5 Surprising Things Men Find Beautiful in a Woman

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Have you ever wondered what men find beautiful in a woman that isn’t rooted in appearance?

We all know the power of putting a great outfit on, getting a new hairstyle, or putting makeup on.

And sure, these things can make you appear more physically attractive to men.

But beauty really is more than skin deep.

Men are often labeled as shallow, and the world claims we don’t care about personality.

But this is far from the truth.

I used to coach men before I started coaching women, and the vast majority of them told me a woman’s personality IS important to them.

Of course, we LOVE it when you’re red-carpet ready.

Who wouldn’t? You look a million dollars.

But beauty is about more than what you look like.

Are you ready to find what men find beautiful in a woman?

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I reckon you’re going to be surprised by what I have to share here.

What I love most is these are all things that are completely in your control and have nothing to do with age or how much money you have.

Inner beauty shines through and makes a powerful impression. 

It’s all about who you are, the energy you give off, and the way you show up.

How you feel about yourself on the inside will speak volumes for you on a date, sometimes without you saying a word. 

So, it’s time to put the makeup aside today and get in touch with the beauty in your heart.

I promise you; it’s there.

And remember, embracing your inner beauty is an everyday practice. It won’t happen magically overnight. 

What’s the most surprising thing a guy has ever found beautiful about you?

Share it with me in the comments below.

Your Coach,

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Cindy Cz
1 year ago

I feel that I invite men to meet me where I am, and am pretty down to earth and approachable. Sometimes my bf has asked why I wore a skirt or a dress, when we are just gonna chill. My answer was that I wear pants and sneakers to work (therapist), and it feels good to have any reason and the time to dress up. Sometimes I show up in leggings and a nice sweatshirt, and sometimes something naughty like sheer shirt no bra. Just never knows what he is gonna get!. I have no qualms about teasing , whether… Read more »

1 year ago

Good day coach, its quite interesting joining your webiner today, I have actually gotten points. Well done coach, you’re doing a good work.

1 year ago

As a senior citizen, I bring myself to the table. I am personable, I am confident but never boastful, I enjoy laughing and good conversation, and I have no problem displaying playfulness. Oddly enough, though, I do not attract this same type of man, the type I would enjoy spending time with the most. Instead, I seem to attract more quiet, more introverted, and often less confident men. These are the men who express interest and wish to continue knowing and seeing me. The more confident and successful men tell me they have enjoyed our date but don’t follow up.… Read more »

1 year ago

Nice Post

1 year ago

I tend to snort when I laugh at something I find really funny. I’ve never been able to stop it, so I own it. There’s no hiding it! And I am awkward as all get out – I often over-explain things, which leads to babbling.
Your videos reinforce my belief that I’m totally fine the way I am. So thank you!

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