Did He Say “I Love You” Too Soon? Here’s How to Respond

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You’ve been dating a great guy for just a few weeks when he gazes into your eyes…

…and tells you he loves you.

Pump the breaks…WHAT?!!

It’s confusing…it’s awkward…and you likely don’t know what to do if a man says I love you too soon.

It could be that he’s just totally infatuated with you and misreading his own feelings. He might be trying to move you faster than you want to go. Whatever the reason he said I love you too soon, you need to stay the course and listen to your own feelings and timing.

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In this video, I give you advice on what to do in this situation, so I hope it helps you.

Leave a comment below: has a guy ever told you he loves you within the first few weeks or months? How did you react?

Your Love Strategist,

P.S. I see this happen a lot with women who have followed the Little Love Steps. It can be a side effect of powerfully taking control of your love life…but it’s a good problem to have! 

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Anne Garlock
3 years ago

It has happened many times and I seem to want to deflect by explaining the different kind and levels of love. They do not listen much so then when I want to run they are surprised. Thank you for giving me permission to not be so scared by them and not needing a like response or detouring explaination.

3 years ago


3 years ago

Hey, my guy told me he loved me the very first day we talked over the phone (we had been platonic FB friends for over 5 years). I was a little put off. He quickly sensed that and modified himself a bit “Well, as friends at least”.

Last edited 3 years ago by SHEILA COLLINS
Carol Nelson
3 years ago

I am not a kid anymore. I’m 63. My husband of 16 years divorced me. After we’d built a business together and relocated it to a small town. He kept 85% of everything. I had to start over in my early 50’s. I did. Built a business from the ground up. Literally. Pet boarding. 24/7 business. Leaves little time for men who want to have it all! The girl, the home cooked meals. I dated a little. Found a great guy-well, he found me. While my business was beginning I got a PT job which is where we met. Went… Read more »

Rain Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Carol Nelson

I would just like to say that ur story (although u probably didn’t expect it to be ) is an inspiration for me…. Seems like every guy wants to say I LOVE U but WAAAYYY TOOO SOOON!!!! I’m not an expert on the subject BY ANY MEANS, BUT… I feel like they are usually saying it because: 1.)They are afraid u will leave if they don’t “lock u in somehow ((abandonment issues)) 2.) They have gotten the impression somehow that we WANT and possibly EXPECT them to say that… 3.)OWN PERSONAL REASONS ((validation, great sex, ECT)) Anyway, I really didn’t… Read more »

3 years ago

I said “I love you” on the third date “we met on the dating site https://ru-brides.com
She was very beautiful, and I immediately fell in love, but she didn’t really like it, she even got scared

Vanessa Stoun
3 years ago

I said I love her on the third day of the correspondence lol. I was lonely for a long time, and nothing was pumping for dates. Friends advised me legitimate mail order bride and I found my love, we are doing well, and I hope we get married. I believe in the power of online dating, especially when choosing the right resource for finding a partner

That is one of the hardest things to keep inside when you have strong feelings!

Den Yang
3 years ago

Hi companions, a few years back a young lady unloaded me and I got discouraged, didn’t have any desire to go on dates, and in any event, when I figured out how to intrigue the young lady, everything went astray. in any case, one day my companion demonstrated me colombian mail order brides furthermore, everything changed. I have discovered my adoration and will before long get hitched. I turned into the most joyful individual, best of luck to everybody, I am certain you will discover your satisfaction!

Dena Cunningham
3 years ago

The guy I’m dating said I love you too soon and when I questioned him he said he loves everyone which makes it not feel special at all when he says it

3 years ago

I have a travel blog, so I tend to get men from other countries commenting on my social media profiles declaring their “love”. When they do, I ask them to give me 10 reasons why. They usually stop after saying how beautiful I am and can’t come up with another reason. Men thinking they’re in love with me because they find me attractive does not appeal to me; I want someone who finds me funny, smart, compassionate, etc. The day I meet a man I don’t need to ask to give me reasons is the day I’ll know I’ve met,… Read more »

3 years ago

I’m loving this site!! What excellent dating tips and advice. Thank you. 🙂

Amora Potter
6 months ago

If you’re not ready to say “I love you” back, it’s important to communicate your boundaries mapquest directions and let him know that you need more time to develop strong feelings. Setting boundaries helps maintain clarity and ensures both parties are on the same page.

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