5 Things Women Do That Guys HATE

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On the outside he might seem calm and collected.

But on the inside he’s a ticking time bomb.

You may even think everything is going smoothly…

until he ends it.

And it’s all because you might be doing one or more of these five things:

If you’re constantly noticing guys you date slowly pull away…

Or worse, getting agitated to the point where he explodes and ends the relationship abruptly.

You’re could be making one or more of these avoidable mistakes.

The good news is you can bypass these nightmare scenarios completely, by watching my latest video.

Your Coach,

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Summary –

1. Purposely flirting with other guys to make us jealous.

We can tell when you’re having a light-hearted conversation and when you’re flirting to get at us. This is not a good way to communicate… especially if you’re having relationship issue. Be a straight shooter and don’t play games, because it will bite you in the ass later.

2. Not offering to pay for anything after dating for a few months.

Do you think men are made of money? Most good guys want to pay, but it’s also the 21st Century and men and women are equals. It’s important for you to at least offer to pay every once in awhile. You could pay for a dessert or a drink after dinner. It shows the type of reasonable person you are.

3. Constantly talking about women you don’t like.

If you don’t like someone, then stop talking about that person. Talking repeatedly about how much you dislike someone and their actions is one of the most toxic behaviors you can engage in.

You are responsible for deciding who is allowed in your life. If you don’t like someone then remove him/her. Life is short, so why have someone in your life if their company isn’t enjoyable.

4. Comparing your relationship to the relationships of others.

Let me tell you something about Facebook… everyone looks happy in their relationship online. That’s what they want you to think. They want to feel better about themselves knowing their façade made you feel bad about yourself. But here’s the thing: every relationship is messy in its own way and NO relationship is perfect.

So go out, enjoy your life and stop living in envy. Show gratitude for what you have and appreciate the partner you are with.

5. Dropping overt passive aggressive hints.

We get it, you want something from us… maybe a vacation, a night out, or the dishes cleaned… but instead of telling us directly and in a kind way, you drop an obvious hint.

Him: “Hey babe, why do you keep drawing circles on this map?”
Her: “Because you never take me on vacation anymore.”

This is a poor excuse for communication and is the definition of passive aggression. You can be both direct and caring with your words as you tell him what you need and why. It is imperative for your relationship to include both of you… both of your needs, and both of your wants.

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Shannon Sublett
6 years ago

Women still do not get equal pay. But I agree that we should still offer once in 3 months to pay.

6 years ago

I love your insight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched your videos and said at least once. ” Oh! that’s what this/that means!” Your advice is awesome and in this video number 4 really hit home for me. I wasn’t completely aware I was comparing my relationship to relationships of others and then feeling it isn’t what it should be. Every relationship is unique and we should treat them as such. Yeah, I am in a relationship, but for me the learning does not stop. I want to continue to understand men and the dynamics of relationships… Read more »

6 years ago

I’ve had a really tough year. I came out of a 12 year relationship, that was hell in its self. Into a 7 month relationship with a man that I’ve known 25 years, he runs hot and cold. I really pray your advice helps me to gain the confidence to show him and everyone else that I’m not that same person that he has known the last 25 years and either he’s with me or he’s not.

Deborah V.
6 years ago

Your work is good for the majority of the population: those who are looking for a relationship without deference to Christ. However, for the few, who are honestly looking for a marriageable partner who shares their loyalty to Christ first, the basic info is the same: confident, considerate, independent while willing to let someone get close…. but the boundaries for intimacy and the stage at which you reveal your life’s goals are slightly different.
The two populations cannot ever have a completely satisfying relationship, no matter how strong the physical and emotional attraction is.

Parthina Deuley
6 years ago

Not quite guilty of this but, when a man will tell you he really would like to take you places and do things with you, then later says no we are just friends having fun. Visiting one hour a month to have sex and make it a FWB , booty call or whatever, while promising more. Then to say we cannot date or be romantic because of an age difference, etc. So yes , guilty of wondering what did I do to deserve this , other than get honest about being told he will be here, then he heads elsewhere.… Read more »

6 years ago

Being an older woman (66) I have learned not to do any of these things, you should always pick your battles and your battle plan with men.

6 years ago

I’m 26 and I’m pretty sure I’ve never done any of these things. If anything, I tend to treat male hearts with this weird protectiveness that often led me to trouble later on. Thank goodness, my best friend and brother didn’t mind waiting many, many years for me (even if I was the last person to clue in I’d let him out of the brother zone and into the committed zone – yay for blondeness).

5 years ago

A guy here – don’t worry about “things guys hate”. Just be yourself! If you are a man-hating feminist, then hate men! If you’re so insecure that you compare your relationship to others and are a social media attention whore, then be insecure! If you can’t communicate like an adult, then be all means be passive aggressive. And if you’re controlled by your irrational emotions, then let the PMS monster rage! I’m being serious here. Please act the way you are, so we can dump you quicker and with more honesty. Because if you create a fake personality to snag… Read more »

5 years ago

Guys are weird………

5 years ago

This advice makes me LoL. Men and Women equal!? I think not. We are still living in a world mostly catered to men. And for the women coming here to seek this ‘interesting’ information, just don’t. Be yourself and the right guy will come; and hopefully from there you can build a relationship in which you both communicate, compromise and achieve happiness together…it takes two to tangooooooo. His lack of telling you these things is a problem in itself, you’re no mind reader either. Xoxo much love.

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