Turn Ons for Guys: 24 Things That Will Make Him Go Crazy

turn ons for guys

Adam LoDolce

This article was written by a professional love strategist. If you want to learn the 7 Little Love Steps, click here.

Once you find a man that you’re into and you start getting physical, you start looking for turn ons for guys in an effort to keep things nice and steamy in your relationship.

I’m sure you don’t need a ton of help in this department, but in the event that you need a little inspiration, I’ve put together a big ole list of ways to turn on a guy.

Awesome List of the 24 Biggest Turn Ons for Guys

couple in bed

Turn ons for guys will be different, depending on the guy.

The thing that a lot of women don’t realize is that turn ons for guys don’t always have to be physical. Yes, a gentle caress can create fireworks, but sometimes it’s the more subtle things that make a guy want you. It’s all about reading the situation and choosing the right turn on for the situation.

Here, I wanted to give you tips that are both physical and non-physical so you have lots of options for any situation.

How to Turn on a Guy Without Touching Him

Don’t assume you have to drape yourself all over a guy to get his attention. That’s not true at all! Here, I teach you how to turn a man on without touching him at all!

1. Make the First Move

While the idea of flirting with a guy, making your interest known, or even asking him out might terrify you, it’s actually a great way to get his attention big time. While only one in 10 women makes the first move, 92% of men like it when they do.

He may be surprised, but pleased. Don’t be shy! If you sense that a man you’ve been talking to is interested, ask for his number. Or ask him out. The worst he can say is no, right?

2. Make Eye Contact

This is one of those turn ons for guys that works whether you’ve never even spoken to him (you see him across the bar) or you’ve been dating several weeks…or years.

Eye contact is crazy effective at helping you seduce a man.

Yes, it can be challenging to lock gazes with someone you’re interested in. It makes you feel vulnerable. You feel like he can read every emotion you’re feeling.

But that’s the point!

Prolonged eye contact shows your interest. It’s also hella sexy. When someone looks into our eyes, we feel like they really see us. They know who we are, and they care about us. That’s one of the biggest turn ons for guys (or women), in my book.

3. Get Texty with Him

If you’ve been on at least a few dates with this man and are comfortable getting a little flirty via text, that’s another great way to turn on a guy. There are varying levels of seduction you can do via text, so if you don’t want to go full-on sexting, you can still make an impact via text. Here are some example texts:

Ahh. Just got out of a long steamy bath. Thinking of you…

I haven’t done laundry in a week. Guess I’ll have to wear that t-shirt you left here to bed!

Your goal with sending hot texts is to make him think about you…and want you. If you haven’t had sex yet, focus on the aspect of anticipation (only if you plan to have sex with him in the foreseeable future). Make him want you all the more by dropping hints about how you’re looking forward to it, and how great it will be.

Sorry our date was cut short. I’ll make up for it next time. Promise. 😉

Next Friday I was thinking…Game of Thrones marathon? In bed? Clothing optional. 

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If you have had sex with him, make him remember and want you again.

Still thinking about the other night. Wow!

You should patent that thing you did last night. It blew my mind!

4. Wear Red

red lips

Men are turned on by the color red.

Did you know that the color red can increase blood pressure and pulse rate? While it may have indicated danger to our ancestors, now red is considered the color of passion.

If you wear a red article of clothing — extra points if it’s a flattering dress — you’ll make his pulse race and make him desire you even more.

And red lips can do it for him, too. Studies have shown that men are more drawn to women wearing red lipstick than any other shade. So if you haven’t considered red, there’s all the more reason to do so!

5. Have a Secret Signal

Come up with a signal that lets him know you’re thinking naughty thoughts of him and want to make a quick exit from wherever you are to get it on. It could be an eye wink, tossing your hair in a certain way, or making a gesture with your hands.

Use this signal in the middle of a boring party. When you’re out with friends. At the grocery store. I guarantee he’ll be quick to put down his shopping basket and see what’s in store for him!

