How to Filter For the Good Guys Versus the Bad Guys

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"Dude, I just want a snuggle bunny."

“Dude, I just want a snuggle bunny.”

A “cute guy” says hello at Starbucks.

He’s smooth. He’s funny. He’s charismatic. He’s…too good to be true?

Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past, or you’re just trying to protect yourself for the future – you’re probably wondering how to filter out the bad guys, and keep the GOOD ones, right?

Watch this video to learn 3 ways to separate out the ‘duds’ from the ‘studs.’

Now that you’ve watched this video, you have the tools you need to filter out all the “Mr. Wrongs.” But the question is, are you really going to “woman up,” and break it off with the guys covered in red flags?

Please comment below with your experiences (good and bad) involving filtering for great guys versus the wrong guys.

See you next week you sexy thang.


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9 years ago

Video isn’t popping up again :-/

9 years ago

No sound!

9 years ago

I love you ! (But not in that creepy, stalking kind of way ;). Your videos make me laugh and your advice reassures that I’m on the right path. Keep up the good work !

Best xx

9 years ago

I recently went out with the “perfect” guy – the kind we’re all looking for: kind, funny, successful, personable, and attentive. He seemed so into me and has had only long term relationships in the past so I was floored when on date 4 (following 3 amazing dates and tons of phone time) he told me he wasn’t looking for a relationship. I felt disappointed and almost duped but taking Adam’s advice, I chose to cut him off. I told him that it is too bad because we seemed really great together and that if he changes his mind, maybe… Read more »

9 years ago

I recently reconnected with this guy I used to see last year. We could talk or sit in silence and just be comfortable in each other’s company. He was working in and out of town and wasn’t ready to get into a relationship so whatever, I stopped seeing him. I contacted him more recently and we started talking again like old times and this time around he said his timing made sense and he’s more than ready. He was sending me all the signals, we connected really well and it was going good. I got the butterflies – first time… Read more »

8 years ago

I think your videos are very informative. I wish I had watched them sooner, I think it would have saved me a lot of heartache. I dated a guy who would lie about little things. I never caught him in a lie, but he would tell me that he had told other people lies to protect their feelings. Like people would ask him if he was Mexican or Native American and he’d just say that he was. His friend was interested in me, so instead of telling him we were dating, he would say that he was at the library.… Read more »

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