How to Seduce a Man: 10 Proven Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

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Can your eyes send seduction signals to a man, telling him that you want him?


If you want to know how to seduce a man, read on and watch the video below because I’m about to give you some valuable tips you’ll want to use immediately on that guy you’ve got the hots for.

Here’s something you might not know: we men are putty in your hands. We’d do just about anything for you if you bat your eyelashes at us. Don’t believe me? This article has scientifically-proven ways to seduce a man that you can start using asap.

Your coach,


When you hear the word “seduction,” what comes to mind?

I’m willing to bet it was sex. Am I right?

The interesting thing is that seduction is actually the opposite of sex.

Kitty Cavalier of the School of Cheek and Charm was quoted in a Psychology Today article about seduction:

“It’s interesting that we associate seduction with sex, when in fact, true seduction is the opposite of sex. Sex is when desire is met. Seduction is not about the culmination or gratification of desire, it is about the thrill of the desire itself. It is the game that is played as the desire comes closer, and closer, and closer, and being able to maintain that tension of wanting for a long, long time.”

So…yea. Seduction is about making him want you, not necessarily letting him have you.

You can seduce a man you’ve never kissed…

And you can seduce a man you’ve been with for years.

Either way, these tips for how to seduce a man will come in handy.

Seduction Tip 1: Let Your Eyes Do the Work

sexy eyes

Want to know how to seduce a man? Give him your sexy eyes.

Your eyes tell him everything about how you feel. They are, in fact, your biggest weapon when it comes to winning the seduction war.

Here’s an interesting study: a psychologist brought together dozens of men and women who’d never met before and asked them to look into each other’s eyes for two minutes without saying a word.

What do you imagine happened? Afterward, the majority of participants felt extremely attracted to their test partner. One of the couples even got married a year later! This just goes to show the power of eye contact.

When you’re talking to a man you’re attracted to, you might get nervous and flit your eyes around, but you’re better off looking him directly in the eyes (while smiling!) while you talk or listen. Mix up your expression based on what he’s saying. You can raise an eyebrow to indicate that you don’t believe him (in a playful way), or even wink at him. There are so many ways you can express yourself with your eyes, so experiment and see what gets a reaction.

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You can also make prolonged eye contact with him across a crowded room until he takes notice, then look away. You’ve hooked him, but then it seems like there’s something more interesting that has taken your attention. This will pique his interest since he wants your attention back on him, and he’ll walk over.

Seduction Tip 2: Practice Your Dozens of Smiles

Did you realize there are different types of smiles? Some you won’t want to use, like the fake smile, but you can still mix it up.

Try a sly smile that says I know something you don’t know, combined with a quiet chuckle, to leave him wondering about what you’re thinking.

Smile genuinely when he approaches or says something interesting.

Give him a smirk if he uses a cheesy pickup line. You don’t want to send him away with his tail between his legs, but you do want him to know you’re onto him.

Make up your own smiles! Like eye expressions, there are tons of ways to leverage this if you’re learning how to seduce a man.

Seduction Tip 3: Use Body Language

I’ve talked about how effective body language is on Sexy Confidence before, and it’s definitely another way to seduce a man if used effectively.

When you’re on a date or just talking to a guy you want to seduce, be keenly aware of your body positioning. If your arms are crossed or you’re facing away from him, he won’t get the sense that you’re interested. On the other hand, if you lean in with your arms propped on the table or your hip, this tells him you’re open.

And never underestimate the power of a good hair flip! Hair, especially long hair that’s loose, is particularly sexy to most men. So remind him of how Pantene-worthy yours is.


Seduction Tip 4: Touch Him Often

Touch goes hand in hand with body language. The more often you touch him — and we’re not talking obvious caresses here — the more he’ll want to touch you back. Touch reminds men of — yep, you guessed it — sex, so it’s a subtle way of saying I want you.

If you want to know how to seduce a man with touch, focus on resting your fingers on his forearm, gently squeezing his biceps (oh my! what big muscles you have!), or laying your hand on his shoulder or back. Try it and see if he reciprocates within a few minutes.

Seduction Tip 5: Send Seductive Texts

The secret to knowing how to seduce a man is realizing that not all seduction happens in person. You can also fascinate him via text. The key here is not to be blatantly sexual but to use innuendo to get him thinking sexy without pushing for it.

Leave lots of blanks for him to fill in.

I had a dream about you last night…

Do you know what I’d do if you were here?

I’m still thinking about that fantastic kiss. Wow!

