5 Biggest Turn Ons For Men In the Bedroom

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Put down the whipped cream…

… return the ice cubes to the freezer…

… and stop freaking out about that thing you’re thinking of doing with his toe.

Cosmopolitan has convinced women everywhere that they need to bring something into the bedroom if they want to turn their man on.

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Nothing could be further from the truth.

All those things can be fun, but they aren’t necessary.

Let me explain…

… some of the biggest turn ons for men are things you can do tonight.

Men aren’t the simple creatures TV shows make us out to be…

… however, the things that most turn us on aren’t that complex.

Your Coach,

Summary –

1. A Woman Who Loves Her Own Body

I gotta say this one thing, and it’s been on my mind forever … TV magazines telling you that you have to be perfect, or that you have to have a body that impresses anyone – they are WRONG. The only person that you need to impress is yourself.

Here’s the thing: when you think you’re sexy, we usually feel the same way as well. If we’re jumping into bed with you, we think you’re sexy.
It matters far less how perfect your body is by societal perfection than what you think about your body. Are you comfortable being naked or are you ashamed? Are you comfortable with being sexual with a guy or are you ashamed? These are the things that you’ll want to address first rather than focusing on the physical nature of your body.

2. A Woman Who’s Having Fun In Bed

Beyond the utility of sex being designed for us all to procreate, sex as a past time is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Some women seem to forget this and they make sex seem like it’s this step-by-step system that’s only to be completed at the right time in the right way. I’m sure some guys that you’ve been with do the same thing. You’ll notice that that is no bueno, no fun. There’s no formula. Go with the flow, and he should go with the flow as well.

Also, as you’ve probably experienced, sometimes sex gets a little bit weird, and it’s okay to just laugh a little bit. It’s supposed to be fun. But whatever you do, don’t laugh at him, laugh with him.

3. An Open Mind

This doesn’t mean you have to be into all the things that he wants you to do. You always have veto power or the secret word.

If he does something that maybe you’re not that into, then don’t judge him for it, unless it’s like really, really, really bad, but generally, don’t judge him for it. Understand that everyone has their own sexual taste. Or if you’re with a really, really, really, really freaky dude, then yes, have a safe word.

4. He Wants To Know That You Want Him

There’s a lot of negative programming for women as they grow up in regards to sex and sharing their sexuality with men. They’re told never show a guy that you like him, never show your sexual side, but here’s the reality: men need to feel wanted and a lot of that is just negative programming, it’s a lot of garbage that you’ve been fed throughout your life. You’re a sexual woman, and he’s a sexual man, and so long as you’re in a healthy, committed relationship, then why not? Why wouldn’t you be having sex? Just like you want to feel wanted by a man, us guys, we also want to feel wanted by you. So be sure to remind him how much you really do want him.

5. Dirty Talk

Sexuality begins in his mind. Tell him, with your words, what it is that you like and what you want him to do, and you’ll capture his deepest imagination.

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Kristine Green
7 years ago

I love dirty talk. It is so sensual and I feel so connected. It is a total turn for me. It really makes me in the mood.

7 years ago

Coach Adam
Thank you so much for this tips…
It helps a lot …..
You’re great..again thank you

7 years ago

Having fun in bed!
A partner who’s playful, that’s the biggest turn on for me.
Thanks for the video!

7 years ago

I’m overweight girl and i love my body and I’m not shy about being naked
I love dirty talk and yes of course having fun in bed
Such turn on for me

7 years ago

I fall silent when it comes to “dirty talk” I can do it if I am really focused but I do much better on the physical aspect of the act. Only when I’m inspired I’ll mention something. I may stutter or lack of confidence in this area. I do better with using my hands and mouth than words!

6 years ago

everyone of them 😉

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