Adam. It’s funny! Great information. Thank you

4 months ago

Ugh My BF scored a 4 out of 5 fatal flaws.. And yes you nailed it!!

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