3 Ways to Make Him Addicted to You

ways to make him addicted to you

Adam LoDolce

This article was written with love by Adam LoDolce.If you want me to personally help you find love, click here.

Did you know that when you fall in love, your brain feels exactly like it does when it’s hooked on drugs? It’s a pretty intense feeling.

Even better? Having a man feel that way about you.

What if there were ways to make him addicted to you so that he’d have that high whenever he’s with you?

That amazing high is the first of the stages on the way to love. As you’re getting to know one another, that rush of dopamine is the glue that holds you together until you get to a more established place in your relationship, when you truly start falling for one another.

So how can you make sure that glue is strong? What are the ways to make him addicted to you?

1. Radiate Positive Energy

We are all drawn to people who are positive, and repelled by negative people. Even if you don’t feel like you’re the most positive person in the world, you can absolutely change that. If you feel yourself going down a negative rabbit hole, just think, “reframe!” and then shift to a more positive thought. It takes practice, but soon you’ll have a more positive outlook, and that will make him addicted to you.

2. Scarcity

When there’s a shortage of something, that’s when it’s most in-demand. Just look at toilet paper right now during coronavirus!

Be less available. Not by playing games, but by living a full life. That way, you’re not sitting around, waiting to hear from him. If you take your time to respond to a text or aren’t available every time he asks you out, he’ll want you even more.

3. Emotional Support

One surefire way to get him to fall for you is to be there for him when he needs emotional support. If he had a bad day, just listen. Don’t try to offer advice. If he wants to sit with you and cuddle after someone close to him dies, be good with that.

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The more present you are in your relationship, the more attention you pay, the faster you’ll make him addicted to you!

Please leave a comment below: what ways to make him addicted to you have you tried, and how did they work?

Your Coach,

ways to make him addicted to you

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1 year ago

Thanks Adam. After reading these 3 little things I know what to do. I think I have been going to him and instead it should be him coming to me. THATS WERE I’VE GONE WRONG Durrgh . So If I take my time to respond to his messages he will come to me

Patience Deffor
1 year ago
Reply to  Joanna

Thanks Adams, I have learned that we ladies need to be scarce at times.

1 year ago

You are so helpful adam before I had this serious man In my life , I usually listen to your vidoes , thanks much and Godbless to your career

Gabrielle Baiman
1 year ago

How do you follow these and also maintain a relationship with someone you have been dating for 2 months and 1 of those months has been in quarantine due to the pandemic?

1 year ago

I feel like #2 and #3 contradict each other. How can I find a good balance?

1 year ago


Julie Smith
1 year ago

Is someone close two me in love with me

Julie Smith
1 year ago

Is someone close to me in love with me or am i getting take it for granted I need an answer please

I tried number 1&2 it really worked for me.
7 months ago

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