When a Guy Texts You, “Send Me More Pics” – Do THIS

send more pics

Adam LoDolce

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Online dating sites and apps are a great place to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet.

Unfortunately, you never know who you’ll end up meeting or what that person’s real intentions are at the start.

That’s why I recommend being a little cautious to keep yourself safe and protected from scammers and skeeze-balls.

I’ve had quite a few women in my coaching program ask me for advice on what to do if a guy asks them for more pictures online.

You’re thinking, WTF?! Why do you need more pictures of me? I’ve already got five amazing ones on my profile.

So, what’s his real agenda? And how should you respond?

Let me show you what to do if a guy ever texts you “send me more pics” on a dating site.

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Remember, you do not owe anyone you meet online anything.

I’ve noticed that too many women are stuck in a people-pleasing mode and can’t say no without feeling guilty.

Just because someone asks you to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it. A kind and genuine guy is not going to be demanding things from you before you’ve even gone on a first date.

Keep your eyes wide open for red flags like this.

Has a guy ever messaged you on a dating app to “send more pics?”

What happened next?

Tell me all in the comments below.

Your Coach,

send more pics

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Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

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Tamara S Webb
1 month ago

When they have asked & I questioned it, they have explained that some women have pics that look 30 years old & when they meet, she looks more like 60 years old.

1 month ago

When I get this request, I ask them what they’re looking for. I mention that I’m not petite (that seems to be what many guys want even if they’re overweight themselves), because I’m tall but of average weight.That seems to settle this issue.

1 month ago

I learned this the hard way after losing over $200,000. I ignored so many red flags and paid for it. I finally started really digging for information and learned that it was a Nigerian scam ring. Now I don’t trust anyone anymore.

1 month ago
Reply to  Sherri

I am so sorry for your emotional pain and your financial loss!

1 month ago

I have also wondered if some of these men are scammers and want to use your pictures to build another fake profile and scam others. Kind of like building an arsenal of tools to use against future victims.

1 month ago

The scammers ask for more pics so they can create fake profiles. I had 4 pics of myself on my profile & later found out from other guys on the dating site that there were 3 fake profiles using my pics. This was very disturbing & I contacted the dating site & asked that they would delete the fake profiles. No response from the dating site but these fake profiles disappeared in about 6 weeks.

9 days ago

I tell them I don’t have anymore pics

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