6. Pretend You Don’t Know Each Other

If you’ve been dating a while, here’s a fun little role-playing opportunity that serves as a fantastic turn on for guys. Go to a bar and order a drink. Wait. Then your man shows up and sits at the bar next to you. You don’t acknowledge that you know him. He introduces himself, and you chat like strangers.

He asks if he can buy you a drink. You let him. You flirt. He flirts. Let the night take you wherever you want from there.

Why is this a turn on for guys? It’s the idea of picking up a stranger in a bar…but safe. If you’ve been dating a while, you might be taking one another for granted, so by pretending you’re strangers, you get that appreciation and chemistry that maybe has been long buried.

7. Tell Him You’re Not Wearing Underwear

This is another move if you’ve been having sex that can make the anticipation build. Either text him before your date and notify him that you will be going commando on your date that night, or whisper it in his ear as he opens the door to the restaurant for you.

He’ll have to restrain himself all evening, but you can bet it’ll be fun once he no longer has to!

8. Update Your Look

Whether it’s getting a sexy new haircut, a mani/pedi, or a new lingerie set, change is good for your relationship. He’ll appreciate the effort you’ve put into your appearance, especially if he knows it’s on his behalf.

9. Let Your Hair Down

If you tend to wear your hair up most of the time, mix things up by letting it down on your next date. Bonus points if you let it down in front of him and give it a sexy toss.

How to Physically Turn on a Guy

winking woman

It’s time to take your game up a notch. Let’s get physical!

While the past 9 turn ons for guys involved no touch (though touch may come after the move!) these tips are definitely hands-on.

10. Massage His Feet

I don’t know why women are always the ones to ask for a foot massage; we guys like them too! After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing nicer than having a woman caress our tootsies. And it’s easy to turn a legitimate foot massage into something more sensual. Just go slow. Maybe use massage oil. Then slowly work up the foot to the calf to the leg to the…okay, you can take it from there.

11. Have a Tickle Fight

There’s really no reason for two adults to tickle one another…except to have an excuse to touch each other! Find out where his ticklish spot is and launch a full-on attack. If it ends up with you both horizontal on the floor, so much the better.

12. Hug Him

If you want to go a little more subtle than a foot massage or tickle fest, start with a basic hug. But realize you can put a lot into a hug, and that there are a million ways to communicate your feelings with one!

Hold the hug for longer than you would with a friend. Squeeze hard(ish). Maybe rub his back a bit. Opt for arms under his as an opportunity to snuggle even closer. To get sexy, press your body firmly against his.

13. Find Excuses to Touch Him

Whether you’ve gone out with this guy or not, this is a big turn on for guys: simple (but seemingly accidental) touches.

Maybe you reach for the popcorn at the same time.

You graze his arm with yours when reaching for the salt.

Your legs lightly press against one another under the table.

There are infinite ways you can find an excuse to touch him, so keep an eye out for these opportunities.

 14. Make the Kiss Linger

If you haven’t yet had sex, this is another good seduction technique. Stretch out a kiss, moving slower and slower. If the situation is right for having sex, this will likely lead to it. If not, it is at least a great preview for him to see how incredibly sexy you are and will make him look forward to when it finally does happen.

How to Sexually Turn on a Guy

couple in bed

There are plenty of ways to spice up your sex life!

The last section in this article deals directly with sexual turn ons. So if you’re not yet having sex, save this section for later! But if you are, whether it’s been once or a million times, these tips can greatly enhance your sex life — as well as your relationship in general.

15. Establish a No-Hands Rule

It’s nice to take turns being in charge in the bedroom, so establish your dominance from time to time by controlling the situation. Don’t allow him to touch you during foreplay. The sexier you are, the more he’ll want to, but rules are rules!

If necessary, tie his hands or hold them with yours so he can’t touch you. Then when it’s time to have sex, untie them (or don’t) and watch how he pounces on you.

16. Share a Steamy Fantasy

While it can make you feel vulnerable to talk about your most private fantasies, doing so can show your man that you trust him. In addition to that, it’s guaranteed to turn him on!

