Why You Attract All the WRONG Men

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Do you feel like you’re attracting all the wrong men into your life?

If so, you’re not alone.

This is a super common complaint I hear among women today.

If you want to know what you can do about it so you can start attracting the RIGHT men, check out the video below:

In this video, I explain exactly why this has been happening to you and why you actually have more choice in the matter than you think you do. Do you attract the wrong men or do you choose the wrong men? Answer in the comments below.

Your Coach,

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Summary –

I hear this complaint all the time.

“Adam, I just seem to attract only the wrong men in my life.”

You don’t attract the wrong men. You choose the wrong men.

Who you date is always a choice, and if you’re always attracting the wrong guys, it’s time to take some personal responsibility.

Saying that you attract all the wrong men is the same as saying that you only attract unhealthy foods.

The reason you seem to get caught up with unhealthy relationships is probably the same reason you might get caught up eating unhealthy foods.

You allow short-term gratification to outweigh long-term needs.

That guy you meet who might be edgy, exciting, and slightly erratic will definitely be fun at first and might give you that short-term excitement you really want… but in the long term, you’ll be dating the wrong guy.

And because you’re short sighted, you always allow yourself to be blinded by all the red flags that existed in the first place. Whereas, that guy who might be a little bit more reserved, maybe even a little shy at the party (but seems to show genuine interest in getting to know you and potentially wanting a future with you) might not elicit that strong emotional excitement at first. But as you get to know him, he’ll make you feel great and help you become a better person.

Things like being caring, supportive, and honest are not necessarily the most exciting and attractive attributes in the world, but they do lead to long-term happiness.

So please stop blaming the interstellar universe for attracting and dating the wrong men. It’s no one’s fault except your own. Change the criteria of what type of men you’re accepting in your life, the type of men that are acceptable to you, and be disciplined enough to stick to it.

Choose to attract the right guy and stop dating the wrong men.

If all of your dating decisions are based on impulse, you’ll always end up attracting the wrong men.

Remember, you always have the power to choose who you’re with and the type of relationship it becomes.

So let me ask you, what kind of guys do you attract? Do you attract the wrong men or do you choose the wrong men? I want to hear from you in the comments below.

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7 years ago


Can I choose a caramel apple? 😉
Gem of a video!


7 years ago

An asking video true

7 years ago

Dammit Adam! Fine! Be logical!

7 years ago

Nope. I am APPROACHED by all the wrong guys.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lori

Me to. It’s annoying

7 years ago

Lmao. Loved this video. Totally true. For me, I attract and chose the wrong guy. It’s weird, I know from the start all of them were the wrong one, for long term. I think I just do it for sport now! However, it has given me insight to what I truly want in a man. Also, it has given me the strength and knowledge to know how to walk away with some ease from a bad relationship. Hmmmmm. What does that say about me? Idk… Thanks for the info Adam

7 years ago

Wow, that was harsh. And thought-provoking. Yuck, truth hurts. Very insightful. Thanks!

7 years ago

Your information has really opened my eyes! And I still don’t know enough. Keep up the great work!

6 years ago

This is the first time in my life i have ever posted anything so here it goes. Not to sound mean but I kind of disagree with some of what was said. Or maybe I’m wrong or misunderstand. I do understand the person you choose is the person you choose just like picking the apple or the Reese cup. choosing someone to date is not as easy to as apple or reese, you know always watch one is the better choice . with men it’s not always that easy. Adam asks do you attract the wrong men or choose the… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  val

I was up since 3 am trying to figure out what I wanted to say and how to say it and the message above is what I come up with. It’s so long I’m sure no one will read it but that’s okay just sending it was scary enough for me

5 years ago
Reply to  val

Wow Val, you’ve been through a whole lot. I think the thing is, that the truly nice guys don’t usually come up to you like that, but wait to be introduced, or you happen to meet and bond over something else whilst you’re not thinking of him in that way. What do I know – I’m single too – but I think that sitting there waiting is also a choice, and I think some of Adams advice is to not sit there (unless you’re enjoying the view) but do what you want to do, and then you get to steer… Read more »

6 years ago

At the bottom it says name email and website . What is the website box for

5 years ago

Hah! What had I JUST eaten when I sat down to watch this? Reeses mini peanut butter cups!!!

Laura Tkacz
3 years ago

I always used to date extroverted men that then became toxic so then I thought well maybe its extroverted people and then I dated an introvert that turned out to be toxic. I’m getting faster at walking away but it still hurts that there’s this never ending cycle.

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