7 (Sexy) Erogenous Zones for Men (Touch Him HERE)

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Yes, of course, you’re thinking, “Adam, isn’t there just one erogenous zone for men? Why bother with 6 others?”

While I’m tempted to change the title of this video and article to “1 erogenous place where guys like to be touched,” I know this video would only be 10 seconds long and you wouldn’t even need to watch it to know where I’m talking about. But the fact is: there are other places you can touch a man to turn him on.

So let’s talk about those erogenous zones for men…because once you know what they are, you can drive him wild.

Your Coach,


If you think about it, touch is the first, and perhaps most profound, language we learn when we’re very young. From a parent’s soothing touch when we’re screaming babies to a hug we give a friend in elementary school, we quickly learn the importance of touch.

As we get older and start dating and end up in relationships, touch becomes a huge component in how we bond with other humans, particularly those we’re emotionally connected to. And studies show that the more of an emotional bond you feel with someone, the more willing you are for them to touch you…just about anywhere!

This makes sense right? If you trust your partner, you’re comfortable with their touch.

And because you’re a Sexy Confident lady, you don’t want to just go for the obvious spot to turn a man on. You’re looking for erogenous zones for men that will surprise and ignite him. Am I right? Great. Let’s look at where you should touch your fella to light a fire.

1. Lips

I’m not necessarily talking about touching him on the lips, though that can be seductive, but rather kissing.

Scientists have long debated why we kiss.

Is it learned, or is it innate? Is there a purpose to it?

This might surprise you: While 90% of humans kiss, that leaves 10% who don’t.

Today, the most widely-accepted theory of why we kiss is that we do it because it helps us sniff out a quality mate. When our faces are close together, our pheromones “talk” to one another, exchanging biological information that helps our bodies know whether this person would be a good one to create offspring with.

Even if you’re not looking to have kids with a guy, kissing can still communicate volumes. From his perspective, a kiss — whether it’s a soft one or a passionate one — is almost always a turn-on.

2. Ears and Face


Back when I used to coach men on how to meet and approach women, there was a cardinal rule I taught:

If she’ll let you touch her face, she’ll likely let you kiss her.

So the same rule applies for you. If you haven’t yet had that first kiss, try touching his ears or his face gently as a way to test the waters. If he responds well, pucker up!

And if you’re long past that first kiss, know this: a survey found that the ears ranked just behind the scrotum in terms of places that, when touched, caused men to peak during sex faster.

3. Hands and Fingers

We’re getting progressively more sexy here! If you’ve never tried sucking his fingers, give it a try the next time you’re in the middle of foreplay.

I guarantee it will drive him wild!

4. Nipples

shirtless man

Those nipples are begging to be touched!

Nipples are actually biologically useless for men, except for one thing: sensuality. Personally, it doesn’t do much for me, but there are some guys who really like being caressed on their nipples.

Pay attention to whether he likes a gentle lick with your tongue or a firm bite with your teeth. You may have to find out the hard way that he is ticklish or that he’s overly sensitive in this area!

5. Inner Thighs

Every man knows that if a woman is rubbing or kissing his inner thighs, she’s ready to do something he’s really gonna like!

If you want to take a perfectly innocent massage up a level in heat, tell him to turn over after you massage his back muscles and work your way down to his thighs…from there, you’re on your own, girl!

6. The Neck

couple at beach

If he lets you touch his neck, he’s ready to be kissed.

Think about it: our neck (and throat) is one of the most vulnerable spots on our body, and therefore one of the best erogenous zones for men. A light kiss or caress there will make him want to do naughty things to you, guaranteed.

7. The G-Spot or the P-Spot

Never heard of the P-spot? It’s the prostate spot and the male equivalent of the G-spot. Massaging it can be a major turn on for a guy, and is one of the biggest (yet lesser known) erogenous zones for men.

Disclaimer: Before you go sticking your finger up your guy’s butt, please don’t do it unless he specifically requests it. It’s not for everyone, and it might be quite a shock if you do it without his permission!

Still, if you’re up for something a bit more adventurous, hitting the P-spot could be something new to try.

Conclusion: Find the Erogenous Zones for Men That YOUR Guy Likes

While I’ve given you seven erogenous zones for men to try out, the truth is: your guy will have his own preferences. He might like #2 and #5 but not #1 and #4.  You might not be far enough into your relationship that he’s comfortable with you touching his nipples, for example; that might come over time.

So the key to making your man happy in the bedroom is to pay attention to what he likes. He may have hangups about being touched on his neck because he choked as a kid. Or he may really really like it when you suck on his fingers. Take note of what his reaction is when you try something new, and be open in communicating.

Ask him if he likes whatever you try. If not, could you do it differently or try something else? Is there anything you haven’t done that he considers one of his favorite erogenous zones for men?

The key to a healthy relationship and sex life is simply having open communication about these things. So if he reacts badly and you don’t talk about why, you may take it personally and not want to touch him sexually again, fearing rejection. Talking about it helps you understand where he’s coming from.

So leave me a comment below: which of these erogenous zones for men have you seen the best results from? Have you found others?

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5 years ago

A great video….hope you do more like it!

5 years ago

You make me lol & hell yes more. If we cannot have these conversations we shouldnt even be on the playing field.

5 years ago

Perfect video! Very informative, not ovr stepping…

5 years ago

Wow how insightful
Thanks I’m looking forward for more information

Miss tishy
2 months ago

Ears? very gentle unfolding of outer fold
Running finger lightly along jawline from mandible to chin
using back of finger (tip) to lightly trace along extremities from distal toward heart

5 days ago

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