Another strategy you can use: play out that fantasy with him. This makes him feel like part of the fantasy, rather than outside of it. Plus, you’ll be turned on too!

17. Have a Short-and-Sweet Makeout Session

Want to leave him wanting more? Make out for just a few minutes, getting him hot and heavy…then leave. Maybe it’s at the end of a date and you’re kissing goodbye in the car before you go in your house. Kiss him passionately (get creative with your hands) then pull away, wink, and get out of the car.

Oh man! You’ll take his breath away and make him ready to find out what would happen if you didn’t end that makeout sesh prematurely.

18. Wear the Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexiest


Wear lingerie that makes YOU feel amazing!

While wearing sexy lingerie is a big turn on for guys, it should be first and foremost for you. Knowing that you have, for example, lacy red panties and a bra on under your work clothes should make you feel incredibly sexy.

When you feel sexy, he’ll pick up on that. There’s nothing hotter than a Sexy Confident lady!

If you want him to know you’re wearing something he should want to see in its full glory, wear a sweater with a wide necked collar so your bra peeks out and gets his attention.

19. Share Your Toy Box With Him

If you’re like 53% of heterosexual women, you’ve used a sex toy. While you might typically use them when you’re on your own, sharing those toys with your lover is a great way to turn him on. Just the idea of you using these toys when you’re alone will get his libido running.

The possibilities here are endless. You can let him watch you enjoy the toy…or let him use it on you.

20. Talk Dirty to Him

One of the best things you can do to enhance your sex life is communicating your wants and needs. While the basics of good communication can simply be telling him what you like and don’t, you can also take it up a notch by talking dirty.

This doesn’t just have to be during sex! Imagine his reaction if you lean over at dinner at a fancy restaurant and tell him what you’re going to do to him later!

Gauge how he reacts to the dirty talk before doing more. Some men respond positively, while others may be overwhelmed.

21. Break Out the Blindfold

Another way to seduce your man is to use a blindfold during sex. By eliminating one of his senses (sight), he has to put more attention on his other senses, and touch will be even more sensitive.

It’s also a turn on for guys because they don’t know what your next move will be in terms of where you kiss or caress next. The surprise and anticipation are crazy hot.

22. Take a Shower Together

Who says a shower is just for getting clean? It’s also for getting dirty if you know what I mean (wink wink!).

It’s especially a turn on for guys if your man is in the shower alone and you surprise him by sliding in behind him. Wash his body sensually, taking your time to kiss him passionately. If it leads to sex, so much the better.

23. Watch Sexy Movies Together

If you’re up for watching porn together, go for it, but you don’t have to do it if you’re not comfortable with it. There are plenty of regular movies with hot sex scenes guaranteed to light the couch on fire if you watch them together. Here are a few to get you started.

  • Fear
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Killing Me Softly
  • Unfaithful
  • Secretary

24. Give Each Other Nude Massages

Just like with the foot massages tip, full body massages can be a turn on for guys. Even if you start out giving a utilitarian massage (because he’s got a knot in his neck), it can easily transform into something else (especially when he flips over for his “front massage.”).

Light a few candles and play sexy music to further enhance the mood.


It doesn’t take a lot of effort to master any of these turn ons for guys, but you do have to prioritize sexiness in your life.

If you’re in a new relationship, it may come more naturally to you than if you’ve been in a relationship for years. But in either situation, a little effort to show your man that you’re physically attracted to him will pay off big time. Not only will your sex life be red hot, but your relationship will also thrive. A couple that is passionate for one another has a solid foundation for an emotional and long-lasting partnership.

So share with us! What are your tips to turn on guys? Leave them in the comments below.

turn ons for guys

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3 years ago

A must read for the girls. Thanks for sharing.

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girls need to know this but thx for sharing

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When you’re out w/him excuse yourself… go to the bathroom, take your panties off & leave them in his driver’s set of the car… he will love the response when returning to the car….and so will you.

