Is He The One? The Secret to Using Your Intuition

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Notes From The Podcast:

Not sure if he’s right for you? In today’s podcast, we provide a step-by-step system for harnessing your natural intuition and weeding out the wrong men so you can finally open your heart to the right guy.


Intuition, by its very nature, is the ability to understand something instinctively without needing conscious reasoning. It’s a subconscious pull, a sense of deep, immediate understanding, often described as a gut feeling or a hunch. When it comes to love, emotions often get mistaken for intuition. Emotions react; intuition guides.


The Pitfalls of Premature Intuition


Research suggests that our brains are wired to form opinions quickly. These first impressions are powerful and often difficult to reverse. Psychologist Dan Gilbert talks about the challenge of “unbelieving” or changing our minds once they’re made up. The downside? Early intuition tends to operate on minimal information, leading to conclusions based on vague feelings, assumptions, or stereotypes. This can be particularly misleading in the context of new relationships.


Slowing Down to Enhance Intuitive Decisions


The key to harnessing your intuition isn’t to dismiss it but to refine its process. This involves slowing down and gathering more information before allowing your intuition to draw conclusions. It’s about extending and improving the intuitive process, a concept inspired by psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s research.


Implementing “Informed Intuition”


Step 1: Identify Key Focus Areas

In the early stages of dating, it’s crucial to identify what truly matters to you. Pick 3-5 key traits that are your top priorities. These might include trustworthiness, respectfulness, listening skills, how engaging they are, and their kindness.


Step 2: Rate Your Priorities

After your date, take a moment to reflect and rate your date on these qualities. Use a scale from 1 (not present) to 10 (exemplary). For instance:

  • **Trustworthiness**: 4 (avoided answering personal questions)
  • **Respectfulness**: 3 (was rude to service staff)
  • **Listening**: 9 (was genuinely interested in your stories)
  • **Interesting**: 8 (shared intriguing hobbies)
  • **Kindness**: 6 (volunteers regularly)


Step 3: Form an Initial Overall Impression

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Immediately after rating these traits, record your overall impression using the same 1-10 scale. Now, let your intuition weigh in on this more structured information.


Step 4: Seek a “Second Opinion” from Yourself

Create a psychological distance from your initial assessment by taking a break. Engage in activities that allow you to reflect calmly, such as taking a walk or giving it a few days. Reassess your ratings and overall impression after this period.


Conclusion: Trust but Verify Your Intuition


As Adam Grant says, “Don’t trust your intuition, test your intuition.” By applying these steps, you can engage both your heart and your mind in the quest to find the right partner, blending romantic intuition with strategic thought.

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