The RIGHT Way to Smile at a Guy to Get His Attention

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how to smile at a guy

Done incorrectly, a smile can CREEP the living crap out of a dude.

So, I’ll admit that I creep onto a lot of other dating coaches’ websites because I like to know what the heck they’re advising their clients to do.

Not too surprisingly, I either love their ideas, or I hate them.

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But, there’s one piece of advice that I both love and hate simultaneously, and it is: Simply flash him a smile to get him to approach you.

Why do I have such mixed feelings about this approach? Well, let me just spell it out for you. First of all, if it’s done incorrectly, it can be a total turnoff. However, if it’s done with precision and poise, then, it can be the ultimate man-hunting weapon.

Watch this video to learn the “Dos and Don’ts” of Smiling.


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So, as you can see, using your mouth can ultimately be an incredible way to attract guys (what were you thinking?).

And, in order to have a great smile, you need to sport a great vibe. Are there any girlfriends you hang out with who just make you smile? Any of them that just make you laugh every time you’re around them?

You need to make a conscious effort to go out with them more, and apply the smiling techniques you saw in the video in order to start meeting more quality guys. Hey, maybe you could even teach your girlfriends how to smile at guys, so they, too, can give off a positive vibe (which is beneficial to you as well).

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8 years ago

Hi: What if you would like to appear a little mysterious and sophisticated? I find that when I smile and laugh all the time I attract happy-go-lucky or sometimes shallow types. I am looking for deep thinkers who may have more of an ironic sense of humor vs. a bubbly one.

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