Katie medford
2 years ago

My boyfriend gets turned on when I lay on him. He will just be laying on the couch watching tv, then I’ll go and lay on him. It gets his attention and it turns him on.

7 months ago
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ilyyyyy guys eat my pussy up

2 years ago

He is 32 and I am 45, we did ost but seem he want more. A young man needs more experience.

2 years ago

I’m 36 years old and I’ve never dated or “hooked-up” with a man that was younger then me…even by 1 day….I’ve put time in at bar’s working guys for a one night-stand (never wanting anything more) and been totally interested and ready to go…then I’d find out they’re younger then me and I’d become completely turned OFF….i never thought twice about it…until i met my guy (9 years older then me) and we’ve been together for 10 years and we bought our house and just”truckin” through live….then out of nowhere we became friends with a neighbor “Bob” (who is 7… Read more »

1 year ago
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Be a Good partner don’t sheat ..in the end he surely doesn’t love u maybe he just wants to f*ck and girl he can do that with anyone…

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if hes not ur husband then he can come fuck meh

2nd Grade Teacher
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11 months ago
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Hey the guy I’m seeing is 58 and I’m 62. Go for it. I was scared of the age difference. NOT NO MORE!! He loves it that I’m older. Says I have a body of a 40 yr old. I’m not backing down. He is my RIP from Yellowstone. He has that look.
Go For It!

7 months ago
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old ass mfka sex life is over for u get yo ol ass too the retirement center

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1 year ago

This post got the best out of my gray sexuality, now I feel totally disgusted,repulsed by all these and even heartbroken.

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I mean, I’ve ate out a girls pussy before, I’ll do it again!

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ok… eat mines then

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I do this all the time without knowing that it’s a thing HAHAHA I guess im hoeing around oops

1 year ago

Well these days people are calling there bf “daddy” please tell me whats up with that? Anyways it turns on most boys! :/ I’m going to try it now! Lol;)

1 year ago

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u helped a lot thank u

11 months ago

The author did a great job. I spent a few minutes
reading and checking the facts. Everything is very clear and understandable.
I like posts that fill in your knowledge gaps. This one is of the sort.

11 months ago

You helped me so much as a writer’s conference newbie with the same advice you just wrote. And when I was a college journalism major, our prof told us the same for newspaper writing. Thanks!

11 months ago

First date in 44 years. I am a widow after being married 43 years. Had a dinner date this past Saturday. Yes even with Covid. He asked me to reserve a booth not a table. So I did. He came in and just plopped right down beside me, reached over hugged me up and started kissing my neck. Then he grabbed my upper thigh and says Are you sure you are 62, you have a 40ish body. My god your hot. I was turned on by that being I never got that reaction from all those previous years. We even… Read more »

10 months ago

look i’m a guy! and i was reading this out of curiosity .It made it hard THIS WORKS DAMN

10 months ago

thx guys now i know how to turn on my man

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

I fantasise about JENNIFER LOPEZ, PAIGE SPIRANAC and JAMIE PRESSLY. A long feeling up of their legs and then we share a sadomasochistic relationship for about one hour!!! I would like to point out that my extreme amount of exercise (swimming, running and bodybuilding) intensified my masturbatory fantasises!! Running PRs for males 226 pounds+ 2.5KM 11:39 3KM 13:56 5KM 22:58 8KM 39:15 and 10KM 45:43. Unfortunately, prostate cancer has decreased my libido by about 90%!! Other celebrities in my fantasies: PATRICIA HEATON (only when she was younger: Everybody Loves Raymond NOT The Middle), soccer players LAURE BOLLLEAU and JULIA SIMIC… Read more »

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago


Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

Sorry folks!

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

There is one good positive out of my decreased libido:
My PSA will probably be 0 for the rest of my life!!!

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
5 months ago

Sorry folks!
My PR for 10KM is only 45:53 but I did it at 244 pounds!!!!!

