5 Things That Wildly Turn a Man On [#2 Will Surprise Him]

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You might assume that to turn a man on, you should…

…wear a low-cut shirt and short, short skirt…

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…toss your hair sexily…

…pretty much act like a porn star.

Actually, that’s not the case. There are ways you can drive him wild that have nothing to do with how you dress or what you do in the bedroom.

The sexiest thing to a man is confidence. I’m totally serious. Each of these five ways to turn a man on is a thing that sexy, confident women like you can pull off. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like or how much sexual experience you have; if you are confident in who you are and in your skin, you will turn a man on like no other woman.

Leave a comment below telling the community what turns YOU on in the bedroom!

Your Coach,




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2 years ago

I love your emails and advice always spot on! I’m with someone new and I didn’t realize how much the soft sexy voice works until now, I will definitely be pouring it on now . Thanks Adam!

2 years ago

Hats’ off to ya’ Adam: for your titillating tips on cranking up the heat beyond — me running my fingers through his: 50 Shades of Grey

Theresa L. Gause
2 years ago

What turns me on when a man starts to whisper in my ear the breathing gives me chills. Especially when he starts kissing my ear lobes. Another thing that turns me on is how he kisses me all over. Knows my body. A lot of men do not know women’s bodies their erogenous zones? Or even know how to give massages? It is sad and frustrated when you have to tell a man every time where is the spot that turns me on. Not only does he not satisfy me I have to finish off because he doesn’t know. I… Read more »

Billie M
2 years ago

One of my biggest turn-ons in the bedroom is when HE finally takes control. Everyone wants to feel wanted! Him bringing his full on attention to every inch of my body will set me off into a whirlwind and make me want to give him more.

Last edited 2 years ago by Billie M

It’s sooo easy !!!

Karla Bullon
1 year ago


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