3 Red Flags To Look For When You First Meet A Guy

3 Red Flags To Look For When You First Meet A Guy

Adam LoDolce

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Warning… Warning!

Does your internal warning system ever go off when you first meet a guy?

Sometimes it’s easy to pick up on the red flags… but other times it can be a bit tricky.

In today’s video I’m going to talk about 3 of these red flags that you absolutely MUST look out for when you first meet a guy.

Check it out here:

Don’t let any more creepers, d-bags or flat-out weirdos fly in under the radar!

Look, not all red flags are FATAL warnings… but you need to know which ones to watch out for. The sooner you pick up on these signals the better!

Your Coach,

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1. He’s really, really good at it.

You know, in my experience, the really good guys who are open to a relationship and really treat women well throughout the dating process are usually not very good at picking up women — especially when compared to guys who just want to get out there and get laid.

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If a guy is really nervous when he comes up to you, I ask that you give him a chance. Because those guys who are super suave, super good at coming up and knocking you off your feet, making you really excited and attracted to them are probably doing it to a lot of other women. Watch out for this red flag!

2. He goes sexual really quickly.

Let me tell you ladies something. Every guy is going to want to hook up with you as quickly as possible because we’re f****** guys.

But there’s a difference between wanting to get to know you and wanting to hook up with you very quickly versus only wanting to hook up with you and nothing else. If the conversation only seems to revolve around sex, that is a dating red flag.

3. He won’t give you any information about himself.

If he’s pleading the fifth on every single question you are throwing his way, the dude is definitely guilty of something. Why is he not sharing information about himself? … RED FLAG!

Have you ever ignored one of these red flags and totally regretted it later? I want to hear from you below in the comments. What other red flags have you uncovered?

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3 Red Flags To Look For When You First Meet A Guy

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Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

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5 years ago

i really like the video it’s just for me

5 years ago

Hola Adam,

Love your videos, Yes I definaltely agree with your top 3 red flags.
I’ve seen one of those red flags early on and never will I ever ignore
it again. Guy was a total d_bag.
I like your insight. Its always better to get advice from a man.

Thanxs A lot Adam…

5 years ago

I just met a man online,well we met 2 weeks ago and he was leaving for a 2 week trip. He seemed very nice in our first conversations we talked about music and a little about past relationships. Today he greeted me with the news he was back home, we spoke again joking about how letter writing is a lost art the conversation ended very upbeat when I saw him come online an hour ago things got weird he acted completely different implying we had been sexting before and we hadn’t…I’m lost but I guess I’ll write him off as… Read more »

4 years ago

Red flag: this guy I know not only was unfaithful to his wife, but also had two children with his lover and they are about the same ages of the children he had with his wife. They were both pregnant at the same time, basically. He is not with either of them. What makes you think he will settle sometime soon.

4 years ago

I got this web site from my friend who informed me concerning this web site and now this time I am browsing this
web site and reading very informative posts here.

Amanda Grant
2 years ago

Hi Adam.
I really enjoyed your videos.
No. 1 on why do i get so emotional involved is me.
Its a nightmare for me. I understand im not a child amymore but its hard to change.
Thank you for the tips

1 year ago

Red Flag 1: Once we get closer to a week he asked me to be his girlfriend and that he liked me and could see himself settling down with me. I thought he was crazy but my sister had told me there are guys who do fall quick so I decided that I will try to just give it a chance and time for my feelings to get there. Red flag 2: Well today we were video chatting and he was masturbating while we where talking without telling me I only found out because he showed me thinking I would… Read more »

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