THIS is the Meaning of Life

THIS is the Meaning of Life

Have you ever sat back and just pondered… what’s the meaning of all this?

Well, that’s exactly what I did yesterday – so I thought I’d share it in this week’s video.

THIS is the Meaning of Life:

Do you agree? Is THIS the meaning of life?

Your Coach,

Summary –

Over the past 10 years, throughout my ups and my downs, I’ve constantly pondered, what is the purpose of all this?

Not to get cheesy, what is the meaning of life?

Here’s the cliff’s notes version of what I’ve discovered:

1) Life is Short

We have a short period of time on this incredible planet, and we’re constantly scrambling every single day to make sense of it all.

We’re told you’ve got to work hard, stay focused, and try to live a life of purpose and meaning, but we keep chipping away every single day, hoping maybe, just maybe, we’ll understand the meaning of it all.

None of that stuff matters.

I believe that the true meaning of life is all about the relationships that you form along the way.

I know for a fact that right before you die, no one is thinking about that new car that they bought when they were 45, or that Rolex watch that they bought when they got their first promotion.

The only thing that you think about are those small number of people in your life that really meant something to you.

The quality of the relationships that you form throughout your life are what matters most, whether or not you’ve been net positive or net negative in other people’s lives.

2) What Should You Do with the Short Time You Have?

Please don’t spend your life chasing money, sex, fame, validation. This is only short-term gratification. Spend your life nurturing those relationships that really matter, and remove those relationships from your lives that just, quite frankly, don’t.

Now, I know none of this is as exciting as the money or the fame or the validation or sex, any of that stuff, but it’s far more fulfilling and will lead you towards a much happier and longer life.

Surround yourself with people who make you a better person.

3) Don’t Get Relationship Tunnel Vision

Romantic relationships are certainly important, but that’s not all. I’m talking about your working relationships, your friendships, your brother, your sister, your siblings, your parents.

All these things are a representation of you and your life. You are simply an output of those relationships.

For starters, be smart about who you allow in your life. You really do have a limited amount of time and resources to really invest in relationships, so don’t waste it on people that don’t matter to you or who aren’t also helping you do things in your life that you want to do.

Save that energy for the people who really are there for you.

4) Take the High Road When It Matters

Be willing to say sorry. Sometimes, even if you are right, you need to be a bigger person.

In life, it’s just naturally going to happen.

You’re going to hurt those people that are close to you, and many times without doing it on purpose. I’ve learned that you need to be willing to drop the ego sometimes. Just apologize so you can mend the relationship and move forward with that person.

5) Be Kind!

Constantly show small acts of kindness. It’s honestly better to give someone just a small gift that shows them that you’ve been thinking about them on just some random day than it is to wait until Christmas to buy them some piece of crap that they don’t really need.

It wasn’t until I really hit my 30s where I realized two very important things.

Number one: Our lives are actually really insignificant.

Number two: I will get old and die.

This video isn’t here to scare you. It’s actually to motivate you and refocus you so you look in the right direction.

Today’s the day for you to put as much energy into your relationships as you do in your health and your wealth, if not much more.

Make your relationships a priority, both your romantic relationships and, of course, your platonic relationships.

Don’t allow the minutia of life to sidetrack you from what really matters most, the people in your life that are important to you.

That’s all that really matters in life.

Once you understand this true meaning, then you’re suddenly free to live it that way that truly matters.

I challenge you right now to pick up the phone … not text.

Pick up the phone, call someone who really matters to you, and tell them how you really feel.


Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

My true passion in life is transforming your love life by giving you specific tools and techniques that you can use to attract long lasting love. I got started when...Read Adam's Story

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3 years ago

I do agree with ,but you know sometimes we spend time on money,… to forget or ignore what we can’t reach in our relationship or in our life.i think they seems like a painkillers.

3 years ago

You are so very right in your words. I am recently divorced 2 years ago after an 17 year marriage and 19 years in an abusive relationship. I am hopeful for a brighter future ahead, have faith in love and new beginnings but also realize I have to know when to walk away from people that can’t add value to my life. I give love fully and vulnerably but also know what my heart and soul needs. Looking for a man who is emotionally available has been quite a task but still I love with an open heart and welcome… Read more »

3 years ago

That was great Adam. We tend to forget what really matters sometimes. Thank you for the reminder.

3 years ago

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the video.. It was certainly thought provoking. I dont agree that our lives are insignificant…but that was just one sentence if you get my drift. Loved the summary at the end too. Great stuff. Sure gave me something to get my teeth into. I just love a concise summary. Well done.
Oh, and yes I agree Life is about relationships. All of them..
Mini May

3 years ago

You have helped me a lot in my life and practice. I have ALL of your programs, and I’m still waiting for your Adam’s philosophy of the best life to live program to resurface or become reimagined. Ah, going into your thirties, I wish I knew your birthday, I bet you have an amazing chart. You just went through your Saturn return, an it’s an awesome astrological time to really “get it” and to know how to give it, and become the best version of you. You are a real humanitarian and are a favorite person of mine, I love… Read more »

3 years ago

Nailed it! I completely agree, and it also took me about thirty years to realize it. I have the hardest time just living in the moment, or relaxing in a moment, but am working on it. 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration and optimism, you’ve helped kick start my Friday 🙂

Mary J. Brown
3 years ago

Adam, i so enjoy you ! and your videos…however, if I can give you some feedback. You smacking your hands constantly and so loud is annoying to me. It distracts from your valuable wisdom.

Having said this. I thank you deeply for your wisdom.

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