5 Hottest Texts to Send a Guy (Guaranteed to Make His Heart Melt)

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Now, I need to get real with you for a minute: the guy you’re “talking to” and texting is likely texting three or four other women right now. In this video and article about the five hottest texts to send a guy, I’m going to show you how to make him reduce that list to one: you!

Before we go into the list of the hottest texts to send a guy, let me just say that right now, you should also be texting other guys…because you’re an empowered, sexy, single lady and you don’t commit to a guy unless he’s committed to you.

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It’s tough out there in the dating world. You think you’re the only woman a man is talking to…until you find out otherwise. If it’s been a while since you last dated, you may be completely offended by the fact that a man would dare text multiple women at once. Unfortunately, that’s kind of how dating goes.

This does create a bit of a problem when you really like a guy: how do you separate yourself from those other women? How do you get him to commit to you and only you?

It starts by making yourself irresistible to this man. Showing him that he shouldn’t waste his time talking to anyone else because you are the only woman for him!

And you can do that with the following five hottest texts to send a guy.

These 5 Hottest Texts to Send a Guy Will Get His Attention Big Time

You know that texting has the ability to make or break a future relationship. An interesting study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior found that when people had similar texting styles, they were more likely to be satisfied in their relationships.

Think about it: maybe you’re a member of the Grammar Police, and whenever you’ve talked to a guy who had a ton of misspelled words in his texts, not only were you turned off by his texts, but also it ultimately didn’t work out. Or maybe this guy checks in with you every morning, which you love. That’s a good sign!

Okay, let’s get into those five hottest texts to send a guy…oh, and at the end of this article I’ll tell you the biggest MISTAKE a woman can make when sending a text. Keep reading so you don’t end up making it!

1. “You smelled so sexy tonight. Please wear that cologne again next time!”

woman smelling man

Let him know that the way he smells drives you crazy!

We may have evolved from being apes a long time ago, but smell is still a huge part of attraction between two individuals, like it was eons ago. And cologne is the most appealing scent to women when they’re on a date, according to an OKCupid survey. In the survey, 34% of respondents preferred cologne (or aftershave) as an “olfactory strategy” to be more attractive to them.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: when a woman tells a man that he smells good, that’s almost as powerful as her telling him that she thinks he’s crazy sexy.

I remember after one of our first dates, Jessica sent me this text, and let me tell you: for our next date, I doused myself in that cologne! I probably went a little overboard…but whatever. It worked out!

2. “If you could do anything you wanted to me right now, what would you do?”

This is one of the hottest texts to send a guy because it lets his imagination run wild about what he would do with you.

Hopefully, his response doesn’t get too 50 Shades of Gray on you…but who knows, maybe you’re into that too.

If so…the Red Room of Pain it is!

If not…this may not be the best text to send. It’s definitely steamy and going to open up a can of worms you need to be ready to handle!

3. “I just got out of the shower…”


I absolutely guarantee: if you send this one of the hottest texts to send a guy, he is 100% going to be picturing you naked. If you’re attracted to this man, anything that can get him picturing you naked is a win.

Why I like this text is that it’s not overtly sexual. It’s actually not sexual at all…but it is sexy. You can totally play it off like you didn’t mean to put the image of you naked in his head…even though you totally did!

4. “If you only you were here right now…”

This is a great text to send to initiate a conversation and build a little bit of mystery at the same time.

His response will be to ask you what you’re doing right now…but don’t tell him. Leave the mystery and build some tension.

5. “I’m just lying in bed with nothing on but a tank top, texting you :)”

This next one of the hottest texts to send a guy is a response to that typical question, “what are you up to?”

He’s probably expecting your answer to be that you’re watching Netflix or out with the girls. So this response will really get him to sit up and take notice.

Playing with the imagery in his mind is a great way to make him want you and get rid of all those other women.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Texting a Man

nude woman

Save the nude photos for when you’re in a committed relationship.

I promised you this mistake…

You may have already made it. If so, it’s okay, but now you know not to make it again.

Are you ready?

Here it is: the biggest mistake you can make when texting a guy is: sending a guy a naked picture of yourself — especially if you’re not in a committed relationship.

I know a lot of guys out there are going to kill me for giving you this advice…although maybe not as many as you might think. While you might assume that all men want naked pics from women, a surprising number aren’t into them at all.

In a study published in the scientific journal Computers in Human Behavior, researchers found that about half the time, people who sent sexts — those naked photos — had negative experiences.

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The bottom line is: if you’re casually dating a guy, if you’re not committed, and you send him naked photos of yourself, he is more than likely showing your photo to his friends. I kid you not. You may want to believe that he’s a nice guy and would never do that…but it’s safer to assume he is showing your photos around. Just don’t send him naked photos and you never have to worry!


Using any or all of these five hottest texts to send a guy is just part of your work to get him to commit. You need to constantly act like the high-value woman that you are so that he knows you won’t settle for anything less than the best, and so he understands that he needs to treat you right 100% of the time.

So now it’s your turn: do you have your own list of the hottest texts to send a guy to get results? Share them with the community in the comments below so they can try them too!

And if you’re stumped for what to text, get plenty of ideas in my Love Texting Report. Copy and paste or make them your own!

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5 years ago

But, what about the guy sending a nude photo to you first text? I ignore that kind of text and a lot of guys do this.

5 years ago

I like your honesty it is real the big mistakes we made and how complicated is the interactions in a relationship when you are expecting what you want not what really is , I’m a little frustrated but never give up, will keep trying until I can’t stand on my feet , but I learned already that just you know how to make yourself happy , thank you

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