6 Things Men Notice First in a Woman and Find Massively Attractive

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Notes from the Podcast:

#1. Vibe: Positivity vs. Negativity
A woman’s vibe is immediately noticeable. Does she bring light or darkness into a room? A positive, upbeat, and fun demeanor is attractive, characterized by an optimistic outlook, spontaneity, and a grateful attitude. Conversely, negativity, constant complaining, and pessimism can be off-putting.

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#2. Ownership: Self-Assuredness and Confidence
Confidence is key. Men notice how a woman carries herself, which is greatly influenced by her self-perception. Owning your experiences and not playing the victim, blaming others, or wallowing in self-pity makes a woman immensely attractive.

#3. Presence: Being Fully Engaged
Men appreciate when a woman is fully present. This means actively listening, not being distracted by phones or other things, and making meaningful eye contact. Being present shows that you value the time spent together.

#4. Soft Eyes: The Window to Kindness
Eyes can communicate kindness and care. Studies have shown that men often notice a woman’s eyes first. The way you look at someone can convey warmth and genuine interest, much like a best friend listening to an emotional story.

#5. Your Friends: Reflection of You
The company you keep says a lot about you. The Cheerleader Effect suggests that people are seen as more attractive when in a group, but the nature of your friends also reflects on you. The way you interact with both your friends and his can be very telling.

#6. Communication Style: Clarity and Curiosity
How you communicate is critical. Are you curious, asking questions, and genuinely listening? Remembering details from earlier conversations, being articulate, and engaging in meaningful topics rather than just small talk are qualities men notice and admire.

While following your heart is essential, carrying a bit of strategy can make a significant difference. Understanding and embracing these non-physical attributes can lead to more meaningful and fulfilling interactions.

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2 months ago

I am already all of that. It’s the men who have the issue.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kar

I’m with you – we fit the bill but most men are not meeting the same criteria. All those qualities are attractive in an another person, male or female or other.

2 months ago

“When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.” Thanks for the article

2 months ago

This is an excellent article. This is, in my opinion, one of the best posts ever written. Your work is excellent and inspiring. Thank you very much.

2 months ago

This is, in my opinion, one of the best posts ever written. 

1 month ago

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