9 Signs He’s a Player And Has Bad Intentions With You

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If you’re looking up “signs he’s a player,” I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re dating a guy who seems to be playing with your mind just a little bit. A man who won’t commit, no matter how amazing you are. A man who sees you as part of his lineup of women that he’s sleeping with.

But before you cut ties with him, you want to make absolutely certain that he is indeed a player. Then you’ll cut bait and move on. Am I right?

Between the ages of 24 to 28 years old, I loved to party. I loved to go out a lot. I wouldn’t say I was a “player…” but looking back, I’m sure some of the women I dated saw me that way. Looking back, I can’t believe how I was then and how much I’ve changed.

But now, being in a very happy four-year relationship, I have a different insight into signs he’s a player (and yeah, that I was, too). I’m going to share those with you so that you can quickly determine whether this man is worth your time and emotion or not.

Your Coach,




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9 Signs He’s a Player That You Should NEVER Ignore

You’re looking for true love. You’re not looking to date a man-child who only wants one thing from you.

You want something real. And you deserve it.

Dating after 40 is tough. I get it. If a guy hasn’t been married…you want to know why. If he has…you want to know what went wrong. There are a shocking number of players out there at every age…and you simply don’t have the energy to cut through the crap to find the real gems…if they’re even out there.

They are, I promise. Good guys — men worthy of your love — exist, and once you learn to identify the signs he’s a player, you’ll be able to pass on all the wrong men to get to the right One. So if the man you’re dating is showing any or all of the following signs he’s a player, don’t waste another second on him, because he’s standing in your way to happiness.

1. He Almost Seems…Emotionally Dead on the Inside


Is there an empty spot where his heart should be?

Have you ever dated a guy and wondered to yourself, “Is this dude a f$#%ing robot?”

He’s probably not a robot…he’s just not trying to show you the emotion you want to see, that you need to feel a connection with him.

(By the way, I shouldn’t knock robots; scientists are working on creating robots that feel emotions, so even they have this guy beat!)

When a guy is sleeping around, hooking up with various women, the last thing he wants to do is open up that emotional side to any of them. He’s not about to get sucked into a relationship when he can keep playing the field, so he compartmentalizes sex from emotion. Men are good at that.

Relationship counselor David Bennet says:

Men are more emotionally compartmentalized — women’s brains seem to have more overall connectivity, which means emotions from one experience or task spill into other experiences and tasks.” 

So if you’re dating a man who seems void of all emotion, he’s not a scientific anomaly. He’s just a player who doesn’t want you to see that vulnerable side of him. You never will see it, either, so don’t try to convince him otherwise.

2. He’s Got a Player Lifestyle

If you find yourself attracted to bartenders or musicians or professional athletes…be aware that there are a high number of players in these professions. Even men who travel all of the time are more likely to be players since they’re rarely in one place long enough to have a relationship and it’s easy to hide sleeping with other women when they’re scattered all over the globe.

In each of these examples, these men are exposed to a ton of women — women who, like you, are attracted to lead singers or men who can make a mean martini — and the temptation is always there. If they aren’t into being in a relationship, they see their profession as the perfect opportunity to sleep around with as many women as possible.

Now, I know it’s a bit unfair to jump to the conclusion that all bartenders or musicians are players because that certainly isn’t true, but…if the man you’re dating is in one of these professions and exhibits some of these other signs he’s a player…then tread very carefully.

3. He’s Really, Really Smooth


How did you meet this man?

Did he approach you from across the room, chat you up, get your number…and it felt too good to be true?

Sorry to say, but it probably is…unless you like dating a smooth operator!

Guys who are good at flirting and getting women’s attention are good at it for a reason: they do it a lot. Trust me: as a dating coach who used to teach men how to meet you sexy, single ladies, flirting really is a learnable skill. The more they go out and flirt with women, the better they get at doing it.

So if the guy you’re dating is really smooth at flirting, he’s probably flirting with more than just you.

4. The Relationship Revolves Around Sex

Will he meet you for lunch on a Tuesday?

NOPE. Never has happened. Never will.

The only time he’s willing to meet you is if he knows it will result in sex. Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not dating this guy. You’re sleeping with him. It won’t turn into a relationship, so you’re better off cutting ties now before you get really hurt.

5. He’ll Meet Your Friends, But You Won’t Meet His

Sure, he’s willing to meet your friends, to chat them up, so that you like him and will continue to sleep with him…

But he won’t risk having you meet his friends. Why? Because, quite frankly, they might spill the beans about the floozy he brought to them the week prior.

One of the signs he’s a player is that he’s pretty secretive about his life, and that’s for a reason. He doesn’t want to get caught with evidence that he’s sleeping with multiple women.

