3 Reasons Why Dating After 40 Is Better than Your 20s

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In this video, I’ll be busting that urban myth that dating in your 40s can’t be better than dating in your 20s!

You’ll learn the three key reasons why dating in your 40s as an older woman is more empowering than dating as a younger woman.

Carry these with you as you get on out there to attract the man and relationship you desire.

Here are three reasons why dating after 40 is better than your 20s.

Reason #1: You get what you see

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When you reach your late 30s to 40s, the men you’re dating become much easier to figure out. It’s clear who he is and what he’s looking for. And you can either take it or leave it, which saves you both a ton of time and heartache.

Reason #2: You know who you are

The same logic applies to you when you’re dating. As we get older, we start to settle into who we are, and we become much clearer about what we’re looking for. At this point, you know how you tick, the kind of life you want, and the kind of man and relationship you desire.

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Reason #3: You can start to trust your instincts

When you reach your 40s, you can easily see through the tall, dark, handsome man who’s just looking to hook up. You’ve met a hundred versions of this guy over the years, and you can spot his motives a mile away. With age comes wisdom, and you can start to trust your intuition when dating as an older woman and avoid getting involved with the wrong type of man.

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9 months ago

You just needed to follow the narrative and bring in the woke agenda. Gross and totally unnecessary.

9 months ago

Adam, I would love to know about dating at the age of 71. I prefer men 5 to 10 years younger, because they are more vibrant as I am. I would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you

9 months ago
Reply to  Laura

I prefer younger guys too.

9 months ago
Reply to  Laura

Me too.
I’m 71 and guys my age seem far too old. Act old and look old!

9 months ago

No matter who I date, I end up losing out to someone else. I am a nice person-maybe too nice!

9 months ago

I’m 62. I was talking online with a dozen guys at once. It was time-consuming, but it got to the heart of the matter quickly. I let them know up front that I was interested in marriage, period. That weeded out a few. I also let them know they weren’t the only one I was talking with; that also weeded out a few. I finally ended up with three high quality men who thought I was worth the competition. Through that process, I found the one. I’ve been following Adam for a few years now and I took his advice… Read more »

9 months ago
9 months ago

I am 47 and everyone around me is married. I cant even find a guy to date. And i have tried, online dating, go to 3 different churches in my area, and volunteer. I even paid for a dating service, that was a joke.

9 months ago

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