Really watch that line between seduction and sex because some guys are only too happy to start sending dick pics or sexting, and that is not your goal. You want to create anticipation, whether that’s to see you again, kiss for the first time, or even, yes, have sex.

Seduction Tip 6: Display Your Confidence

confident woman

Nothing’s more seductive than a confident woman.

There’s a reason I’m always encouraging you to be more confident: men love it. If you seem like you’re not desperate, that you could take or leave talking to a guy, his desire to chase you kicks in.

A confident woman knows she’s attractive, funny, and smart. She doesn’t need a man to tell her that. In fact, she doesn’t need a man at all. And nothing makes a man want a woman more than when she shows that she doesn’t need him but wants him. So own that.

If he compliments you, smile and look in his eyes and say thank you. Or better yet, I know!

Hold your shoulders back. Shoulders forward says you’re insecure. The opposite says you own the room.

Wear clothes that flatter you. You don’t need to wear super short skirts or plunging necklines to be sexy, but do wear clothes that say I know I look fab.

Seduction Tip 7: Show Off Your Intellectual Side

If you’re thinking you need to play down your smarts to learn how to seduce a man, you’re wrong. Most men, especially sapiosexuals — also known as nymphobrainiacs — get turned on by intelligence. If you know you’re smarter than a rocket scientist, then let it shine!

Note: there’s a fine line between showing off your intellectual side and just being a know-it-all. If you’re trying to seduce a guy, you can talk about books you’ve read and things you’re interested in, but don’t start correcting him if he says something wrong.

Him: …you know, since the sun revolves around the Earth…

You: Actually…

Nothing will kill a man’s libido faster than being corrected. So just leave it.

This is particularly useful if you meet a guy through a dating app since you often have some great meat about what he’s into. If you see a book or topic he’s interested in on his dating profile, bring it up. The more obscure, the better. He’ll be blown away that you even know about it! (Just make sure you actually do).

Seduction Tip 8: Be a Little Hot and Cold

I know a lot of women who think how to seduce a man is to throw themselves at him. How will he know you want him if you’re not draped all over him?

In fact, the opposite is true.

That woman isn’t a challenge. The woman he will chase is one that pours all her attention on him…then excuses herself to get a drink or say hi to a friend. The woman who, as soon as he shows interest, backs off a bit.

If you realize you’ve been doing a lot of touching or eye-batting, pull back and let him step up his game to show you that he’s interested.

Seduction Tip 9: Let the Dance Floor Do the Seducing

dancing woman

Make your moves on the dance floor.

Dancing is a wonderful way to show your attraction without requiring any witty conversation. And no, there’s no twerking involved!

If you’ve been making eyes at a guy across the room and you think he’s interested but he hasn’t yet made a move, sashay over to him, grab his hand, then pull him out on the dance floor. You can get close, but there’s no grinding necessary. Just having you within such close proximity will work its magic. Let your hips loosen, smile to show you’re having a good time, and throw your hands over his shoulders.

If you haven’t yet danced with him, get out there by yourself and dance while watching him. That makes it pretty clear that you wish he was there with you on the dance floor!

Seduction Tip 10: Have Some Deliberate “Accidents”

If you’re sitting at a table next to this guy, let your leg brush his several times. He’ll wonder, was that an accident?

Drop something and pick it up so that you show off your body. Or drop it so that your hands collide as he also reaches to pick it up.

He will think these little gestures are accidents, but he’ll still be seduced and want you more.

Conclusion: How to Seduce a Man? Be Authentic

how to seduce a man

Be yourself and you’ll totally seduce him.

While some of these tips on how to seduce a man require you to get a little out of your comfort zone, in general, you should feel comfortable doing them (if not, skip that one). I 100% believe that you have to be yourself in order to seduce a man. Otherwise, you come off as inauthentic, and he’ll see right through you.

If you’re sexy and confident, you’ll prove yourself to be genuine. He’ll want you, mind, body, and soul if he sees that you know who you are and what you want (including him!).

You may need to practice these tips on how to seduce a man so that you perform them flawlessly and confidently. Consider every date you go on to be the opportunity to practice. Take mental notes on what got best results (hair flip combined with a light touch on the wrist? Check!) so that you know to use it next time.

And while seduction isn’t about sex, it’s a great lead-up to it if you want to have sex with a guy you’re seeing. Remember that anticipation is half the fun, so let that sexual tension really build up so that when you do finally decide to get into bed with this man, it blows his mind entirely. Take your time, though. While your seduction efforts may make him all the more eager to express your physical relationship together, you also need to be on the same page for it to happen. When it’s right, it’ll happen.