6. His Life is in Flux


While you used to admire his wanderlust, now you wonder what he’s running from…

Is he constantly jumping around from job to job…

…Or looking to move to Chicago one week…then Berlin the next?

If that’s the case, then security and commitment are clearly not core values in his life right now.  He’s jumping around, trying to figure out what to do with his life. That isn’t necessarily a sign he’s a player, but it does mean he most likely will not make a good partner for you right now…or ever.

7. You Catch Him in Lies About His Social Life

Did he tell you he’s got a boys’ night out on Friday? But then you saw on his Instagram story that he was with a group of girls…not guys.

Dishonesty isn’t the way to start a relationship…and you can be fairly certain he’s sleeping with at least one of those women.

But some guys are too slick to get caught on social media like that. Are there other inconsistencies? Like you ask what he did last weekend twice, and you get two different answers? Or he goes to elaborate efforts to tell you about a place he went…that you’ve actually been to and it doesn’t match up?

Listen to your intuition here. A liar will never be Mr. Right.

8. You’ve Slept With Him More Than 3 Times…But Never Been on a Real Date

Guys that are players don’t want to take women on real dates (like paying for, oh, I don’t know, DINNER?) because they don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. They want to keep it in the bedroom.

So if you’re finding that you’re having sex but not really doing what real couples do — i.e. having meaningful conversations over coffee, going to a nice restaurant, even just being out in public holding hands — chances are he only wants sex from you and is indeed showing signs he’s a player.

9. All of Your Friends Tell You He’s a Player

female friends

Your friends only want you to be happy…so start listening to them!

All of your friends are telling you he’s a player…or even worse, your friends are sending you this video and article right now to tell you to get out of a bad situation!

Look: are your friends always right? Of course not! BUT if all your friends are giving you the same feedback — that this guy is playing you — you owe it to yourself to explore the situation a bit further and really heed their advice. After all, they only want what’s best for you.


At this point, you’ve come to one of two conclusions:

Conclusion 1: You realize that the man you’re dating isn’t a player, but that maybe he’s just moving slowly. He’s exhibiting signs of wanting to be in a relationship with you (he takes you on dates, you have long phone calls about anything and everything, he’s looking for more than just sex), but maybe hasn’t taken the step toward full commitment. I hope that’s the case because you can definitely work with that.

Conclusion 2: You have read this list of signs he’s a player and you’re like “oh yeah, Adam. This guy is totally a player.”

The question is, in the second situation: what will you do now? You respect yourself too much to let this man play you, and he’s just a roadblock on your way to finding true love. So don’t waste a single second on him. And don’t try to play games to give him a taste of his own medicine either. Just exit stage left as quickly as possible.

What can you say to end things?

“We seem to want different things right now. I’m looking for something of substance, while you seem to be looking for something casual.”

“I’m really a one-guy kind of gal, so dating other people isn’t really something I’m into. Best of luck to you!”

Realize that his ego will be bruised. Above all, players like collecting trophies (women), so he might not let you go so easily. He may make promises that, I assure you, he cannot keep. He may lie and say he’s not dating other women, even though you have evidence to the contrary.

Again, trust your gut. Look at him as part of the bigger picture: can you imagine yourself still dating him in six months? A year? 10? No? I didn’t think so. Make your speech and move on.

So now let me hear from you ladies. Have you ever dated a player? Tell us the story in the comments below (and boy, I’m willing to bet there will be some good ones!).

While you can’t change a player, you can make the right man move a little faster toward committing to you. In my Make Him Commit Webinar, I teach you how to open his eyes to show him what a high-value woman you actually are.

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5 years ago

Hi Adam, it’s Wendy from Adelaide South Australia. Thank you for this YouTube video this unfortunately is a serial repeat problem fir me and I greatly struggle because I am a former co-dependent and also a Christian and have been constantly barraged with love your abusers, forgive them and go back to them perhaps if they shut up and followed their own advise they would actually be helping. The way I am recovering is by watching your YouTube videos and webinars but also hypnosis, affirmations and meditation Have you thought about doing hypnosis webinars with sibling’s and theta tone music?… Read more »

luna vv
2 years ago
Reply to  Wendy

HELOO , If your relationship is not the biggest source of happiness and joy in your life… If you’re not getting the love, devotion and adoration that you deserve… Or if the men in your life seem to lose interest out of nowhere leaving you confused and hurt… Then I can honestly say that this video is the most important thing you can watch right now and will absolutely transform your relationships forever. ==>Men Commit When They Feel This[Click Here ] Once you discover this one missing “secret ingredient” to lasting love and devotion… You’ll be able to emotionally “click”… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by luna vv
5 years ago

Yes I’ve dated a lot of players. Always meeting at their homes. The odd time we’d go out.

