5 Weird Signs He’s NOT Into You

he's not into you

Adam LoDolce

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You scratch your head when it comes to how guys act sometimes. You THINK the guy you’re dating is into you…but he acts odd often, and you want to know why.

Is he too shy to reveal his true feelings?

Does he not know how to handle such a fabulous woman?

I can’t vouch for every man out there, but typically if a guy is doing something off, like texting you but never wanting to hang out, he’s stringing you along.

Trust your gut: does it tell you that he really likes you…or is it more that you WANT him to like you? If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

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Talk to me in the comments below: what weird behavior has a guy exhibited that makes you question where he’s really at emotionally?

Your Coach,

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Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

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10 months ago

What are some things you guys do when you are into a girl?

Gwen Howard
10 months ago

I think u are right about what u say that a man is not into u

10 months ago

Ok. So i have this that we been hanging out for 8 months. We r very close. Ill sleep over no we have not kissed but we have touched each other lol I know sounds funny. Anyways he knows that I have feelings for him. And we r still very close. I know his whole family. I’ve stayed in his home while he is on a trip with his family. He said he’s not ready for a relationship has told me he is attracted to me and likes me as a woman. But he is working on himself. Also he… Read more »

9 months ago
Reply to  Charise

Either make it known to him that you are alright with being friends or simply leave. He’s just not that into you and has put you in his friend zone.

Patricia Wagner
10 months ago

Emotional energy vampires Now we know the truth. These 5 signs are an eye opener for me

10 months ago

I met this guy twice and we’ve been talking on and off. Most of the time i initiate the text. We made a bet before re nba games and we both won but still the bet haven’t done yet. He’s supposed to treat me on this burger shop but he said when we’re both not busy. Does this mean he’s not really into me or he’s just really busy? I haven’t talked to him for 4 days now. Scared that i might chase him away

10 months ago

So the guy that I’m talking or seeing, just hasn’t texted me for over a week, I have to find stuff from he’s friends because he doesn’t say nothing to me, we work in the same place, and on he’s days off he doesn’t answer my messages, sometimes he just answer them on the day we work together, and now since he’s not working he didn’t say nothing to me to the reason why he’s not working, and I’m pretty sure he is ignoring me because he talks to his friends and not with me. What do I do in… Read more »

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