3 Steps to Make a Man Miss You

make a man miss you

Adam LoDolce

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One of the questions I get asked a lot (like ALL the time) by my clients in the Love Accelerator program is, “how do I get a guy to keep thinking about me and miss me when we’re apart?”

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Getting a guy to miss you in the early stages of dating is vital if you want to have him pursue you and see you as the prize.

I see too many women giving too much of themselves to a guy far too early on in the relationship, which makes him pull away.


Because you’re making it too easy for him.

You’re not giving him a chance to miss your company.

And chances are he thinks he can snap his fingers and have you, and to him, that’s not enough of a challenge.

So, how do you get him to stop ghosting or pulling away and keep him coming back for more?

In this video, I share 3 simple steps to make any man miss you.

Follow these 3 Little Love Steps, and that guy you’ve been casually dating is far more likely to be thinking of you when you’re not aroundeven when he’s on another date.

And quit thinking about whether he’s hung up on you or not. If he’s thinking about you and misses you, he’ll make it clear. But don’t wait around hoping that he will.

Focus on yourself. Enjoy dating lots of men. Have fun. Live your fullest, most vibrant life.

This is the BEST way to make any guy miss you and not give a damn whether he does or not.

Which of these 3 steps do you need the most practice with?

Let me know in the comments below.

Your Coach,

make a man miss you

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Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

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4 months ago

Love you Adam! I’m naturally doing one of these steps before I heard this video. I’m a free agent so am dating a number of men and am an extremely outgoing person. I post all my gatherings with men and women on my Facebook page. So the guy I’ve been having a fling with in Florida sees my active social life here in Maine until I get back to him again. Results? He decided to fly to Maine to celebrate his birthday with me. And has invited me to fly to his house to celebrate mine. I leave October 5th!… Read more »

Carolyn Garrison
4 months ago

I have a friend of 7 years that when I wasn’t available, he was and vice versa. This year has been utterly rough for him wherein his now ex-wife accused him of Domestic Violence (there was video to prove her wrong) and filed charges against him. His ex is very narcissistic and verbally abusive. I have been there for him since all of this went down. I have been his sounding board. He has been diagnosed with PTSD from her abuse and he is VERY bitter toward women. He IS in counseling. Since day 1 he has said that he… Read more »

3 months ago

I can understand, I’ve had a guy in my life who was going through the same phase.

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