What Men Find Sexy In a Woman (Attraction Secrets For Women)

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Airbrushed centerfolds are nice to look at when you’re a 16 year old BOY…

But, believe it or not, High-Quality MEN are looking for a special woman who has something else entirely.

Here’s what Men REALLY find sexy in a Woman:

Forget about the garbage you read on the magazine rack as you stand in line at your supermarket.

You know the kind…

They have the actress with the “perfect” body on the cover, and a big bold headline that reads: “101 things men find irresistible in a woman”

I’ve got news for you…

There’s just ONE.

And I tell you what it is in today’s video.

Watch it now.

Your Coach,

Summary –

The internet really pisses me off sometimes.

As I was doing research for this video, the only scholarly articles that were coming up were writing about your hip to waist ratio, your eyes, your lips, and your boobs.

Some of these so-called experts are coming from a good place, and some of it may be true for physical attraction…

But it’s also doing you a disservice writing about that garbage and constantly publishing that shit.

When you spend all of your time worrying about stuff like that, you’re actually decreasing the very thing that is sexiest of all to a man, and that is your sexy confidence.

This is what men find sexy, and this is the secret to attracting high-quality men.

When I say sexy confidence or feminine confidence, it’s actually quite different than the confidence that you’re probably attracted to in a masculine man.

It’s likely that you’re attracted to a man who is more dominant, who takes charge and who generally has a high social status.

Back when I was working with men to help them find women like you, these are the things that I would help them with, but these are not necessarily the same things that men find sexy in a woman.

Before I go any further, I need to say this:

Those traits are fantastic for a woman to have in the workplace, and I want you to succeed professionally.

But my job here on earth is to help you with your love life. I assure you that if you bring those same traits to the dating scene, it’s going to repel many of the men that you want to attract the most.

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If you want to attract a masculine man, you need to unleash your sexy, feminine confidence.

I think that there’s this huge misconception out there that says that sexy confidence is a weaker form of masculine confidence.

Hell no! It’s just as powerful, if not more powerful because you are the prize that he will be pursuing, not the other way around.

He is the chaser, you are the chooser.

Let him have masculine confidence.

You unleash your sexy confidence.

Let his intentions be direct. Let your response to his intentions be softer and more subtle.

Sexy confidence means having warmth and softness in your encounters with him, while still calling him out on his BS when he deserves it

This means being sensual and compassionate towards him.

It means really receiving love from him and not chasing him for love.

It means responding to him, not pursuing him.

This means walking with purpose, with your shoulders back and your head up, but also doing it elegantly.

It also means being playful about your life and your interactions, while still remaining very intentional about where it all leads you.

Which also means stepping outside your comfort zone a little bit, when you’re out at night, maybe at a bar, and kind of shooting a guy a smile.

This means allowing a man to take the lead on a first date, not because he’s better than you … actually quite the opposite.

You let him take the lead because you want to judge him to see if he fits the bill, and if he doesn’t impress you on that date, then you know what? Move on to the next.

The best part of all of this is that you all have this within you now.

Don’t allow the media to convince you that you need to start the next new diet, that you need to buy the next new makeup to be sexy to men.

The sexiest thing in the world to men is a woman who has her inner sexy confident flame burning red hot within her.

What do you think?

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6 years ago

Love your videos…..This was a favorite…..maybe just timing!! haha
Keep doing what you are doing……

6 years ago

Hello Adam! I just want to write this short message to thank you for all these videos…I started watching them like 2 and a half years ago (when I used to date a different guy each month on the hope to meet the right one)… two years ago I moved to another country and meet my boyfriend, who is awesome, really loves me, wants to marry me, and so on, and with whom I’m very happy…I don’t know if I would have been able to be in the right mind frame to allow myself to enjoy this relationship without your… Read more »

Marsha mendez
6 years ago

Yes I am sexy confident

But to be a
Honest I have lost all hole in finding someone.. yes I listen to it advice in your videos however I am just not hopeful

6 years ago

Yes, I so agree: this is truly the very best video you have presented, in my opinion. You lay it out clearly, succinctly, and with kind compassionate directness so we women can truly understand the natural dance between the sexes. It truly is a remarkable thing, and it works. I sure wish it came naturally for me yet it most likely depends upon the upbringing of a woman, nature and nurture, mixed messages in a person’s life, as I experienced and agonized. This takes gentle patient reminders that you have just offered. After my 27 year marriage ended ten years… Read more »

6 years ago

Yes, and you can create the elegance in the walk by doing it in a relaxed way and having a natural flow and softness in your movements.

Mary Nichols
6 years ago

I am impressed with the advice as I read this article.

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