He’s Pulling Away Because of “Bad Logistics”?

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Angela from Michigan recently brought us an intriguing question about the complex world of dating. After being single for two and a half years, Angela ventured into the world of dating apps. Within six weeks, she went on 14 first dates and a few second dates, but most were disappointing. However, one date stood out.

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Angela and her date quickly progressed from the app to texting and then to a promising phone call, followed by a lunch date. The connection was instant and exciting, but the communication pattern soon changed. Angela reached out on Halloween, receiving a lukewarm response, and then a thoughtful text from him emerged, expressing concerns about the logistics of dating, considering they lived over an hour apart and both had young children.

Angela’s situation raises an essential question: In the initial stages of a relationship, should logistics take precedence over connection? We believe that while logistics are important, they shouldn’t overshadow the initial spark. However, the reality of Angela’s situation is that after one date, there seems to be a lack of effort from her date’s side, indicating a possible lack of interest.

The real issue here isn’t about how Angela can secure a second date, but why she’s so attached to someone she barely knows. It’s vital to remember that early connections, though exciting, are not always as unique as they seem. The challenge isn’t in convincing someone to be with you but in finding someone who recognizes your worth and is willing to make an effort, regardless of circumstances.

Our advice to Angela is to re-evaluate her dating strategy. If only one out of 14 dates seemed promising, it might be time to change where and how she’s meeting potential partners. The goal is to feel empowered in the dating process, not desperate.

Additionally, we suggest Angela reflect on her previous dates. Were there potential missed opportunities? What qualities is she prioritizing, and are they the right ones? Understanding these aspects can lead to more fulfilling dating experiences in the future.

On a more speculative note, there’s a possibility that Angela’s date may not be entirely forthcoming about his situation. The sudden shift in his behavior post-lunch date raises questions about his intentions and circumstances.

In conclusion, Angela’s situation is a reminder that in dating, it’s crucial to focus on finding quality connections rather than chasing after uncertain prospects. It’s about recognizing your value and seeking partners who are willing to invest in a relationship with you. As for Angela’s specific scenario, unless her date shows genuine interest and effort, it might be time to move on and explore new possibilities.

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Deborah Brown
2 months ago

I went on a handful of dates with a guy from the northeast corner of Toronto which is approx an hour away from me. We met in Oakville at least 4 or 5 times for walks / dinner etc. I ended it before it began because I won’t drive over an hour to see someone and I told him he would start to resent me because he would have to come to me. He was in my age range (6 years younger) attractive, successful etc etc. Maybe I wasn’t really into him? Or Maybe I was just realistic?

2 months ago

Logistics are HUGE….that hour is 2 hours roundtrip…transporting kids to school/sports/events adds up. Thanks for sharing useful information and geometry dash scratch

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