5 years ago

I was reading your articles about man that are players,Most of the majoritys of man are players they never conteted to stay in one women they always wnat to be with a defferent women this is why there so many single ladys that dont even bother having a man in there lifes anymore and they ended up alone with out man in there life cause man are liers all the times, Like myself Im alone with no man in my life I find it having man in my life just stressed me out with them in my life its better.… Read more »

4 years ago

Not all guys are players, and being one of those guys who have gone out of their way to make sure to never treat a woman badly and always show women respect, these guys make us look bad and we get overlooked just because we’re nice and not as aggressive as the jerks are. I met someone when I was going through a divorce that all we did was hangout and go on dates for 3 months before we ever had sex and things were much better that way and so glad things turned out like they did and yes… Read more »

5 years ago

The guy I’m dating took me out for 1 year on dates but now we don’t go out anymore. He lied because he said anything I want relationship to be. After six months he said he cannot have a serious relationship beacause he never got divorce. I realized he playing later thanks

5 years ago

Love these tips. As a matchmaker myself, I definitely agree lol

5 years ago

Yup! Started seeing this guy that I’ve known for awhile but never paid much attention to….we were even roommates for a short time. He came on like a big dog but never a real date. Went on for 6 wks then dumped me claiming he can’t do relationships! Then 4 months later fell for it again. Claimed i was only one that made him happy! Then yup….3 wks later he’s messing around again. Done! Blames me! Hahaha! Told him to take me OFF his list.

Favour Chidinma Godwin
5 years ago

I’m dating this guy he tells me all his schedules, he loves talking to me, he apologizes whenever he’s wrong. We have been dating for about three weeks and he told me he wants to tell me something, then he told me he has a girlfriend but he loves me… he never played me that he don’t want to lose me…. he’s very cute and dresses cutely. pls do u think this guy is a player?

5 years ago

Yes, he is. I was in similar situation a few months back. Leave him before you get hurt badly.
Don’t stay with a man who is unavailable. You are wasting your time,

2 years ago

Girl that guy is a player Lol , he’s trying to play around with you , get out of that situation you don’t want to get urself in trouble

5 years ago

I dated a player two months back. He asked me out quite smoothly. And he was very casual about everything. He almost treated me like trophies like an object. And that’s true he made all fake promises for just wanting to sleep with me he tried to get close to me while asking me out. But he kept lying about things and later on his main focus was on having sex. He was very desperate to as when we would be having sex. HE’S TOTALLY A PLAYER. I broke up with him last month.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ayushi

Hey there, I know this seems a bit late lol I’m glad u broke up with that crazy guy Lol I feel like guys these days just don’t want nothing seriously other than just having sex , I was in the similar position as u in but luckily I wasn’t his girlfriend but I was friends with benefits with him and every time he constantly be always talking about sex all the time telling me I want to have with sex with so badly and I can’t stop thinking about u in my dreams I want you in my bed… Read more »

Rene Harbek
4 years ago

Thanks so much for this! I wasn’t dating this guy but we talked a whole lot & flirted. We talked about sex & from there I’m like “ok. Just sex” then he started talking a lot about his daughter. Sending me videos & pictures. I got confused. Maybe he really liked me, maybe not. So I went with it. Convos were really good, funny & as if we cared for one another. We met up finally. Hung out & had sex. The whole time we were both really shy & laughed a whole lot. He went home & messaged me… Read more »

4 years ago

Sooo… older guy just over 60 freshly divorced. I’m just under 50. Did everything a normal couple does for 15+ months; nearly every day together, heavy communication via texts and calls, weekend getaways, overnighters, date-nights, hanging out, introduction to most important friends, etc. First 6 months was smooth sailing. Then came the constant pressure to move in and/or marry him. I kept telling him he wasn’t ready as he hadn’t been divorced long. Told him that for over a year. The few times we seriously quarreled was because of the constant pressuring. Finally, after month 13, I was given a… Read more »

M Ray
4 years ago

Hi Adam my name is M the guy that you talked about totally fits the guy that I dated for two yrs & 6 months and I want to say thank you cuz I’m over him I’m moving on to the left and I pray to God that just by me ignoring him he won’t bother me anymore and I will be able to be safe I would love to have true love I always wanted that since I was a little girl but like I said before love doesn’t exist only in the movies a fairy tale that is… Read more »

G Bostock
4 years ago
Reply to  M Ray

Dating players before. They say what you want to here then reel you in with promise is they can’t keep. Everything you said in your video about players is true. Taking the advice and applying it to my dating life so can avoid players in the future and find decent guys.x

