5 Cute Texts That Make Him Miss You

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Texting is a critical part of dating. The problem is I see a lot of people misuse it.

They’ll send essay-long messages about their day and how work is going, and what they ate for breakfast on Tuesday.


Newsflash: texting is not for long, in-depth conversations.

Save those for when you see the guy in person!

Here’s what texting is great for:

  • Flirting
  • Bantering
  • Building desire
  • Making him miss you and want to see you IRL

So, here are 5 cute texts to send a guy that are guaranteed to make him miss you.

  1. Send him a picture of you with someone else doing something epic!

Now, you don’t want to send a photo of you with another guy on a date. Send him a picture of you with a friend doing something fun, like hiking a crazy-tall mountain or the moment before you sky-dive out of an airplane!

This will demonstrate your value because you’re showing him you have a full, awesome life without him, and that’s guaranteed to make him work harder to be a part of it.

  1. “I was just thinking back to when…”

This could be a memory of a date you went on or some other experience you shared. Just make sure it was super fun or romantic.

What this will do is illicit an emotional response in him of that exact moment in time, make him smile and miss you.

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  1. Stop texting him so much!

Okay, so I know this isn’t exactly a text, but if you want a man to miss you, it’s important to give him a chance to!

What’s the best way to do that?

Be doing so many cool things that you don’t have time to always be texting him.

Little Love Step #5 of my Little Love Steps is all about pacing the progression of your connections.

If this is hard for you, put your phone on do not disturb, or hide it in a drawer, along with those choc chip cookies.

  1. “I’m wearing something right now that I think you’d like…”

Men are visual creatures. The second he reads this text, his mind will catapult into overdrive:

What is she wearing?

Dress, skirt, heels, bikini, underwear, nothing?

Am I going to get a cheeky photo?

Tip: don’t send this if you’ve only gone on one date because that’s probably a little too much too soon. This is more appropriate if you’re at Little Love Step #5 or beyond.

  1. “I bet my weekend beat your weekend!”

If you haven’t spoken to a guy for a couple of weeks, send him this text. It will show him you’ve had an awesome weekend, make him wonder what you’ve been up to, and help you rekindle the connection and have some light-hearted banter.

If he’s anything like me, he will immediately text you back saying, “no way your weekend beat my weekend!!

Want to make a guy miss you? Send him one of these texts, and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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9 months ago


9 months ago
Reply to  elizabeth

Yes some of these would work.im sure,but when u never meant in person and its all.texing,well then maybe not,just saying in my situation

Mellisa S.
9 months ago
Reply to  Terri

Mine also!! You’re NOT ALONE!!

9 months ago

I have not met my guy in person either. We have been texting for almost 2 months now. So no those particular texts would not work for me either. Maybe the not texting one.

9 months ago
Reply to  Chris

Why for two months?? Go out with him! Two months is way too long!!

7 months ago
Reply to  Chris

Why do you allow this to go on for months? If I meet a guy online, I tell him I don’t do chitchat by text or phone. I suggest within the first WEEK we meet for coffee. If he isn’t available, move on to the next guy. Relationships can NEVER be built if you don’t meet in person.

Mellisa S.
9 months ago

I have never met my guy either and we have been texting for 4 years now!! My situationship is really difficult. I have tried ALL of those texts and still I get nothing in return. I think he’s pulling back from me and he has been for a year or so now. He doesn’t understand me and I don’t understand him on why he does that to me. I’ve been the one who’s been consistent in his life for the past 4 years. I’m the one who hasn’t given up on him. He hasn’t texted me since early morning yesterday… Read more »

9 months ago
Reply to  Mellisa S.

I am sorry, but 4 years it way too long for texting! He is either unavailable, unable to commit, or a Scammer. Move on to someone real!!

9 months ago
Reply to  Mellisa S.

Sounds like a catfish…
He should be put everything into being with you! You deserve better! Put your energy into a man who wants you & treats you like a queen, in person! Not on line, they are not real baby!

2 months ago
Reply to  Monique

Monique, I found mine online and boy is he a keeper. Knowing him for 4 months now and not a single disagreement. After 2 weeks writing back and forth and then after 2 weeks of meeting him in person, I traveled across the US with him (9500 miles). Granted, 1/3 online are likely scammers and 1/3 mentally ill or too far gone to recover from previous relationships. I let men I dated know from the start that I am into an honest and emotionally open relationship and that I will terminate the relationship at the first sign of dishonesty and… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Mellisa S.

Catfish, or married. You don’t have a relationship, sorry.

2 months ago
Reply to  Mellisa S.

I’d give up on this guy, Mellisa!

9 months ago

This will prove your worth because you’re letting him see that you have a great life even without him, and that will motivate him to want to join you. backrooms game

Gail Willingham
9 months ago

Love ❤️ him

Judy Amsley
7 months ago


3 months ago

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