Do you have other tips to share on how to seduce a man? Please share them with the Sexy Confidence community in the comments below.

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Christina M Murley
5 years ago

I really loved this article Adam. It so inciteful for women . I think in past we as women in general, we held back from being sexual with men and focused on quiet seduction. That has been lost. Now we embrace our sexuality, this freedom. But truthfully using our seductive feminine wiles. It’s a great gift we have naturally and should use more often

5 years ago

Ohh so now you are gonna seduce men.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sourav

All I want to know is the best way to seduce a man. I really don’t want to mess this up. I know these comments are old but I really need help!

Michelle Hopkins
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrea

Andrea, you should check out the devotion system by Amy North. In her guide she has a section called the ‘Obsession Formula’ and it works sooo damn good! You can find her guide at: – I hope it helps you seduce a man too.

5 years ago

As someone who has been married for 15 years, I thought it was fun to read your tips and get into the mindset of trying to seduce my man. It recaptures the fun, playful element.

5 years ago

Yup. These would all work on me!

Nicole Johnson
5 years ago

this rlly helped my man loves me now!!! tytytyy <#33

5 years ago

I loved your article

Hope you can help me.

5 years ago

I loved your article. It made me look with other eyes at the feminine seduction.

4 years ago

I really enjoyed the article. I can use some of these when I go out on a date.

4 years ago

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Mariam Hob Gamed
4 years ago

This really helped me alot, he loves me so much nowwwwww !!! omgggg thanks.

4 years ago

Hello Adam,

Thanks for writting those words. I’m having a bad time to find the right man.
Can you help me?

Kisses from Brazil,
Maria da Conquista

4 years ago
Reply to  Conquista

Conquista – all the smart men are gone. We want nothing to do with you or any other woman. You disgust us, and being with you is miserable. Good riddance!

4 years ago
Reply to  Conquista

Hey babe I just want you to know that your beautiful being that God created you and that in due time with you simply taking good care of yourself both inside and outside you’ll eventually attract the right man just be confident be sexy yet not desperate and slutty n know your worth. I wish you all the best in luck. Sincerely, Louis P.S I’m as straight as they come and happen to think Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful on this planet, not to mention EXTREMELY attractive and seductive

4 years ago

Nope. None of this would work on me. Not a chance. You must think very poorly of men if you thank there’s anything “guaranteed” to seduce him. None of these can work if I’m not with you, not looking at you, not paying attention to you, not talking to you, not approaching you. This is the new normal. I don’t do these things anymore for the same reason I don’t play Russian Roulette. Way too dangerous, and the reward doesn’t even begin to cover the risk. Good riddance, women. Men have finally discovered how good life is without you, and… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  John

so what youre saying is, your gay

4 years ago
Reply to  Colt


4 years ago
Reply to  John

You sound like you have been hurt, John, and have not healed yet. Your comments are so sad!

4 years ago
Reply to  John

Wow John! Sounds like you need some love in your life. Life’s too short to be such a mean person.

Hugs from me to you.


4 years ago

Just say you are gay you idiot, john. However, I’ve met many respectful gay guys, but you, you’re a loser!

4 years ago

Interesting! i love this article

4 years ago

Nice article

4 years ago

Hello pretty boy I think I have a change of heart

4 years ago

Hello Handsome I really have a change of talk and mine

4 years ago

The Hot/Cold signals definitely works! I fell head over heels for someone in college. This drove him crazy. He even told me I was giving him mixed signals. Which was my intention. And when he was interested I suddenly became “busy”. It didn’t work out in the end for other reasons but it will for sure get their attention.

3 years ago

Exact! you have to be yourself, originality is our biggest weapon … Women use it!

Confused and Abandoned
3 years ago
Reply to  Jasmine

Weapon. When you go in with using tools of war no wonder men have such a hard time of it.

Coppola Luca
3 years ago

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Just passing
3 years ago

Number 8 – The woman who, as soon as he shows interest, backs off a bit. Hmm. Cocktease. not interested.

3 years ago

nice, you mentioned very important points here. I wish you all the best in luck

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing a nice information.

1 year ago

I thought it was a great article. I also loved this book, My Higher Kingdom: Men, May I Seduce You? Ladies, Please Join Me on Amazon by Andrea Elliott. So insightful! Men are encouraged to be compassionate and women learn about overcoming sexual shame to actually be confident!

11 months ago

I think I did something wrong, I got reported for sexual harrassment

3 months ago
Reply to  Stax

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