5 Scientific Things Guys Find Unattractive (MAJOR Turn Offs!)

5 Scientific Things Guys Find Unattractive (MAJOR Turn Offs!)

Maybe guys fall for you because you keep them laughing every second of your date…

… or they get lost in your eyes…

… or they love the way you touch them.

The reasons guys find you attractive will vary from guy to guy.

But the reasons they find you unattractive?

Well, science has a few things to say about that.

In this video, I reveal 5 things science says turns guys off in an instant.

So many women make these mistakes without having a clue.

Their missing their shots before they can even take them.

Make sure to watch this video and avoid making these mistakes again.

Your Coach,

Summary –

1. Bad Breath

I don’t think I need to get into the scientific reasons why bad breath is a turn off.

Let’s talk about the scientific ways that you can avoid that bad breath. For starters, floss regularly. Every day if not twice a day. Number two, don’t eat garlic before a first date. I don’t know if you’ve ever made this mistake, I certainly have. No amount of gum can hide any type of nasty garlic breath, so avoid it by all means.

2. Yellow Teeth

According to Match.com, teeth are actually the number one standard by which both men and women judge their potential dating partners. That’s ahead of other deal breakers like bad grammar, and even bad hair.

Look, whitening your teeth is possible nowadays and it’s an investment, yes I understand that, but its so important – especially if you’re single. Great teeth have proven to get you better jobs, promotions and make you a little bit more likable wherever you meet people.

3. Getting Way Too Drunk

We’re not attracted to a sloppy drunk woman. If you’re out mingling, then make sure you’re at least staying under three drinks and also make sure you drink a water between every single drink of alcohol. Let alcohol be your social lubricant, not your social downfall.

4. Negativity

Studies have shown that happy people want to spend time with other happy people and unhappy people generally want to spend time complaining and wondering why they’re not with happy people. Life is too short to be negative.

Fake it until you make it. Fake positivity and suddenly your brain starts to listen and react positively… then you become even happier.

5. Too Much Perfume

Perfume is supposed to be an enhancer – it’s not supposed to literally knock you off your feet. It might not be your fault why you’re wearing too much perfume – scientific findings suggest that when someone’s depressed, they actually lose some of their sense of smell. Remember, less is more. When he’s putting his arms around you, hugging you, or kissing you, you want him to only have a little bit of a hint.

5 Scientific Things Guys Find Unattractive (MAJOR Turn Offs!)

Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

My true passion in life is transforming your love life by giving you specific tools and techniques that you can use to attract long lasting love. I got started when...Read Adam's Story

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3 years ago

Good suggestions But don’t forget the tips apply to men too. Ie heavy drinker, bad breathe, cologne etc. Problem today is how older men [over 50] expect from women. How assertive should woman be ie ask a guy out ???

Susie Staiano
3 years ago

I bought the Ebook and also the casual to committed program. It is helping to get closer to finding love. As you said Adam there is someone out there for us all. Than you for investing time to help us women understand men.

3 years ago

There are many thing guys find unattractive:
Wearing a ton of makeup,
Being a gossip,
Being excessively confident,
Bad-mouthing your ex,
Being needy,
Playing hard to get,
Being a damsel in distress,
Having overly styled hair,
Having overly styled hair,
Always agreeing with him

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