How Does a Man Act When He’s Falling in Love? 8 Signs To Look For

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Have you been dating a guy for the past few months but you’re not sure if he’s falling in love with you?

Are you worried that you’ll fall for him and he’ll move on?

It’s understandable that you would want to know whether he’s also falling for you so that you can invest your emotional energy in the right relationship. So the real question is…how does a man act when he’s falling in love?

Why Reading the Signs is So Important

It may seem impossible to decipher what a man is feeling. Maybe you stopped trusting your instinct because of the experiences you have had in past relationships, and now you feel like you’re unable to decipher manthought.

But you need to learn to read the signs because if he isn’t falling for you, you may have your own love blinders on that will get you hurt. It happens all the time: a woman starts to have feelings for a man, and she convinces herself that he feels it too…when really he’s just in it for sex or is dating multiple women.

You certainly don’t want that.

Reading these signs that he’s falling in love with you will help build your intuition. It will also ensure that you find a man who 100% reciprocates the love you feel, rather than you chasing a man who will never be The One.

And really, reading the signs isn’t so hard. You just have to slow down, put your own biased feelings aside, and listen.

How Does a Man Act When He’s Falling in Love? Here’s How.

happy couple biking

The signs of him falling for you are there if you just pay attention.

He may not be passing you love notes the way your high school boyfriend did, but if you pay attention, this man could be trying to tell you that he’s falling in love with you.

1. He’s Vulnerable With You

It’s not easy being vulnerable for anyone, but research shows that when men stray from the gender stereotype of being stoic and strong, they are criticized for it. So if your man is opening up to you and being vulnerable, know that it’s a huge deal for him to do so.

He wouldn’t do that with just anyone…so take it as a good sign that he’s falling in love.

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2. He Makes a Special Effort to Make You Smile

He can’t stand for you to be sad and goes out of his way to turn around a bad day for you…

He brings you a cupcake on your birthday with a single candle in it…

He’ll crack ridiculous jokes and make a fool of himself just to get you to laugh.

This man wants to warm your heart, so why not let him?

3. He Introduces You to Friends/Family/Kids

A man who just wants sex or isn’t looking for a future with you or anyone won’t make an effort to pull you into his social circle. But a man who wants you in his life permanently will do these things.

If he introduces you to his friends, he may want their opinion of you. If he introduces you to his family—particularly his kids if he’s got them—he’s serious about you.

At this point, my only advice is: be sure you’re ready for what comes next. If you’re not into him, don’t create complications by meeting his kids or family. But if you can see him being The One, by all means, go out and make a great impression with the people who care about him!

4. He Gets “That Look” in His Eyes


You know the look I’m talking about. The one that can’t hide his feelings.

Maybe you wake up next to him to find him gazing lovingly at you one morning…

Or when you were having sex, he got all googly-eyed…

Whenever you’re seeing that look, you know what it means.  Give him that sexy look back.

5. He Spends More Quality Time With You

When you first started dating, you saw each other once or twice a week, but now you’re noticing an uptick in how often he wants to spend time with you, and you’re happy about that.

Maybe he’s making an effort to cook you dinner once a week, or inviting you to stay the night with him on the weekends. He can’t get enough of you, and that’s how a man acts when he’s falling in love.

6. He Tells You Everything About His Past

If you find that he opens up without you pushing too hard, he’s trying to help you get to know him. Understanding his past experiences is a great place to start building a deeper, more meaningful connection.

7. He is Giving

man falling in love

Is he constantly giving? That’s a great sign!

Let’s say your best friend is moving across town, and your boyfriend offers his truck and a few hours of his time. He gives without asking for anything in return.

It’s possible that his Love Language is Acts of Service or Gifts. He communicates love through what he does or gives to you and the people around you. Even if you speak a different Love Language, it’s important for you to acknowledge what he’s trying to tell you.

8. He Seems to Have Something He Wants to Say

Does it sometimes seem like he’s on the cusp of saying something to you, but then he clams up? It might be that he wants to tell you he’s falling for you but is afraid that you might not feel the same.

The best thing to do is to start communicating your own feelings through action. Show him that you feel the same way and reciprocate his love each step of the way.


If your boyfriend is exhibiting one or more of these behaviors, congrats. Assuming you also have strong feelings for him, your future together looks bright. Now it’s your turn to be vulnerable so that he can feel more secure in the relationship.

If you’re super confident, you could even tell him out loud how you feel. In this day and age, you certainly don’t have to wait for a man to profess his feelings for you!

In the comments below, share the signs that your guy is falling for you 🙂

If your guy isn’t exhibiting any of these signs, he might not be The One. Take my Where to Meet Men Course to find the one who is right for you.

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Lisa M.
4 years ago

He lights up and smiles when he sees me or is talking with me. It’s very noticeable.

4 years ago

Hi Adam…I have listened to you, taking notes this past year. (2019) I was in a emotionally passionate long distance, UP and DOWN • BACK and FORTH relationship for almost three years. It recently ended and I am currently in a relationship with a man who ADORES me and meets ‘ALL‘ the (falling in love) signs, within a very short amount of time. Oddly, these two men know each other and are in the same line of profession, so “I may have not gotten the deal” with the previous man, but I gained a tremendous amount of wisdom that can… Read more »

4 years ago

If the man asking for sharing like payment in hotel or food what is that mean ,he only playing me or not,is it okay that I will share also about in payment

3 years ago

Thank for the information.

2 years ago

My best male friend did ALL of this. So I took the chance and told him I was falling for him, and he said he was flattered, but he wants to remain single. This was 4 years ago. He’s 42, hasn’t had a gf in 9 years. And is still single. But I KNOW in my heart and soul, we love each other. Alas, maybe in another life…

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