How to Be a Kickass “Wingwoman” (Share This with Your FRIENDS)

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Notes from the podcast:

Having a wing woman can be an invaluable asset in the dynamic world of dating and social interactions. Here’s how to be a fantastic wingwoman (share this with your fellow wingwomen!)

#1. Highlight Non-Physical Traits
The essence of a great wingwoman lies in emphasizing your friend’s non-physical attributes. Planning ahead is key. Understand your role (like being the social butterfly) and focus on qualities that showcase your friend as genuine, supportive, kind, caring, and a good listener. These traits build meaningful connections far beyond superficial physical or sexual qualities.

#2. Target the Right Match
Understanding your friend’s vision of an ideal partner is crucial. It’s easy to be distracted by false signals like overt good looks, flashy wealth, or misconceptions about divorced individuals and parents. Instead, focus on what matters – qualities that align with your friend’s desires and values.

#3. Encourage Stepping Out of Comfort Zones
As a wingwoman, part of your role is to push your friend gently beyond her comfort boundaries. This might involve encouraging her to engage with people she wouldn’t typically approach. Limit her automatic rejections and make it a fun, adventurous game. The goal is to help her explore new possibilities.

#4. It’s About Your Friend, Not You
Your task is to support your friend, not overshadow her. Whether fetching a drink, fixing a stray hair, or ensuring she’s the center of attention – you’re there to boost her confidence and focus on her needs.

#5. Master the Art of Staging
Use storytelling and conversation steering to highlight your friend’s best qualities. If she’s sporty, engage in activities like cornhole or darts. For the intellectual, drive the conversation towards stimulating topics or trivia. Your role also involves managing the environment – giving your friend space with someone exciting or tactfully handling unwanted attention.

Bonus Tips:

a. Avoid Overselling: Be genuine in your approach. Overselling can come off as desperate and unappealing.

b. Have an Escape Plan: Always have a subtle signal for a quick exit, ensuring that your friend leaves the situation comfortably and leaves her acquaintance wanting more.

In conclusion, being a wingwoman is about strategy, empathy, and understanding your friend’s needs. It’s a role that requires finesse, care, and a bit of fun. By following these guidelines, you can enhance not just your friend’s dating life but also strengthen the bonds of your friendship.

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Judy Peterson
22 days ago

I thought this was great. Every woman needs a wingwoman.

11 days ago

I think this was excellent.  dordle

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