Is He Lying to You? 7 Steps to Spotting a Liar

Is He Lying to You? 7 Steps to Spotting a Liar

Do you ever get that sinking feeling that he’s telling you a lie?

What’s going on when this happens?

Is it a false alarm? Do you have trust issues?

Or is he just being shady and is it time to say adios?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

That’s because in today’s video I give you a virtually foolproof method to determine whether he’s telling the truth or being deceptive.

Check it out here:

Trust is the “glue” that holds a relationship together–sounds cliche’ but it’s VERY true.

I wish more women understood how to pick up on the signs of a liar early on… because it would save a LOT of broken hearts from happening.

At least after you watch this video, YOUR “lie radar” is going to be dialed in where it needs to be. It’s going to be a hell of a lot harder to pull one over on you.

Your Coach,

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Summary –

1. Self-evaluate. Do you have ongoing trust issues?

I get it. You’ve been burned in the past. You’ve dated a guy in the past who has lied to you and was super sketchy. But you know what? If you’re with a new guy and he hasn’t done anything to break that trust and has actually been earning your trust over time, you’ve got to give him that trust. Lose the baggage and give him that leeway. Trust to know that he’s not lying to you.

2. Ask him

Let’s say you’ve decided that it’s not because of old baggage and you still think he might be lying to you.. So ask him.

You know, as part of the Sexy Confidence community, I get hundreds of questions every single day. For most of those questions, I usually just want to say, “The best person to get an answer from is with the guy that you’re in a relationship with.”

3. Body language

If someone wants to lie to you, they might be able to lie to you with the words they’re saying, but it is a little tougher to hide a lie with body language.

So, for example, if he starts blushing, maybe he has a lot of anxiety. Anxiety can sometimes cause someone to blush. If he can’t make eye contact with you and he’s looking everywhere else, then, you know what… he might be lying.

Really look at the cues and how he’s expressing himself rather than focusing on the words that are coming out of his mouth. This is one way to spot a liar.

4. Read his reaction

If he immediately gets so furious that you’re asking about the situation and it’s the first time you’ve actually asked him if he was lying about something, his defense mechanism is definitely kicking in… he may be telling you lies.

Just a little caveat to this… if you keep asking the same question over and over, even a guy who’s innocent might get annoyed because you’re not trusting him.

5. Is his answer logical?

“Why was your phone off yesterday?”

“Well, first I had to bring my mom to the doctor. Then afterwards she wasn’t feeling well so we decided to go to the movies so, of course, I shut it off.”


“Why was your phone off yesterday?”

“Well, it’s a funny story. You see, I was walking down the street… suddenly a giraffe starts fighting the monkey and they’re battling for the phone and the monkey kills the giraffe and then runs away with the phone…”

Yep, he is lying.

6. Is his answer uncharacteristic of his normal behavior?

If so… it’s a sign he’s lying.

7. How difficult is the question you’re actually asking him?

If it’s a simple question such as, “Who did you hang out with last night?” He should be able to look at you with eye contact and confidence.

However, if it’s a deep and very complex question such as, “What is your greatest fear in life?” then he’s probably going to look a little bit sketchy because that’s a really intense question.

So let me ask you, have you ever thought a guy was lying to you? I want hear your story right below. Do you have any other ways you use to spot a liar?

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Love Strategist

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4 years ago

This guy I have dated him on snd off now for 4 yrs he came back to me the 2nd time..after a month ,said he didn’t want a comment…said I love you in more ways then are my best friend. Yet we still sleep together. He knows I love him..what do I do? He told me we are so compatible is crazy.. and he cares

4 years ago

Great content as usual, Adam. Loved this topic. And in response to your question ‘has a guy ever lied to you’ — yes. My ex-husband! Multiple times and the big tell was (and remains) the super pissed off response to a simple, straight forward non-vexatious question spoken in a non threatening tone. I believe it is a control mechanism for him. Sadly, it’s very unbecoming.

Thanks again : )

4 years ago

I did ask him If he was seeing someone else. We had seeing each other for only 3 months but we were exclusive. He said no and I trusted him. Once he told me “come on Brenddddddd” and I thought he was just an idiot by almost calling me the girl’s name he was working with everyday. In the end I told him it was obvious he wasn’t into me anymore, he replied nothing for 2 weeks then he told me if we remained friends I said no. He insisted on seeing me , he once again said he was… Read more »

Sheila Haire
4 years ago

Thanks for the comedic tips they are helpful!

4 years ago

Adam, your approach wouldnt work for seasoned liars who spout half truths. I’ve just broken up with a cheating liar who lied to me for an entire year. He’s clearly been doing it for years and even after reading countless guides and books on spotting players/liars, i was still led on. This high level ability to lie involves half truths, leaving out information and having alibis/smokescreens. It’s incredibly heartbreaking when you find yourself in a situation like this. In my experience, there are three telltale signs to detect this level of lying: – defensiveness: usually such liars will be incredibly… Read more »

4 years ago

Help! I think I have trust issues. I just broke up with a guy who tried hard and was faithful. I think I made a mistake.

4 years ago

Love all of your videos keep them coming

4 years ago

Your forgetting to text in the evening if he responds (which is pretty easy if they are with another women) then go ahead and give him a call if he doesn’t pick up and this becomes a pattern on weekends or certain nights then it worth pinning it down.

[…] You might be surprised to realize that you’re guilty of some of the following types of lies! Don’t feel bad; we all are, and most of us may not even realize when we’re lying. […]

1 year ago

This happen to me a few months ago. Started talking to this guy, he told me the one night on the phone that he was available all day on Tuesday..Unfortunately I had to work so I called him Tuesday evening and his phone was turned off…He called me back late Tuesday night (11pm) I was sleeping had to be to work early next day. He left me a message about sorry couldnt answer my phone I was busy with some friends..But he was stuttering with a crackling voice like he wasnt sure what he was going to say in the… Read more »

[…] You might be surprised to realize that you’re guilty of some of the following types of lies! Don’t feel bad; we all are, and most of us may not even realize when we’re lying. […]

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