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
5 months ago


Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

As I said in my first comment section, I am 85% dominant and 15% submissive. The women I fantasise about dominating me are either slim or small. EXAMPLES: ANNA FARIS (from MOM) ELISHA CUTHBERT(24) and AUSTRALIAN SINGER NATALIE IMBRUGLIA. When I was younger, I remember spanking girls in a pool. Their bare bottoms were wet and the smacks I gave them sounded harsher than what really was. I applied that idea to my own fantasies in which the three women above would wet my bare bottom with water before I go over their knees. They would then spank me for… Read more »

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

You probably guessed that I have never had a girlfriend. You are right (just one date in which I promoted SADOMASOCHISM)!! I would just prefer a SPANKING PARTNER but to ask a girl for that sole relationship would probably NOT work out. Most spanking pictures out there are GROSS but occasionally, I find a few that are to my liking. I prefer nice large shapely round bottoms (celebrity JENNIFER LOPEZ is a perfect example) on females with nice legs. I also prefer to see females over the knee of a male with the male spanking with his bare hand only.… Read more »

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

and get TURNED on by seeing my hairy butt…….

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

I have just watched SWEET NOVEMBER and have fallen in love with CHARLIZE THERON!!!
She would be in the OVER HER KNEE candidate section (15%).
The majority of women (BRITNEY SPEARS and SARAH CARTER have VERY SPANKABLE BOTTOMS) would be in the OVER THE KNEE candidate section (85%).

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
6 months ago

Two other women that turn me on when they were younger (like PATRICIA HEATON) are ANNIE POTTS (PRETTY IN PINK) and LINDA PURL (MATLOCK and HAPPY DAYS). As I get older, I am getting more submissive in my sexual fantasies. It is now closer to 75% dominant and 25% submissive. My occupations: Carpet and upholstery cleaner turned factory worker turned janitor/flyer inserter turned flyer inserter only turned janitor only and sideman jazz musician. During my first six years in the working world, I loved cleaning carpets and upholstery on sunny days in the spring, summer and autumn in the country!!… Read more »

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
5 months ago

Two other women that turn me on when they were younger (like PATRICIA HEATON) are ANNIE POTTS (PRETTY IN PINK) and LINDA PURL (MATLOCK and HAPPY DAYS). As I get older, I am getting more submissive in my sexual fantasies. It is now closer to 75% dominant and 25% submissive. My occupations: Carpet and upholstery cleaner turned factory worker turned janitor/flyer inserter turned flyer inserter only turned janitor only and sideman jazz musician. During my first six years in the working world, I loved cleaning carpets and upholstery on sunny days in the spring, summer and autumn in the country!!… Read more »

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
5 months ago

Change flyer inserter to /flyer inserter/stacker/colour coder/bundler/weigher/retriever/strapper and skid mover.

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
5 months ago

I once saw a sexy picture of Canadian Winter Olympian JUSTINE DUFOUR LAPOINTE drinking from a straw.
I would LOVE to have a 50/50 spanking relationship with her!!!
I hope that she would be into it!
I bet that she would be!

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
4 months ago

My new sweetheart is SHENAE GRIMES!!!
Just like JUSTINE DUFOUR LAPOINTE, I would love a spanking relationship with her but at 75% DOMINANT and 25% SUBMISSIVE on my part!!

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
4 months ago

Sorry folks.
Her real name is SHENAE GRIMES BEECH.

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
4 months ago

One girl that I would like to spank bare bottomed and over the knee for hours is sexy British golfer LUCY ROBSON!!
She looks like PAIGE SPIRANAC but has more meat and a larger sexier bottom!!!

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
3 months ago

During the OLYMPICS, I love watching WOMENS BEACH VOLLEYBALL!!!
I could rub their legs up and down for hours while sitting or kneeling down and NEVER get bored!!
The fact that they play bare foot is even more of a turn on!!
Most female volleyball players are flat breasted but their nice tushes make up for that!!

Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS
3 months ago

There is ONE sure thing about my lifestyle:
With plenty of exercise and spanking fantasies, I will NEVER get depressed!!!!!

2 months ago

i just texted my partner all this shit at once and i died

23 days ago


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