22 Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend

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Are you looking for some freaky things to do to your boyfriend, to spice things up in your relationship?

If so, this is the article for you.

And whether you’re totally confident or a little shy, we’ve got a range of ideas for you to explore. If you’re new to getting freaky, start small and build things up from there.

Below is a list of all the things he wants you to do but hasn’t told you yet (or has dropped a hint or two!). If you surprise him, it’ll be even sexier. You’re guaranteed to turn him on in minutes by catching him off guard.

Here Are 22 Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend To Instantly Blow His Mind.

1. Give Him A Sensual Massage.

Women are often getting massages from their partners, but men love some T.L.C. as much as you do. Light some candles, invest in some massage oil, and ask him to slip his clothes off and lie down. While you’re at it, take your clothes off too.

Oil your hands and slide them sensually over his muscles, starting from the feet upward. When you reach his inner thigh, don’t go any higher. Keep teasing him, and leave him wanting more. Don’t be afraid to squeeze his butt now and then gently—it will turn him on.

2. Send Him A Sexy Text.

We love it when you tell us how much you want us—it’s sexy as hell.

Send him a sexy text just after he leaves for work or in the middle of the day. You’ll get him eager to race back home to you and create some wild sexual tension while you both wait.

Tell him how hot you think he is or what you’re going to do to him when he gets home. He’ll be putty in your hands.

3. Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend: Give Him A Striptease.

Maybe you gave your boyfriend a striptease when you first started dating, but stripping is up there when it comes to freaky things to do to your boyfriend throughout your relationship.

You can be as tame or as bold as you like here. If you’re feeling confident, turn the track “Pony” up loud, and give him your best Channing Tatum moves. The important part is you slowly remove your clothes without him touching you or assisting. This will drive him crazy. By the time you’re naked, he’ll be drooling.

4, Do A Lip Tease.

freaky things to do to your boyfriend

Making out is underrated and can be fun and sexually exciting. Start by kissing him slowly, just for a few moments, then pull away. Leave him wanting more. Pause for a minute, then go back and kiss him passionately again. Each time you do this, you’ll have him wanting to kiss you more.

You can take this up a notch by doing it in public. He’ll be dying to get back home asap.

5, Connect Through Tantric Breathing.

When most people hear the word “tantra,” they immediately think of sex. But tantra is an ancient yogic practice that is rooted in connection and intimacy.

“Connecting to your partner through syncing your breaths together and by gazing eye-to-eye will connect your energy,” Tyomi Morgan, certified sexologist and tantra practitioner.

It’s one of the best freaky things to do to your boyfriend because it will take him by surprise.

Start by facing each other, place your hand on his heart, and ask him to put his on yours. Maintain eye contact, and breathe deeply. Try and follow the same breathing pattern as each other. See what unfolds.

6. Play Footsie.

You can play footsie with your boyfriend when you’re at home, chilling on the sofa, or out on a date. Just do it when he least expects it.

Gently run your foot up and down his calf. Gradually work your way up the inner part of his leg. Do it slowly, and keep your eyes locked on his.

7. Sit On His Lap.

Men love this move because it’s like the beginning of a lap dance, plus it’s with a woman they know and love.

The best way to do this is to look out for when he’s sat down somewhere—at the kitchen table, his desk, or in the garden. Align your chest with his, so you’re facing him, and straddle your legs around his waist.

You can heat things up even more by grinding yourself against him and really get his attention.

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8. Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend: Join Him In The Shower.

man showering

If you and your boyfriend have never showered together, you should give this a try. Surprise your boyfriend next time he’s in the shower, or ask him to join you. It’s small gestures like this that will get him turned on and help him see you in a different light.

Try lathering soap on each other, making out, or even going all the way.

9. Whisper In His Ear.

Hug him from behind, move your lips close to his ear, and whisper something you know will arouse him. Something like, “I love you,” “you look so sexy,” or “I love it when you wear this shirt.”

Then, gently lick and nibble at his ear lobe. It is guaranteed to send shivers down his spine.

10. Ice Ice Baby.

The ice cube trick is one of the most subtle freaky things to do to your boyfriend. It’s super cold but will get him heating up fast.

Ask him to lie back and gently rub an ice cube up and down his body. A great tip is to start around his neck and work your way alllllll the way down. Pay particular attention to his nipples—this is an extra sensitive spot.

There’s something about the contrast in temperature that will get him worked up, as you’ve never seen before.

11. Talk Dirty To Him.

couple talking

We love it when you talk dirty to us, and you don’t have to get X-rated either. Just tell us what you want us to do to you or what you want to do to us. Be specific. Don’t hold back.

Next time you’re thinking of something sexy, share it with your boyfriend. He’ll love it, especially if this isn’t something you usually do.

12. Send Him A Naughty Picture.

If you’re looking for freaky things to do to your boyfriend, try sending him a sexy pic. Less is more here, ladies. You want to be suggestive, but you also want to leave him begging for more.

That means don’t go straight for the money shot. Pick a family-friendly part of your body, and show it off in a sexy way. For example, pair a short skirt with heels to highlight your legs. If you know there’s one part of your body he particularly likes, make that the main attraction.

Optional extra: when you hit send, tell him what you plan on doing to him when you see him later.

13. Eat Something In A Suggestive Way.

One of the hottest freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to eat anything sexily in front of him.

Typical go tos include bananas and ice cream. But you can pretty much eat anything sexily. It’s all about how you do it.

