5 Seductive Words That Make Men Desire You

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When thinking about how to be more seductive, your brain might jump to flashing some skin, swiping on a paint-the-town red lipstick, or flirtily brushing your hand over a guy’s chest.

But did you know that certain words can be equally seductive?

Here are five scrumptiously seductive words that will make men desire you more from afar. Sit back and watch as men become drawn to you in ways you’ve never experienced before!

1. No

If you’re nice and enjoy making people happy, you might be a people-pleaser. And people-pleasers will do everything in their power to avoid saying the word “no,” even at the expense of their health and well-being.

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When you say yes to everyone’s demands, what you’re really saying is that you don’t value your time and energy enough to put your needs and wants first. This is a common trait in low-value men and women.

Women who value their time, energy, and affection are not willing to dole it out like a free subway paper to just anyone. They’re willing to say no, even if people don’t like it.

Learning to say no will immediately raise your value and help you attract a high-quality man.

2. Yes

This might sound contradictory, but I want you to learn to say no, just not to everything!

If the man you’re dating is being reasonable and respecting your boundaries, let him take the lead. Say yes to him taking you out and planning the first date. Say yes to going to his favorite steakhouse and having a go at playing pool at a dive bar after.

Lean back into your feminine energy and receive (Little Love Step #1) so he can step into his masculine. This will give you the space you need to figure out if he’s the right guy for you and will also help the attraction between you build like nothing you’ve ever known!

3. Why

We’re all guilty of asking a lot of boring questions when we’re dating!

Remember, a date is not a job interview, so you have permission to dump the “what do you do” and “where do you live” questions and go deeper.

One of the best ways to do this is to ask, “why?” or follow up a previous answer with, “why?”

This interesting question is guaranteed to lead to an interesting response and will help you build a deeper connection.

4. Passionate

It’s a pet peeve of mine when people overuse this word and claim to be passionate about everything because this is impossible, so it comes off as disingenuous.

We are all passionate about something in particular—a hobby, a cause, or a mission. And when someone talks about one of their passions, it’s truly captivating.

So think about what you’re most passionate about, and weave this into the conversation on your next date.

5. Slow

The final seductive word I want to share is “slow.”

The further you move in the dating process, the more likely the man will want to move faster than you. But when you slow things down, it reaffirms your value, helps you decide who’s worth exclusivity, and naturally makes men want to pursue you even harder. This is why Little Love Step #5 is about pacing the progression of your connections.

So the next time you find yourself dating a man who meets your love vision, and he’s trying to speed things up, put your foot on the brakes and slow it right down like a car moving through downtown LA.

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Mary G. Herrin
1 year ago

Awesome I information makes slot of sense.

Regina Richardson
1 year ago

Men don’t like the word No so when you say it you have to stand your grounds ; you might even have to change the narrative depending on the situation and the importance of it ; I’m just saying

1 year ago

Men dont like the word no? Huh. Who said that? I dont care if you say yes, or no to me. Say what you want. If you wanna say no to me, say no. Just do what comes naturally to you. Stand for who you are

1 year ago

All sounds good to me…good advice!!!

1 year ago
1 year ago

All I seem to find are scammers. WHY!!!!!

1 year ago

Appreciate this! Impactful words!

1 year ago

Waffle unlimited is a hot word game. Different from the daily version. Waffle offers an unlimited version that you can play until you get bored.

1 year ago

Girls, dont listen to him. He’s telling bullshit, and wants you to buy his silly product.

Im a straight man, and you are all allready awesome, in every way, by yourself.

Fuck that ‘value’ story. Im like, i like you, or i dont like you, it doesnt matter if you are ‘low value’ or ‘high value’

I dont care if my ex girlfriend was ‘high value’ or ‘low value’. I just loved her anyway. Because, she is she. And only she, can be like her.

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