#1 Useless Piece of Dating Advice (Do THIS Instead)

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Have you ever been in the middle of a pep talk with your best friend before a date, and she told you to “just be yourself”?

Now, she might mean well, but this is up there with the most useless dating advice ever.

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What does it even mean?!

Because it’s so vague, instead of helping you, it ends up having the total opposite effect.

So if you’re looking for some dating advice you can actually use, here are three simple tips that every woman can put into action tonight.

  1. Focus on leaning into your feminine energy

This isn’t about wearing stilettos or agreeing with everything a man says. When you embrace a healthy version of feminine energy, you’ll be soft on the outside but hard as a rock on the inside. And when you lean into your feminine, this gives the man opposite you a chance to lean into his masculine. Long story short, you’ll both be infinitely more attracted to each other.

Always remind yourself you are the prize he wants to win over.

  1. Make sure you’re asking good questions

When you’re on a date, be curious about the man opposite you. Ask thoughtful questions that help you see if he meets your love vision. Be careful not to go OTT because this is not a job interview!

Remember to “smalk”—smile while talking. Flirt with him. Enjoy yourself and show him that you’re enjoying his company (if you are).

Even if you feel wildly out of your comfort zone, the more you practice engaging with other people, the better you get at it.

  1. Step into your youthful energy

When you’re dating in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, it’s easy to feel jaded by the whole concept of dating and relationships. If this is you, it’s time to shake things up and make dating fun again.

Find one thing you enjoy about dating, and explore how you can make it a positive experience for yourself. When you do this, you’ll bring this vibrant, infectious energy to every encounter, making you more youthful and endearing to the men you’re meeting.

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22 days ago

I love the meeting of a new person. New ideas, new things they like to do that maybe I have never done. I truly enjoy meeting new people. Specifically when dating…men.

21 days ago

This is going to be hard for me. Maybe if I was a lot younger. But some of these ideas, someone might think I’ve totally lost it.

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