7 Signs He Doesn’t Want to Be Your Boyfriend (Time to Say “NEXT!”)

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All you want is to find a guy who you can settle down with. One you can call your boyfriend. And yet, when you go out with a man, he…

…seem allergic to the word “relationship…”

ghosts after you sleep with him

…and otherwise exhibits signs he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend. The problem is, you’re not clueing into those signs. You’re just getting frustrated, wasting time on the wrong men. In this video, I’m going to teach you those signs he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend so you can minimize the time you waste. Trust me: you’re going to recognize most of them.

If you look back and realize a man hasn’t taken you out on a “real” date, that he keeps things from moving forward, or that he has done everything to not get involved with your life and your friends, can you now accept that this man isn’t looking for a relationship?

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Let me just say: if you’re seeing these signs he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend, it’s on you to let this go and free yourself up to meet a man who would love to be in a serious relationship with you. If you stay, hoping you can convince him that you two are meant to be together, please don’t. You won’t change his mind about it, so I need you to pay attention to these warning signs and do what’s best for you and your emotional health.

Let me teach you a very important word that will come in handy here:


This man has served his purpose in your life, if for no other reason than to show you what you don’t want or need. Move on to the next guy, who hopefully will be The One.

Your Coach,

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Ronique Breaux Jordan
4 years ago

Paying attention Coach!

4 years ago

As usual it’s like your in my head and know what I’m struggling with. Thanks for another wonderful and insightful video!

4 years ago

Always love your chats! One thing tho… we pluck chickens & tweeze our brows!

4 years ago

Always love your chats! One thing tho… We pluck chickens & tweeze our brows 😉

norma dargin
3 years ago

wow in this video u look like young richard gere…yum

This guy gives great advice I cannot stop listenin
3 years ago

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