Kelly Mayo
3 years ago

Warning: very LENGTHY post. Hello Adam. Can I point something out? I don’t believe all of the information in conclusion #1 is necessarily accurate. You say that taking the woman on a dinner date , having long phone convos about general stuff etc. May mean that he wants an actual, committed relationship with you. But I have to disagree? This guy whom I went to college with had what I suspect was a long history of jumping from woman to woman. He first dated my friend. Who he had literally driven up the the wall only to dump her 2… Read more »

Kelly Mayo
3 years ago

Picking up from the last comment: So, it wasn’t such a big deal that he was already physically unattractive to me but the fact that he reared his ugly ass head by stringing “nothing- but -nice , i just want the best for you” people along and then getting defensive, all “woe is me” when he is confronted and questioned about his player ways is a new level of fuckery. He showed me his true personality. I am angry with myself for being such a fool and getting sucked into his bullshit. And, if i’m not mistaking, he never wanted… Read more »

luna vv
2 years ago

HELOO , If your relationship is not the biggest source of happiness and joy in your life… If you’re not getting the love, devotion and adoration that you deserve… Or if the men in your life seem to lose interest out of nowhere leaving you confused and hurt… Then I can honestly say that this video is the most important thing you can watch right now and will absolutely transform your relationships forever. ==>Men Commit When They Feel This[Click Here ] Once you discover this one missing “secret ingredient” to lasting love and devotion… You’ll be able to emotionally “click”… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by luna vv
2 years ago

I met a 50 year old man on a dating site, he advertised himself & he was looking for one lady to have intimate times with. I went ahead with it & met up with him. We got on well, but I noticed he was acting strange, saying he was busy with work & his family & didn’t have much time to see me that often. He always texted me, we never spoke on the phone or video called. We exchanged text & videos of each other via WhatsApp. I noticed him reducing the text & videos, also not getting… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Ange

He doesn’t live in Adelaide does he ? Sounds identical to the man I thought I was dating ? Work and busy with daughters not to mention exact words and games !

1 year ago
Reply to  Ange

Is he from adelaide? I hav even with a guy for one year and he say and acts identical. My gut says it is him as it’s so much the same. Or is this what men do when they are playing you ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Ange

I think he just wants sex. I dated a guy who I thought we were in a serious relationship. He told me I was the love of his life, we were planning on being married yet I had a hunch something wasn’t right. I had him followed and found he was seeing different women almost every morning I wasn’t with him – ranging from 1:30 AM to 5 AM – for about an hour each time. Was always home when I Facetime’d him at 7AM. He used What’s App to hid his conversations with the other women on his phone.… Read more »

2 years ago

Hello After reading the article , the guy I used to talk to , made me realize he’s addicted to sex LOL I really don’t know wats going on through his head (he’s needs help) Becuz he’s constantly be talking about sex all the time during texting, when I first me him , he was nice , Kool, friendly person , we went out twice last year but he told me he’s wasn’t looking for a serious relationship that made me feel disappointed Becuz I wanted more than just friends Lol we both kiss each other and it was fine… Read more »

2 years ago

I’ve given up on finding a good and attractive man on dating sites. I’ve had 4 bad experiences of men wanting sexy pictures.

2 years ago

Oh have I ever… many players. I’m only attracted to the bad boy, confident type. The one I’m currently seeing is an odd one. I’ve attempted to cut him loose several times. Each time he makes a bigger fuss than before. Honestly I know he’s a player but love watching the confidence ooze out of him. I’ve become skilled at saying things to crush ego. Most recently he disrespected me by hitting on a girl in front of me. That was a first. I told him I’m not going to be treated like an assembly line toy and I’m done.… Read more »

1 year ago

He’s lied from day one..he’s 16 years younger than me. He’s lied about finances, exes, insta sluts, excessive online porn which he claims cannot be deleted despite his best efforts, even hooking up with prostitutes and still taking girls numbers and chatting while we were going out. He love bombs me yet patronize me. He makes me feel inferior and feeds on my insecurities. He knows my past traumas and history and issues. He knows my limits and my weaknesses. He laughs sometimes while lying about other women and seems to enjoy hurting me. He barely works and I got… Read more »

1 year ago

It’s horrible. Here I am calling myself out. I know that it’s only going to damage myself by doing this but hopefully you can learn from my mistake or help give me clarity from the situation. So I’m currently a teenager. I’ve never had a boyfriend up until now. He was some random guy on Snapchat that lived really far away and I knew nothing about. He was the same age and in the same grade as me but I wanted to make sure so I asked him to send a picture of himself. He sent a picture and then… Read more »

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