When is the BEST Time to Attract Love? Here Are My Thoughts

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a specific time of year that’s a better time to date and attract love?

This is one of the questions that came up in my Love Accelerator Program, so I want to take some time to answer it for you in this video.

Did you know that dating sites often see a HUGE spike in signups in January, the same way gyms do?

People have a massive blowout in December over the holidays, drink too much, party too much, spend waaaay too much, and then BAM, the new year arrives, and everyone full-on PANICS.

I need to sort my life out.

This year is gonna be different.

I commit to doing X, Y, Z.

Anyone single and looking for love decides that THIS will be the year they meet Mr. Right. And this can be a great thing.

But when is the best time to attract love?

Here are my thoughts.

According to statistics, 12% of gym members sign up in January (more than any other month), but after 24 weeks, they have either quit or completely stopped going!

Don’t be like those people when it comes to finding love. Be all in and committed to the process, or leave it for a time when you’re willing to invest more energy into it.

Because the truth is, no matter what time of year it is and no matter how many hot, single, Bradley Cooper-esque men there are on dating sites, if you want to attract love, you have to make it a priority. Bradley doesn’t want your B-game.

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Your Coach,

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adrian mallin
7 months ago

For us in florida – all the time is the right time – BUT…………….we feel winter as well due to the shorter dark days – personally I LOVE THE SUMMER and SPRING – everything comes alive – flowers and romance!!!~

Jan Turlick
7 months ago

You asked for some feedback on your short clips. Personally, I love them! After watching a few this week, I did enroll in your program yesterday. I find you super inspiring and you motivate me to be the best I can be and to help me tap into (improve upon) my God given gifts as a woman! So thank you for doing what you do, I really like hearing what you have to say.

You’ll want to do everything you can to attract more love and positivity into your life if you want to feel less negative during the day, have better relationships, and land some wonderful employment chances.

7 months ago

However, there’s a lot more you can do to change the vibrations you give out, attract better people, and create a fantastic, positive life for yourself.

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