That means licking, nibbling, and making plenty of eye contact. You can do this when you’re eating together at home, or even take him out and split an ice cream sundae.

14. Lounge In Lingerie.

woman lingerie

When you feel sexy and confident, you’ll appear sexy and confident. And for men (and women), that’s the ultimate turn-on. Lingerie makes women feel good, and your boyfriend will love seeing you in it too.

Surprise him by walking around the house in a killer set of lingerie. You’ll feel like a Goddess, and he won’t know what’s hit him.

If in doubt, choose a red set. Red is one of the sexiest colors and is guaranteed to turn him on.

15. Play With His Nipples.

A man’s nipples are one of his erogenous zones, the same way yours are too. But most women don’t give them enough attention.

Next time you’re in bed, or he’s topless, focus on his nipples. Rub them in a circular motion, use your tongue to lick and suck them, and play around. See what he likes, and do more of that.

16. Play Strip Poker.

You can turn just about any game into a naked game, but strip poker is the king of all naked games.

Wear a sexy set of lingerie underneath your clothes—his favorite set, or one that you know will turn him on. He will love seeing you gradually shed one more item of clothing until you’re both naked.

What happens next is up to you.

17. Take Charge.

Men tend to be the ones who initiate sex, and as much as we love doing that, it can get boring. Plus, it’s a lot of pressure on our shoulders.

Want to know a secret? We love it when women initiate sex. It shows confidence and assertiveness, and it’s sexy as hell.

So when your boyfriend least expects it, take his hand and lead him to the bedroom. Ask him to lie down, and start slowly taking your clothes off. He will love seeing you so confident and in control. Who knows—you might end up enjoying the role reversal too.

18. Try Some Sex Toys.

Don’t be intimidated by sex toys. They’re a great way of spicing up sex with your boyfriend and discovering what you both like. If you’ve never used them together before, blow his mind by introducing a toy into the bedroom. Start with a small, simple vibrator.

You’ll learn more about each other, and both get your climax.

Plus, this Harvard study found that sex toys can help ease vaginal pain and tightness. You can’t argue with science.

19. Forgo Panties.

couple eating dinner

One of the sexiest, freaky things to do to your boyfriend of all time is to go commando. Skip the underwear, and casually mention to your boyfriend that you forgot to put them on. This will drive him wild.

Better yet, when you’re out on a date, take them off in the ladies’ bathroom during dinner, then discreetly hand them to him under the table with a cheeky smile.

Check, please.

20. Blindfold Him.

Nothing says freaky quite the way a sexy, silk blindfold does.

Before you make love next time, blindfold him. He’ll be so excited because it’s a new experience for him. Men are visual creatures, so when you take his sight away, all his other senses will become heightened, and it will feel like magic. He won’t know where you’re going to touch him next or what’s going to happen.

Spend lots of time caressing his body and kissing him to build the excitement. By the time it’s over, he’ll be floating high on cloud nine.

21. Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend: Experiment With Role Play.

One of the most common sexual fantasies involves role play. And you can bet most guys have fantasized about you dressed as a sexy something: a nurse, professor, or schoolgirl—you get the picture.

The best thing about role play is it allows you to be someone else for a while and look and act differently than you would every day. It’s liberating.

Find out what his ultimate fantasy is, and surprise him with it. Here are some ideas if you need some inspiration. Remember to have fun with it!

22. Mix Food With Pleasure.

If you’re looking for freaky things to do to your boyfriend, head to your fridge.

Bringing food into the bedroom is a tonne of fun, especially if you’ve never done this before.

Think about things that smell and taste good and are easy to spread on his body. Melted chocolate, honey, whipped cream, etc. Apply these to various parts of his body, then gently begin licking them off. This will drive him crazy and will be so much fun.

That’s My List Of Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend.

All of these tips are guaranteed to turn your boyfriend on and help him see you in a new sexy light.

If you’re looking to recreate the passion of your honeymoon phase, try a couple of these out and stand back and watch as that spark rekindles.

Set yourself a challenge to try out one new thing on this list each week. If you’re shy, start with something small and build your confidence up.

Getting freaky with your boyfriend isn’t just about him. It’s about both of you learning more about each other, getting closer, and having fun.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below...

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Deborah Stewart
3 years ago

Thanks so much Adam. These sound fun.

1 year ago

Yeah they’re good ideas, but all you need to know is how to give incredible oral. You really don’t need to over complicate things… us men are simple creatures lol. (I know this is probably unpopular advice but please don’t shoot the messenger) – I just thought I’d leave some very honest advice on here. Because trust me… your boyfriend will thank you for it. If you’re unsure what to do there’s a brilliant guide here: http://www.JacksBJGuide.com – Believe me when I say that men don’t forget their ‘best ever’. It’s sorta like the holy grail in the bedroom haha.… Read more »

3 years ago

Your article has been beautiful. I also have a blog site of a blog reviewing my dating website. adulct.com
You can post a guest on my blog if you want

3 years ago

Yeah these do sound like fun, I do the lingerie lounging amongst others but I love #19, I’m blushing thinking about it lol, gonna try it when we’re all eventually aloud to go out again.

Grace Bernardy
6 months ago

I always do nr. 14 haha. Just sit around innocently and in full intention tease him until he just can anymore. 
I feel like men really like the daddy roleplay kink, so I always call him that and it makes him go nuts. 

Jones Fill
5 months ago

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

Can you send me a picher of some body prity

3 months ago

The above 22 ways are still not enough. One factor that increases cohesion is playing geometry dash bloodbath together.

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