7 Ways to Stay Single Forever

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Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a friend about their love life and thought, “Wow, if things don’t change, they might stay single forever”? We’ve all been there, and sometimes, it’s easier to look at a problem from a different angle. So, let’s explore this with a twist: Here are seven surefire ways to stay single for the rest of your life. (Remember, this is a light-hearted take on common dating pitfalls!)

#1. Rushing into Relationships

The fast track to staying single is moving at lightning speed in every relationship. Get intimate quickly, bombard them with texts, and spend every weekend together right after meeting. This almost guarantees a quick end to what could have been a slow-burning romance.

#2. Chasing the Uninterested

It might seem appealing to go after someone who shows little interest in you. If your goal is to stay single, pursue someone who clearly isn’t putting in the effort. This is a classic move for those who prefer the thrill of the chase over a stable relationship.

#3. Seeking Superficial Perfection

Forget kindness and shared values; focus solely on superficial traits. If they’re not meeting your sky-high, surface-level criteria, they’re not worth your time, right? This approach is perfect for staying single and missing out on genuinely compatible partners.

#4. Assuming Exclusivity without Communication

Want to stay single? Dive into casual relationships without discussing commitment. Act like a partner without confirming the status of your relationship. This often leads to heartache and misunderstandings, keeping you firmly in the single zone.

#5. Waiting Passively for Love

Rather than actively seeking love, simply go about your daily life expecting love to find you. This hands-off approach is a surefire way to maintain your single status.

#6. Blaming Others for Your Relationship Woes

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Always remember: it’s not you, it’s them. Avoid taking ownership of your role in relationships and instead, play the blame game. This victim mentality is a great way to avoid growth and stay single.

#7. Blindly Following Your Heart

Lastly, keep following your heart without any thought or strategy, even into potentially harmful situations. At Love Strategies, we believe in following your heart, but we also emphasize the importance of bringing some strategy with you.


While this post is meant to be humorous, it highlights common dating pitfalls many fall into. At Love Strategies, we encourage you to not only follow your heart but to do so with wisdom and a bit of strategy.

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