How to Let Go of Someone You Love

How to Let Go of Someone You Love

Adam LoDolce

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We’ve all been there…

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Watching TBS on a Saturday Night, while Facebook stalking an Ex during whatever Sandra Bullock movie has been playing on repeat for the past 8 hours.

It doesn’t get any easier when you see pictures of him with someone new.

And he’s happy.

More happy than you are right now.

Here’s how to finally let him go and move on:

Embracing the next chapter of your dating life can be easier than you might imagine…

And it all starts with realizing a few key things.

Find out what they are by watching the video now.

Knowing HOW to let go of a past relationship is just as important as knowing WHEN to let go

Yet, it’s the one thing that gets overlooked the most.

Until now.

Your Friend,

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How to Let Go of Someone You Love

1. Change is just a natural part of life.

I’m not the most religious person you’ll meet, but I’ve found some important takeaways from Buddhist teachings. In Buddhism there is a word called Dukkha, it refers to all human suffering. Much of that suffering, according to Buddhism, is due to the fact that people are afraid of change.

Change is a constant in our lives. We have happy times, sad times, and relationships begin and end. You will have breakups and you will get through them. The only way to truly embrace happiness, in all phases of life, is to embrace change.

Once you realize that change is constant, you can release yourself from the pressure of trying to control everything.  You can’t assume that the life you’re living now will continue forever. The best thing is to live life in the present.

2. Just because the relationship ended, doesn’t mean it was a failure.

More importantly, realize that it doesn’t mean that you are failure. There’s only one way to fail at your love life… by giving up on finding love.

Everything you’ve done in your life has led you up to now. Your experiences have all been incredible learning opportunities. Take something you can learn from the situation and let go of the past. Move forward on the right path with the right strategy.

3. Remove reminders of the person from your life.

This is a practical piece of advice. You DON’T need to see pictures of your Ex with his new girlfriend on Facebook. You DON’T need to analyze every single one of his tweets, and you definitely DON’T need to wipe your tears with the sweatshirt he left behind.

Realize that your heart is only temporarily bruised and is incredibly resilient. You are not what happened to you… you are what you choose to become. You’re strong, beautiful and powerful, but only if you believe it. It’s time to close this chapter of your life and rediscover who you are.

Lastly, make sure you go out there and have some fun… because you’re single and you deserve it!

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How to Let Go of Someone You Love

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4 years ago

Adam, I love your videos, but my brother needs help finding a woman and I can’t seem to find your counterpart for men on Youtube.

Do you know of anyone with the kind of wisdom you have, but for men?

Fairy Khamari
4 years ago
Reply to  doris

Yes there should be proper video advices for men too .do some videos for them too Adam.

Catherine crenshaw
4 years ago
Reply to  doris

Babe I love you but please do not ever wear that jacket while recording a video again all you can hear is you moving around in the jacket I know you don’t want that so I’m just letting you know and I like you more presentable clean cut your message is just as powerful and strong

4 years ago

i did not hear your jacket at all, I thought you looked very dapper…luv ya

Maria Ojeda
4 years ago

This really helped me today Adam. Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling with my breakup. It’s been even harder for me because I discovered my x uploaded recent pictures of him on the dating website we had met before he ended our relationship via text. I know it’s irrelevant now but I’m also struggling with the fact that I never told him I know and part of me still has an incline to do it even though it wouldn’t change anything. I would appreciate any advice in regards to letting him no or not.

2 years ago
Reply to  Maria Ojeda

Do it- you have nothing to lose- he’s gone. and this way you have closure and a sense of satisfaction that you got it off your chest , to gain. You can move on then. Or he’ll see how much it hurt & come back; then you get to decide the terms.

4 years ago

Nice. Thank u but honestly it is hard when u trust someone been faithful to them it hurt. Even self u put away there memory.

4 years ago

Adam… your videos and your advice….BTW you are sexy !!! I already do a lot of the things you recommend just a few that I need to work on like going out there and get a fabulous life….after all I’m looking for a fabulous guy !!!

