3 Toxic Ways You Might Be Over-Communicating in Your Relationship

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All of the experts tell you to communicate your feelings in a relationship…

…but is it possible to over-communicate?

I’ve been guilty of this myself.

Rocking the boat when the relationship was cruising along just fine.

Watch the video below to learn the 3 toxic ways you might be over-communicating in your relationship.

Have you ever overcommunicated in a relationship? Leave a comment below letting me know what happened.

Your Love Coach,

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4 years ago

Hey adam, I’m one of them that do all three
I over text him
I text and tell him my feels
I apologize to so many times
What I realize he himself told me that he needs space and all these long text I’m text. But he still read them. And dnt reply. So I keep off my phone and I notice hes coming around I’m keeping my finger cross. I’m living in jamaicaand hes living

Munee J
4 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Drunk texting my new guy, how much j’adore .. and not playing my game cool,. He handled me well because apparently they were very clever

olude oluwakemi
4 years ago

Thanks for these video
i actually feel if i dont communicate with my boyfriend am left out with something
i love attention and i dont want to be an attention seeker help me out
thanks Adam fr always

4 years ago

I’m guilty of ALL things you mentioned. Wow. I spent so many years in therapy learning how to communicate & how to express my feelings NOW I over compensate with 1 page text several times a day., Watching/ reading all the self help experts, then playing Dr. Phyllis to him, and apologizing when he says “ you are making me crazy” ! Literally , ALL of the dating/ relationship advice is making Me insane.,Say this, don’t say that, do this, don’t ever wear that! Text this, don’t call that. Geez does it ever end! By the time I can even… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi Adam
I think mine is over texting if texting daily it’s a problem. I do it daily but once or twice a day. But I get a feeling that he is somehow getting too used. I want to change a bit.

4 years ago

I love to text him, cal him alot, I guess have over do it, coz he doesn’t reply my text at times. He has pull away before, but he’s back to me now, I don’t know what to do

Patsyanne Garrity
4 years ago

Hello Adam, About 1 week ago I made a general comment about FWB’s that they just want to have sex and then leave. My love interest went baliistic and said that it hurt him and “after thinking a bout it for 2 days” decided that he did not want to pursue the relationship. I apologised more than 3 times and I told him that I genuinely cared about him but to no avail. He has alot of personal troubles going on right now but this is the 3rd time he has used a breakup rather than to talk things out… Read more »

Maria Nguyen
4 years ago

This is SO true! And no coaches have actually talked about this! I used to over communicate a lot in my relationship. To the point where every little thing he did that hurt me turned into a fight, sometimes even super toxic. Now I learned to not follow my feelings. Whenever something makes me upset or makes me uncomfortable, I just let it hurt me and let it pass by. A couple hours later when I looked back at the situation, I’d be like “oh that wasn’t even that big of a deal.” That, to me, is true power. I… Read more »

Alison Jones
4 years ago

Hi Adam,
I am a nurse and we work on 3 month schedules, which are very flexible. I recently sent my beau for his input. He has a birthday in April, and I asked if he will be in Maine. He over reacted, and said I was looking far ahead and fast for plans. This was not the case, as I was trying to arrange to be with him for his Birthday. I don’t know if this qualifies for over communicating. I don’t think so. He was obviously feeling pressed.

Charmaine Ward
4 years ago

Hi Adam
I realise I’m doing that in my current relationship I get frustrated hold it in then it all comes out, prob sounding harsh but dont mean to be.
I think I expect too much in terms of texting too he doesn’t call me though so texting is our only form of communication although I’ve asked him to call.
Think I need to find the balance ☺️

4 years ago

Ure so right, Adam. Tune it down a little. Why should everything be on ure time schedule? “Text me when lve texted u….” People have their own time schedule… Adapt… Feel the other person out…. Compromise… //weronica

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