When to Sleep With a New Guy

No woman wants to be considered a prude OR easy skeezy. What's a lady to do?
when to sleep with a new guy

No woman wants to be considered a prude OR easy skeezy. What’s a lady to do?

Should you wait 3 or 5 dates to have sex with a new guy you’ve been seeing?

Or should you just “go for it” and sleep with him on the first date?

These are questions thousands of women have asked me over the years, and the unfortunate reality is that there’s no “rule” that will answer it concretely.

However, there are some key principles that will help you figure it out.

In this brand new video I’ll reveal exactly when to have sex with a new guy and when you should WAIT to jump in the sack.
Check it out below.

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Have you ever slept with a guy too soon and regretted it? Do you think it’s important to wait to have sex with a new guy you’re seeing? I want to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments section.

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5 years ago

Me and this guy decided to be Mutual FWB. We had a really nice time and he texted me when he got home. The part I’m wondering about is the next day )and many after( he still hasn’t texted or called me. Is he waiting for me to text him first? We haven’t spoken since that day. What’s going on?

5 years ago
Reply to  @Help

You were played.

5 years ago

Always great information Adam. It is something I think we all struggle with. I have been seeing a man for 8 months now and just 4 weeks ago is when we made love the first time. It was a mutual decision. We started out as friends and found we wanted more and wanted to develop a relationship and make sure it was right. I adore that about him. He is Scottish, so he said he likes that about me as well as sadly most American women he has encountered since moving here years ago, just seem to want to get… Read more »

5 years ago

It is hard to know when the right time is to become intimate with a man. I have tried every form possibly. Waiting, jumping in and no sex at all. Funny they all ended. So decided to try something in the middle of all 3 and have faith in myself that I’m doing the right thing. I think 30 days is a good time to wait. Gives both sides time to think. And we ladies can keep our dignity in tact. If he cares for you he will wait, if not well, NEXT. Lol…

5 years ago

The answet to this question is simple, for me. I won’t have sex until there is a commitment. That is, when I feel like being committed to him, not the other way around. Guys will say ANYTHING will do ANYTHING to get their dick wet.
When I say something, it’s because I truly mean itno just with my words, also with my actions. When he’s talking with his little head, nothing can be believed.

Debi D
5 years ago

My advice would be to not sleep with a guy until you know he loves you. If he can’t wait for you, he is not worth it. I had casual sex with a guy I was interested in dating around this time last year. We went on a couple of dates, had a few drinks, and had sex (had sex at least 2-3 times). We had been roughly dating for a month. When I asked him where he saw our relationship going, he told me he wasn’t over his ex-girlfriend. Like any smart girl would do, I stopped talking to… Read more »

5 years ago

Hey there. I waited two months before having sex with my boyfriend. The only type of physical contact we ever had was giving each other a hug when we greet and at the end of the evening. We didn’t even kiss until a little before two months of dating. That may be quite a bit but I tell you, the sex was very passionate when it happened because we previously spent a lot of time getting to know each other on a friendly level. Since we had sex, he has been more and more attentive and makes me happy, not… Read more »

5 years ago

Good morning Adam, I love all your videos, they help me a lot; about the topic, in my opinion, we should wait until we get into the relationship with the new guy, because If we do it before getting engaged in a healthy way, He is going to feel that He has the “right” to do it whenever He wants and He won’t care about what we feel, He will just care about himself.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mary

i am pretty sure that you are describing my last relationship. he does just care about himself. i took him to a concert on valentine’s day…not for that reason, but that’s the date this band played. while there, i was a bit closer to the fence railing than he was, so i could see. some woman started talking to him, and “noticed” he looked like he had some south american indian in him, or so she thought. (peruvian, he is) …and they continued talking. he wasn’t paying any attention to me. then when he bought us each a beer, he… Read more »

5 years ago

This video has very good points. I am 32 years, and I have been in the dating world for the last 6 years or so…. It is still very hard to know when the timing is right. I have found that at times what I am looking for changes, but the guy’s needs or wants may not. Or when his intentions changed and mine didn’t, it was like I was being drug along on a roller coaster I didn’t want to really be on. I am very glad that I am currently in a relationship with a guy that is… Read more »

Vivid Imagination
5 years ago

I dislike this type of advices, but decided to make an exception because it is coming from you.
For me there is no sex before marriage and I really don’t care will somebody considered me as old fashioned, prude, weird etc. It’s who I am, what I believe in and stand for.
But for those women who don’t wait till marriage, I agree with :”When in doubt, wait” and “He is not the right dude for you”.
LOL at the… what’s the word… mimicry/impression of easy sleazy 🙂 A+ for acting capabilities.

5 years ago

I think the reasons that you’re saying it’s the right time to have sex with someone are in fact the same reasons that you should stay in a relationship with him, with the assumption that you’ve gotten to know him enough to know and want to be in a relationship. I have a really hard time with this concept that sex is something that women should withhold. Women can just want to have sex too. Or women can want to have sex as part of getting to know someone, or in a relationship. I think it depends on both people,… Read more »

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