How to Keep a Man from Cheating

How to Keep a Man from Cheating

You’ve hooked yourself a great man and the relationship is blossoming… but fears from your past relationships can sneak up on you. Maybe you were cheated on, or lied to in a former relationship that broke apart. “Will it happen again?” you may worry…

Let me put your mind at ease, by teaching you the specifics of how to keep your man from cheating. In this video, I’ll share what it takes to keep your love alive and prevent his eye from wandering.

Let’s face it, cheating happens and it sucks. However, you are now armed with the knowledge of what it takes to keep his interest and attention. A repeat of relationship doomsday is avoidable when you put the appropriate amount of work and effort into your relationship.

I want to hear from you! How has cheating affected your romantic life? Have you been cheated on or ever cheated on someone? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

Your Coach,

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Summary –

1. Don’t make the relationship a prison.

He should want to be a part of the relationship and not forced to be in it. Men tend to run for the hills when they feel trapped or suffocated.

2. Prioritize your relationship.

It is good to have some space for yourself within the relationship, but absence does not make the heart grow fonder or stronger. People yearn for connection and friendship, and if you’re not providing enough of it then he won’t stick around. Bottom line, don’t be an absent partner.

3. Make him feel wanted.

Both men and women need to take time out of their day to make each other feel wanted and special. It is essential for our partners to know they are an important priority in our lives.

4. Work hard to keep the romance alive.

Without hard work a relationship can wither and die. So pay attention to it, plan date nights, spice things up in the bedroom, be spontaneous, and spend time together without your electronic devices on. Put in the time and effort and it will pay off in your romantic connection.

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3 years ago

I ever cheat before in my previous marriage, so not easy to me now to trust a guy who try to close to me because I’m afraid he will cheating on me like I did

3 years ago

Thanks for the reminders, Adam!
Make him feel wanted resonated.
It’s easy, as he’s as playful and loyal as a golden retriever!
It was easier when we lived apart.
Now that we live together, it’s a great reminder to shed the tensions of my day before homecoming.
Thank you!

Jane Dominguez
3 years ago

I have an “opposite” kind of problem, lol. During my marriage (22 yrs), there was never any cheating; we both trusted each other completely. However, now being single (divorced) I’m finding I’m unable to trust guys because the dating landscape has changed so much. That, plus the ” hook up culture” has triggered a lot of suspicion in me that has had an effect on my ability to trust guys. So yes, I do have worries about cheating once I do start a new relationship, that’s because the bar was set so high during my marriage.

3 years ago

I have a very big heart and love with all of my being.

3 years ago

Adam, there isn’t enough space here in the comment section for me to accurately describe every one of my past relationships because…. they all cheated on me. Let me repeat myself, they all cheated on me. Let me specify, the all cheated on me with their (get this) “best friend”, who was always a girl. I was the one who provided for more than my fair share of things in a relationship, and none of them gave back as much as I had. No, I really wish I was kidding. I sincerely wish I was joking or pulling your chain… Read more »

3 years ago

I was cheated on by my first boyfriend with my so-called “best friend” at that time, since then I found it very difficult to control my anxiety in the following relationship. But now I ‘m dating my true best friend, it really feels the relationship is the freedom, just as you mentioned in the video. I never feel as liberated and safe as now. I hope I will make him feel the same way.

3 years ago

Love this guy! Always verbalizes the sulituations and behavior patterns that truly exist- always gives good solutions and ways you can create the right scenario!!

3 years ago

When I found out he was cheating on me, I broke him up. I never cheating in my married or when I was in a relationship because I believe in God Adam.

3 years ago

Hi Adam I just got back out with my Xboyfriend her thing tonight it’s Thursday and he asked is other women to go round to his flat but it was felling he might be see her but im not sure . But he asked me to trust hem i know what to do.

3 years ago

Thanks Adam for that video it has really enlightened me. To be honesty I have been cheered before which made me not to believe in love again. I was really devasted. But I thank God I moved on. But the is a bad side of this coz I cheated to in my next relationship . I got this guy whom we met when I was on my way to work he gave me his calling card and ask me to call but i didn’t I stayed for one month only to bump into him in amall. I was shocked even… Read more »

3 years ago

That was excellent but I don’t see anywhere where I can give you a thumbs up that I liked it

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