4 years ago

I’m having a hard time letting go. I know he dont love me or want me. He was with someone the same time he was with me. I told him about. I left. I can’t get pass the hurt.but k want him

4 years ago
Reply to  Candy

Hi Candy,

I am no relationship expert, but I want to suggest to you not to contact him if you want him back. If you contact him, he is going to push you even further away. Also, I know that it is painful to see the person you love with someone else, but just let go. Let it go. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. Right now, the best thing you can do is move on with your life. Find things to occupy yourself and make you happy.

Massiel Orduna
4 years ago

Hi Adam I love your videos they really are helpful for me and my relationship. I was wondering if you can do a video about trust??? Or about how can I get my boyfriend to stop dreaming and start doing something about that dream??? It’s cause I’ve been having a lot of trust issues with my boyfriend not having a job or college education and him saying that he’s going to get one or that he’s already applying to some places. Supposedly he wants to get a job already so we can live together and etc but how can he… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Massiel Orduna

Read your post again and you will see the answer. I don’t know your situation, but if he is 22 and you’ve been asking him to find a job for 2 years, I don’t think he is highly motivated or sensitive to your needs. Let him go and continue to work hard in school to build a great future for yourself. You can’t force someone to do something they aren’t ready to face. Best of luck to you.

4 years ago

Thanks for your videos Adam. Great and so helpful as always 🙂

4 years ago

I understand what you are saying but my situation is somewhat different. I lost my husband of 26 yrs to cancer. Not only were we married we were business partners too. We had no children together. I would like to find someone to share my life with but at 59 it’s a little hard to do. Plus being depressed doesn’t help much. All my male friends are gay doesn’t help much either.

4 years ago

Embrace change!!

4 years ago

your suit is squeaking.. and you so handsome

4 years ago

It is hard to move on.when my ex.moved from 3 hours away to 100 yards and I have to see.him almost.everyday how can with that?

4 years ago

I’m so sick and tired of hearing LET IT GO!. Ok, I would love to do that if it would help me to not hurt and want him anymore, but my question is how do you do this thing you call ” let it go “. How do you do that???? I can say OK I let it go. But then what? Please explain to me how to let go instead of just telling me to do it.

4 years ago
Reply to  patty

After 3 years after break up, I’m still not over it. That is an excellent question “how do u do it” how do u cut the invisible chord that keeps u stuck?

4 years ago

What she said above ! How do you do that ??

4 years ago

Thanks Adam, this video truly helped me out and I had gotten dumped by my ex for the second time in a row now and your advice is helping me let go and truly move on in my life.

Faith Kerubo
2 years ago

To let it go its hard. Have dated a guy 8months now, sex was nice, but we are two, I really feel bad even if he cals, txt me. Even when the other gal was in his house he used to Cal me and txt me. But am sad. Is it good for me call it quits. Kindly help

Judi Tota
2 years ago

I’m impressed you mentioned The Dharma.
-20 year practitioner.

Arlene Thompson
2 years ago

Hi Adam. I’m guessing this is a repost of your video because I see that the comments are from 2017. I know this video is probably aimed at someone thinking about breaking up or someone who just broke up. My situation is a little different. My husband passed away (almost 4 years ago) and I still have stuff that belongs to him in every room of the house including the garage. I can’t seem to let go for so many different reasons. But my greatest problem is having a fantastic guy in my life that wants to be with me… Read more »

2 years ago

Just wondering why everyone, female or male or whatever, has to be beautiful and powerful… how about just being normal, every day person? Not everyone in the world is beautiful/powerful… so it leads to disappointment …. I would venture to say that the most important issue to is accept oneself as one is, just one normal person doing whatever they can in life to be good with oneself and to others. Maybe I am skeptical of these forever words of “empowerment” – whatever that truly means.

1 month ago

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Last edited 1 month ago by Waskes

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