How to Seduce Men With Body Language: 12 Perfect Seduction Tips

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Women the world ’round have long yearned to know how to seduce men with body language.  If you’re like them, you want one man in particular to know that you lust after him…but maybe don’t have the courage to say so out loud. 

So you let your body do the talking.

woman seducing man

Learning how to seduce men with body language may take some practice!

There are tons of ways to use body language to communicate your desire, but today we’ll cover just 12:

1. Use Your Smile to Seduce Him
2. Aim Your Belly Button at Him
3. Touch Him. But Not Too Much
4. Avoid Crossing Your Arms To Seduce With Your Body
5. Use a Power Pose to Improve Seductive Body Language
6. Lock Eyes With Him…Then Lower Your Eyelids
7. Make the Most of Your Lips
8. Play With Your Hair To Attract Him
9. Show Him Your Interest Using Facial Expressions
10. Lean In Toward Him to Make Him More Attracted to You
11. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Your Best
12. Live in the Moment

Understanding the Value of Nonverbal Communication

You have no problem flirting with the object of your affections, but when it comes to saying, “hey, I find you incredibly hot. Would you like to hop in the sack?” well, frankly the idea petrifies you.

Body language, it turns out, makes up the bulk of how we communicate. While it’s debated among experts, many believe this is the breakdown of how we communicate:

  • Body language: 55%
  • Tone of voice: 38%
  • Words spoken: 7%

So if you can’t find the words to tell a man you want him, you should learn how to seduce men with body language!

So…What is Body Language?

Maybe you’re not familiar with how you can use your body to tell a man something, so let’s cover that here.

Obviously, body language involves your body communicating through signals. You can communicate that you’re secure/insecure, attracted/repulsed, happy/annoyed all with how you position your body. It’s often easier to think out what you plan to say through words than it is body language because most of the time we don’t even realize we are saying something with how our arms are placed, for example.

Think about it. The last time you were around someone you didn’t like, did you cross your arms? Maybe tap your foot impatiently? Whether you realized it or not, you were communicating that you didn’t want to be there talking to her.

Now think about how you are around the man you’re interested in. Maybe you lean in when he talks or even mirror his actions. Your body knows you’re totally into him, and it wants a chance to speak up!

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The key to learning how to seduce men with body language is being able to control and leverage certain positions to communicate your intent.

12 Tips on How to Seduce Men With Body Language

I promised you tips, so get your notebook ready to take notes! I guarantee that if you try any of these, he will pick up on your interest. What you do from there? Well, that’s entirely on you!

1. Use Your Smile to Seduce Him

smiling woman

You’ve got a great smile; use it!

We all know that the smile is powerful. But how you smile matters. Make sure you’re giving him what scientists call a Duchenne smile, which is genuine and involves the eyes, rather than a Pan Am smile, which is the false smile we often see on flight attendants who are less than thrilled to bring us another pillow on a flight. When your smile is real, he knows that you’re happy being with him.

You can also give him a sexy smile that says, “I’m thinking about what being in bed with you would be like.”

2. Aim Your Belly Button at Him

Say whaaa? Yes, ladies, your belly button can communicate that you’re into a guy.

Chris Ulrich, senior instructor at the Body Language Institute, says that pointing your belly button in the direction of the person you’re talking to can indicate that you like and trust him. Even if your head is turned another way, aim your body so that your belly button has a center “view” of this guy.

3. Touch Him…But Not Too Much

Consider two women:

Veronica: constantly rubs Brad’s chest, running her red fingernails up and down his biceps.

Samantha: touches his arm once or twice on a date. Brushes her knee against his “accidentally” under the table.

While Veronica is sending signals that in no uncertain terms she wants to ravage Brad, Samantha takes a more subtle approach. She wants him just as much, but she has the decorum to communicate this tastefully.

4. Avoid Crossing Your Arms


This is one of those signals you want to avoid when learning how to seduce men with body language because crossing your arms can indicate that you’re not interested or that you’re disconnected from the situation. It can also say that you’re feeling insecure.

President Trump’s own body language has been scrutinized, and when he crosses his arms, people take notice…not for the better.

If you find yourself crossing your arms (even if you’re not feeling any of the things I said it communicates), simply uncross them and lean in toward the man you’re with.

5. Strike a Power Pose to Improve Seductive Body Language

Amy Cuddy made the power pose trendy a few years ago with her TED Talk and then book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges. She conducted a study where subjects took either high-power or low-power poses. Those in high-power poses (think: hands on hips like Wonder Woman) felt more confident and performed better in tasks.

You can apply this to your own strategy on how to seduce men with body language; standing with your legs spread, your shoulders back, and your hands on your hips will make you feel like a million bucks, and that will be communicated to him!

