13 Signs Your New Relationship Will End in Heartbreak

13 Signs Your New Relationship Will End in Heartbreak

Imagine if you had the ability to predict, with near 100% certainty, if your new relationship would end in heartbreak.

Do you think you’d make the mistake of wasting weeks (possibly even months or years) of your time dating a guy who will eventually end up being “Mr. Wrong”?

Probably not.


These 13 warning signs are the closest you’ll ever get to seeing the “relationship matrix.”

The good news is that you can stop the train wreck before it even happens.

You just need to keep your eyes open for these 13 signs and you’ll save yourself a ton of unnecessary drama.

Make sure you watch the entire video and pay close attention to which one stands out the most.

Your Coach,

P.S. – Most casual flings that end in heartbreak don’t have to… when you know how to flip the right switches, you can make any man commit.

Summary –

Your new relationship might be doomed.

Familiarize yourself with these 13 warning signs before getting in too deep.

1. Your Friends and Family

They don’t like him. Now, I’m not talking about your negative Nancy friend who literally doesn’t like anyone. I’m talking like, no one likes this guy, and no one has anything good to say about him.

It almost seems to you that no one sees him for the way he really is, but in reality, it’s you who probably don’t see him for who he really is.

2. You’re Constantly Analyzing About Whether or Not to Break Up With Him

I get it. In a new relationship, I think it’s natural to have a few questions about whether or not it’s right, but this goes a little bit further.

If it’s plaguing your mind about what’s wrong with him, then chances are there’s something seriously wrong.

3. You’re Only Attracted Him Because He’s Hard To Get

Is he evasive?

Is he flaky?

Does that … turn you on a little bit?

If so, you’re going to want to do some more inner work as to why it is that you’re only into people who outwardly don’t want you.

4. You Don’t Know Anything About This Guy Except That He’s Good In Bed

In my experience, relationships founded only on sex…

Usually end up only going about three months, because that’s right around the point when sex starts to matter less.

5. He Cheated On His Last Girlfriend with You, and Now He’s Dating You

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

6. He’s Super Secretive About His Phone

If that dude won’t give you the password to his phone to let you skip to the next song on Pandora, then some bad shit is happening on that phone.

7. You’ve Caught Him In Many Lies Before

Here’s the problem with lying.

Once you start catching people lying all the time, then you’re always going to be wondering what lies haven’t you caught him in?

8. You Have Unrealistic Expectations of What a Relationship Really Is

Maybe you want a man who’s really caring and soft and sensitive but you also want a man who’s really exciting and hard to get, or you want a man who’s really tall and really handsome but you don’t want a man who attracts the attention of other women.

These are the types of things that are going to happen in relationships. You can’t have one without the other, so you want to set your expectations with what a relationship really looks like.

9. When You Two Argue, You’re Worried That He Might Physically Hurt You

Point blank, a real man never touches a woman.

10. He’s Never Content With Anything in Life

There are some people out there whose homeostasis of happiness is always that they’re not happy.

They always want more out of love, they want more out of life. If you’re finding that you’re with a person who they’re never content with anything and they always want more out of everything, then you’re going to find that the relationship will generally end.

11. He Always Puts His Own Needs Over Yours

I personally think that a healthy relationship means that you put his needs first and he puts your needs first, thus creating an amazing balance.

12. You Expect That a Boyfriend Will Solve All of Your Life’s Problems

A boyfriend might solve your love life’s problems right now, but that shitty job you have right now is still a shitty job.

13. He is Emotionally Polarizing

This basically means that from his perspective, either your relationship is doing really, really, well and he’s really, really into it or it’s doing really, really poorly.

He’s just not able to relax and be in a normal relationship.

It’s either really good or really bad.

There you have it.

Those are the 13 signs your new relationship will end in heartbreak.

Which of these signs have you seen in a relationship, and did it end in heartbreak?

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13 Signs Your New Relationship Will End in Heartbreak

Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

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3 years ago

I was with the love of my life for 14 years. Yes 14 years (but never married). We had the beautiful home, the life etc. We were great. But were we really??? He admitted very early on that he cheated on everyone he had been with previously. Oh, silly me. I thought, I will be different. He won’t cheat on my. Well as Dr. Phil says, “The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour”. Big surprise!!!! (Not) He had an affair, fell madly in love with the new woman and left me. He is now engaged to be married… Read more »

3 years ago

OH to be clear. He didn’t cheat on his last girlfriend to be with me. He was completely single when I met him. There were many of the above signs though throughout our 14 years together.

3 years ago
Reply to  Pam

Thank you for posting your experience. I saw a guy who said he wanted to see me again but then doesn’t contact me. I think that should be on there!

3 years ago

Adam, what is the difference between people bad-mouthing a man because of jealousy & people bad-mouthing a man because he’s a bad man? 🙂

Donna Cox
3 years ago

Love your videos. I forward to my teenager all the time just to see if she’ll watch.

shelley kelley
3 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this information. I recently split with a Narcissistic sociopath who had many of this traits. You are a true blessing from God.

3 years ago

The best explanation ever!!!” Look before you leap” strategy makes a woman wiser and much more responsible (now, no one to blame!)
Many thanks, Adam~

3 years ago

Very true! Speaking from personal experience, I find that resolving all of your fights in bed is also a very important factor indicating that your relationship will come to an end sooner or later. It might be effective for some time, but only until you get to the point where it just doesn’t work out as it used to anymore. If you can’t seem to find a solution to your relationship issues using good old communication, brace yourself, the end is in sight.

1 year ago

Wow! I was married for 13 Years and If I know then what I knew now and had this 13 Signs your new relationship will end in heart break I would never had got into this marriage.
almost all of the are head on correct.
Only one didn’t apply to us.

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