7 Things Affluent Men Deeply Desire in a Woman

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Notes from this week’s Podcast:

Do affluent men desire the same qualities in a woman as everyone else? Well, yes and no. While some desires are universal, the nuances matter. Affluent men, particularly self-made men, tend to have unique desires shaped by their competitive nature, dominance, and selectivity. In this blog post, we will delve into the seven things affluent men deeply desire in a woman, shedding light on what sets them apart in dating and relationships.

#1. Don’t Play Hard to Get, Be Hard to Get:

Affluent men are drawn to women who exude an aura of exclusivity. They want special treatment and access, feeling like they have someone that every man desires but only they can have. This scarcity principle is at play, making them crave what most others cannot attain.

#2. “Ride or Die”:

Affluent men seek a true counterpart, someone who is their equal. They value trustworthiness, loyalty, competence, and both emotional and physical health. They desire a partner who can stand beside them in their success, supporting each other’s endeavors and respecting each other’s boundaries.

#3. Sapiosexual:

Intelligence matters to affluent men. They want someone on the same intellectual level, and it’s not just about college degrees. Intellectual compatibility, stimulating conversations, emotional intelligence, and stability are all appealing traits.

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#4. Uncomplicated & Fun:

Life can be stressful, so affluent men desire partners who bring joy and simplicity into their lives. They appreciate a carefree relationship with no unnecessary drama. A sense of humor and an adventurous spirit are major pluses, and both partners must find each other funny.

#5. Self-Starter:

Affluent men are attracted to women who are independent and self-sufficient. They want someone with their own passions and goals rather than someone who relies on them for fulfillment. Excessive texting can be a turn-off, so maintaining independence is key.

#6. Owns a Room:

Confidence and self-assuredness are desirable qualities to affluent men. They are drawn to women who know their worth based on personality, unique skills, and comfort in their own skin, rather than superficial attributes or seeking attention.

#7. Healthy Reality Distortion:

Affluent men often possess extreme optimism and a “can-do” attitude. They desire partners who share this optimistic confidence without being naive. They want someone who keeps them motivated and supports their endeavors.

In conclusion, high-value, successful, and educated women naturally seek partners with similar qualities. Just as you have your own set of desires, affluent men also have unique expectations regarding relationships. Understanding these nuances can help you navigate the dating world and find compatibility with a partner who shares your values and aspirations.

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3 months ago

I love all your posts and the education you bring, and your podcasts 🙂 Question for you on #4: Uncomplicated and Fun. Life is life and sometimes life gets complicated and it’s not so fun. I want all these things listed that an affluent man wants too! And I am fun and often uncomplicated, albeit I do claim to be complex – it’s part of my sapiosexual nature 😉 Yet, uncomplicated and fun rings like “does not take oneself too seriously” – the thing the kind of guys say who when the going gets tough, they get going. Been there,… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  Kerry Campbell

Hi, I’m feeling you. IMO you might be vibing at a lower level of ‘these things just happen unfairly to me’ rather than getting past the past and radiating in the present & trusting the process. Radiant women don’t need to disrespect
’ bleached blondes’ even subtle attitudes show your insecurities, just throw love out there. Trust me #4 won’t set you up for failure only you can do that. Instead set yourself up for success There is enough good stuff to go around. Sounds like you have a lot of great qualities.

3 months ago
Reply to  Annalee

Hi Annalee – good points 🙂

3 months ago

Great episode! I think almost all of your advice is spot-on, real and refreshing.

3 months ago

I feel like I check all the boxes above but I’ve been told by my exs that either I’m too independent or dependent, they need to come to a consensus. I also don’t care if my man is affluent but apparently they care if I am.

3 months ago

I am currently 4 months into dating a man that could be the dictionary picture of the man described above. He himself has told me what he likes about me and I have to say, you are 100% spot on. He likes my independence, that I like keeping fit and healthy, my sense of humour and optimism and also that when introduced to new people or attending an event with him, I can easily talk to everyone in the room, despite me being reserved, and not just cling to him.

Shirley Laursen
3 months ago


Robin Rowray
3 months ago

Sounds to me like he needs perfection. No lofe is without some un-fun. Happy times ! So if someone cant stick during the rough stuff then sounds like hes nobody i eould care to knos

2 months ago
Reply to  Robin Rowray


2 months ago

Your love strategy is so thoughtful and well-planned. I can see that you’ve put a lot of thought into how to make your relationship successful.

2 months ago

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2 months ago

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Darren Hooper
2 months ago

seem to care if I’m wealthy, but they don’t seem to care if my man is papa’s freezeria.

2 months ago

This insightful article highlights the distinct desires of affluent men when it comes to relationships. The emphasis on exclusivity, intelligence, and a ‘ride or die’ mentality provides a unique perspective. Understanding these nuances is key to navigating the dating world successfully and finding compatibility with a partner who shares similar values and aspirations. Great read

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