6. Lock Eyes with Him…Then Lower Your Eyelids

I’ve told you before how powerful eye contact is in learning how to seduce men with body language. Think about how normally if you’re talking to someone (a cashier, your mom, a neighbor), you’ll make eye contact for a minute, then look away. That’s normal.

But when you’re into someone, staring deeply into their eyes can be intense. All kinds of emotions are communicated…and some of those will be based on sexual attraction.

So don’t be shy about locking eyes and having a flirty little staring contest.

But after that…try lowering them for a bit and slightly parting your lips. This is another sexy move that lets him know the temperature is rising around you two. It can indicate sexual submissiveness, and of course, it’s the expression many women have right before having an orgasm, so it’ll put him in a sexy frame of mind!

7.  Make the Most of Your Lips

blowing kiss

Your lips can do more than speak your attraction.

Another versatile tool when it comes to how to seduce men with body language is your lips. There are so many things you can do with them! 

Start with the color. Bold colors tend to get more attention, and red is known to communicate passion. But if you’re not comfortable rocking the red, try a deep berry. Really, you should just be comfortable with whatever color you choose.

Next, consider what to do with your lips. Biting your lower lip is incredibly sexy to men, so try that a few times (combined with that eyelid lowering!). You can also slowly lick your lips and smile at him.

8. Play With Your Hair To Attract Him

Your hair is another great seduction asset; there are a million ways to play with it to get a man’s attention.

  • Pull it all over one shoulder
  • Toss it back
  • Twirl a curl around your finger
  • Put it up in front of him

Just don’t overdo it with the hair! Pick one or two tactics, but don’t go overboard.

9. Show Him Your Interest Using Facial Expressions

Did you know we make about 25,000 facial expressions a day? Our faces are much more expressive and communicative than our voices ever could be. So use your face to tell him what’s on your mind.

Start by simply showing that you’re paying attention to what he’s saying. Nod occasionally while he talks.

Tilt your head to one side. This reveals your most vulnerable spot: your neck. It communicates that you trust him (even if he’s a vampire!).

You can also mirror his expressions. If he smiles, smile back. If he furrows his brow, do the same.

10. Lean In Toward Him to Make Him More Attracted to You

couple on a date

Leaning toward him indicates your interest.

When you lean in toward a man, he feels like you’re engaged and interested in him. If you lean away, it shows disinterest.

So when he’s talking, lean forward just a few inches. It’s a subconscious signal that will make him all the more attracted to you.

11. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Your Best

The best tip I can give for how to seduce men with body language is to simply be comfortable with your approach. If flipping your hair isn’t something you’d normally do, then don’t do it. The same goes with the clothes you wear on a date. You absolutely do not have to wear tight and revealing clothing to get the guy.

In fact, most men find a woman who leaves a little mystery in what she’s wearing all the more intriguing (“what’s happening underneath those clothes?”). Sure, form-fitting clothing, a tiny bit of cleavage, or a dress that shows off your legs will be appreciated, but you need to be comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Go to your closet right now. I’ll wait. Now find the outfits that you feel fabulous in. That might include a t-shirt, jeans, skirt, dress, whatever. These are the things you should wear on a date because they already help you feel more confident. Tight-fitting or too low-cut clothes, on the other hand, will just have you adjusting them all night and wishing you hadn’t worn them.

It’s more important that you’re confident in what you wear than that you appeal to what you think men will like. Confidence, as I’ve said numerous times, is crazy sexy!

12. Live in the Moment

I don’t want to overwhelm you with these tips on how to seduce men with body language to the point that you feel you need a script to go on a date! These are just suggestions, and I fully encourage you to come up with your own ways to communicate how you’re feeling. Again, when you’re confident, regardless of what you do, you’ll easily seduce any man.

You might be on a date and find that he really responds well to you teasing him, so go with it. Or he might take the lead with the flirting. You can never plan ahead of time how a date will go, or how a given man will respond to your sexy strategies, so pay attention to his feedback and modify accordingly.


Every woman will have a different approach to how to seduce men with body language. Your best friend might be great at seducing them on the dance floor, but you’ve got two left feet, so that doesn’t work for you. Instead, you use your wit.

Whatever you’ve got, own it. Work with it. Because the right man will be attracted to your unique blend of youness. So be authentic, and find the seduction techniques that get you the best results.

I also encourage you to know what you want before you try to seduce a man. Are you ready to have sex with him, or are you just looking for a little attention? Realize that some of the tips I outlined above will communicate to him that you are ready to get intimate, so be sure that you’re ready for that step before trying these strategies out. If you’re just starting to date a man and really want him to commit, maybe save these tips for later once you know each other better.

Let’s hear from our community! What ways have you found to work when it comes to how to seduce men with body language? Leave a comment below.

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