DO NOT Marry a Guy Who Has these 5 Habits

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Statistically, it’s a coin flip at best and a crapshoot at worst.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find everlasting love.

And it doesn’t mean you can’t find it with a quality guy who treats you like the amazing woman you are.

If getting married is something you deeply desire for your future, then you need to avoid any guy who exhibits even one of these 5 habits.

Number two on this list is a sneaky one.

It likes to disguise itself and masquerade as something you might find attractive…


It’s actually a sinister little devil that will only end in disaster.

Check out the entire list by watching the video now.

Your Coach,

P.S. Avoiding the kind of men who wreak havoc on your self-esteem and emotional wellbeing is actually very easy when you know what to look for. If you have a history of attracting the wrong type, the solution is here.

Summary –


Marriage is a risky proposition.

So you want to be very, very, smart about who you decide to spend your life with.

Whatever you do, don’t marry a guy who has any of these five habits:

1. Pathological Lying

In my experience, people lie for one of three reasons.

Ego, manipulation, or fear.

He lies for his ego because he wants people to think that he’s a bigger deal than he really is.

Or he lies to manipulate you to do something that’s really in his own favor.

The last one, which is less maniacal but just as bad, is he lies out of fear because he’s afraid of what other people will think of him if he’s found out.

All of these are deal breakers.

2. Gratuitous Financial Spending

You might like those lavish $400 dinners and that $1,000 necklace that he bought you, but you know what you won’t like when you marry him?

Mounting debt.

Creditors calling you at 2:00 a.m. looking for their money.

Foreclosures on your home when you have two kids.

Now, let me be clear, I’m not saying you want to be a gold-digger.

I just want you to be more of a 401k miner.

Oh, and same goes for you… If you have a spending problem, you need to get that in check.

3. Defensiveness with any Type of Feedback You Give Him

When you’re in a relationship, you’re going to give and receive feedback from your partner.

Some of it might be tolerable, some of it might seriously bother you.

Assuming that it’s respectful, it’s always important to listen.

If you’re with a guy who is unable to receive any type of suggestions for improvement, then there’s likely some self-esteem issues going on there.

Communication is absolutely impossible if he can’t receive any type of feedback. As you approach the more difficult decisions in life, you’re going to see the relationship just fall to pieces.

4. Emotional or Physical Abuse

If the lousy bastard ever lays a finger on you… don’t even think about marrying him.

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And if the asshole gets off on putting you down, don’t even think about marrying him.

Relationships in America surveyed over 4000 divorced adults, ages 18 to 60 and they found that the number one reason for women to want a divorce is due to emotional abuse from their husband.

So, take it very seriously if you see it early on.

5. Heavy Drug or Alcohol Abuse

For those of you who don’t know, my mother Ann LoDolce is ironically a divorce lawyer.

She’s handled over a thousand broken marriages over the years, so she knows what she’s talking about.

One time I sat her down and said, “Mom, what is the number one reason for failures in a marriage? Why do they end?”

She said that the underlying reason is almost always related to alcohol or drugs.

So, there you have it. Those are the five habits you really don’t want to marry.

Now that you’re sufficiently terrified of getting married, I should say this…

As long as you avoid men with these five habits, and you’re a reasonably well-educated person with a decent income, and come from a good family, and marry after the age of 25, without having a baby first, your chances of divorce are very, very low.

Way lower than the current rate of 50%.

Be smart about who you marry.

Don’t wing it.

It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make.

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5 years ago

I found out that my ex boyfriend was a liar and defensive after we broke up.
If he’s like that after, then it would have turned up eventually. I’m glad we’re not together now.

5 years ago
Reply to  laurie

I lived with my ex-boyfriend for over a year and he was all these things except #2. The abuse was really bad to the point that I thought he was going to kill me. The emotional abuse was just as bad. I am so glad to be out of that relationship, we are still friend but that is all, I chose to be the bigger person and through this he did apologize but, I have no desire to ever be with him anymore. You can never take away the hurts and the words that were said. He drank 18 beers… Read more »

5 years ago

Amazing video. Thanks for the wonderful insight for us ladies. Marrying smarter does save a truckload of problems later. You rock!

5 years ago
Reply to  Gayna

Thank you for this i had been dating a guy for 5 days and didnt take me long to see he has an alcohol problem and i was headed back into that worl but got smart listened to the signs and my intuition to walk away i have had 4 alcoholics in my life refuse to have anothe one but your warning list confirmed that i did the right thing thank you

Judy Smithson
5 years ago

I was married to him already. I’m so happy we are divorced, you don’t know.

5 years ago

Omg I married one with all the habits except for being a pathological liar. Needless to say it only lasted 3 years. I was 24 and stupid. 10 years later I married one who had none of those habits just became a controlling asshole after I married him. That one lasted 3 years also. 12 years later I continue ur to be happily not married I have an awesome boyfriend and don’t really care if we ever get married or not. Wish I had this info 25 years ago!’

Kristine Green
5 years ago
Reply to  Cathy

I also married someone who was an alcoholic. Did I realize it would be a problem , no but it was. And emotionally he was not available. He had terrible financial habits, for example not paying his taxes. So for 26 years I lived with this. It is not my fault he was like that it is my fault for putting up with it.

Mary J. Brown
5 years ago


Your expressiveness has improved ! It is pleasing to listen to you. No banging of the hands, which was very distracting but you remained through to your exuberant expressiveness.

Thanks for all your wisdom, truly appreciated.

Donna Riddell
5 years ago

I have been trying to have a relationship with a man that has all of these traits apart from the gratuitous spending. It’s worse. He never has a penny although he earns well. It’s just a string on bad decisions that lead him to be broke. He beer has nothing to show for his work. The lies, well. You cannot hide from them for long. Although they try. It’s always everyone else fault that they dont do well, abd of course 8ts all themmother that maje their world a mess. Emotionally he is a wreck so does his darned st… Read more »

5 years ago

gack! i married a pathological liar who had a problem with drug and alcohol abuse! i agree, don’t marry a liar. but if the person in your life is a good liar, you may not be aware of his lying ! i was raised to tell the truth and be honest. during my divorce, it was really telling to hear my ex say, “everyone lies!”. but by then i had been duped. good advice. i just wish it didn’t take me 20 plus years to uncover the truth! as they say buyer beware! oh, and if you are not a… Read more »

5 years ago

It’s so true! Our choices mean everything. I made a bad one, and came to regret it. I married a guy who had ALL of those habits, but I couldn’t see them for what they were. I did have my doubts about him, but when I asked people for advice, my mother, his friends, I was told that I was being oversensitive and judgmental. Fast forward thirty years, I can’t even say the damage that he did, to me and my kids, our finances, and sense of well being. All of his little bad habits got worse for every year… Read more »

5 years ago

yes, I married one with all those habits! They lying part I didnt know before hand, because, well, he was LYING! Too well. The spending, I figured he just had it in check and he wanted to spend it with me at first so what was wrong with that? (big mistake!). The emotional and physical abuse…. I was too young to have the gumption to walk away and embarrassed to return home to my family who didn’t like him to begin with. The inability to receive feedback, WOW! He was always the aggressor in this area but could not stand… Read more »

5 years ago

Agree with all! Been with them all, sometimes in the same person O-} Wanted to share a short note on the alcohol & drugs: Adam, your mum said ‘it was an underlying reason’. I think alcohol & drugs HAVE rather than ARE an underlying reason. It means the person does not want to be himself and wants to drown out the problem areas rather than resolving it. It means this person by default chooses the path of least resistance and will run away from problems. It invariably means that you will be the decision-maker, the mum (even if you have… Read more »

5 years ago



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